The Benefits of having a CBPM web page:

1.     Promotion of your business through the CBPM Home Page, Member's Web Page, and CBPM website.
2.     Promotion of your business external of the CBPM website.
3.     Link each member web page to their website, my-space page, facebook, blog talk program, and more...
4.     Establish a Pay Pal account for each member business (if you don't have one already).
5.     Install a donation button on your web page for people to support your causes (non profits only).
6.     Install buy now buttons on your web page if you have items for sale to the public.
7.     Online recruitment, membership registration, and joining of your business or organization.
8.     Lifetime growth and development of your web page/business.
9.    Promote your web page on other websites, social websites, and more.
10.  Use your web page as one of your international business locations for the world to reach you.
11.  Monthly reporting of your web page activity will be sent from the CBPM's Correspondence Department.  The
more hits your web page receives, the faster your web page will rise to the top of the internet search engines.
12.  With the CBPM Technology Department you may change the information on your web page monthly by email.
13.  Promotion through the
CBPM Black Business Page and Benefits through 10-10-50 soon come.
As a CBPM member, you have your own Black Engineer as your
Business/Organization Design Expert Working behind the scene on your
Business/Organization Team's Advancement, Development, and Growth.