Val Business Line
Consultant for Food Products and Construction Materials
Valentine Victor Ekong
Consultant for Food
Products and
Construction Materials
Akwa Ibom State
Benin, Nigeria
CBPM's 1,455th Member


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Val Business Line

Consult us for your
food products of any
kind and construction

About our business goods and
services... we supply foods
products of all kinds such as
Vegetable leaf, fruits, fish, meat,
yam, plantain, rice, beans,
onions, banana, fresh tomato,
cassava's etc.
We also supply
construction Materials

like cement, paint, copper,
woods, zincs, Iron, and
safety products. Note, we
work as consultant to
provide your demands in
your door post or company,
in any Branch.

Our  goods and services may be
supplies in your company branch
or door post.

Management is never a dream. I
got to know that everything done
is done well.

Supplying is a job we have done
well for some years. As
trustworthy members of same
faith, we respect our customers.  
In Addition we offer skill masons,
labours, plumbers, and
electricians, for jobs.

We do our best and the rest  to
your task.

We have being also supplying
Contruction Material of any kind
within your reach. And as
consultant suppliers we work on
agreement to present yours
Our private business
is very special and
our branch of
Bengloee Laundry and
dry cleaning services
is industrial, which
you may consult for
your environmental
cleaning and services.