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Established to Raise Funds for the UNIA-ACL Legal Defense Committee
UNIA-ACL Legal Defense Fund

The UNIA-ACL’S Legal Defense Fund (LDF) is the
fundraising arm for the UNIA’S Legal Defense
Committee (LDC).  The LDC is engaged in works that
contribute to the restoration of the legal legacy
created by the Right Excellent Marcus Mosiah
Garvey and the founding parents Body of the UNIA-
ACL Global Government for African people at Home
and Abroad.  The LDC additionally is committed to
the work towards the exoneration of the name and
reputation of the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey.  
The mission of the LDF is to inspire individuals,
organizations and governments to contribute to the
financial integrity and security of the LDC by
identifying and securing resources that ensure its
August 31st, 2012
International African

Independence Day
Purpose of our Government:

1.  Defend, Protects, and do whatever is necessary for the Citizens  
of a Government.
2.  The First defense to our Government is the Legal Defense
Committee.("Law is Everything and Everything is Law” – The
Honorable Red Man Battle)
3.  Issues Passports, Drivers License, and other legal documents to
the citizens.
4.  Defined as the Authority that rules a country (Kujichagulia), the
essential part of a nation.  
5.  The Government provides stability which makes many things
6.  The Government Provides services and keeps order.
7.  The Government solves disagreements between individuals,
groups, and nations.
8.  The Government sets up guidelines to help protect, bring order,
build roads, and more.  Without the Government setting up
roads, and means for transportation, travel would be difficult for
the citizens of a government.
9.  The Government provides laws or rules of conduct to help
prevent conflicts between individuals, groups, and nations.
10. The Legal Defense Committee (LDC) is the first line of Defense
for our Government.
11. The Government helps establish order and provides security for
12. Makes people obey laws with Judges, courts, and law
enforcement.  They set to protect citizens and determine
13. The main purpose of a Government is to provide laws or rules of
UNIA-ACL Global Government
The only Government in the World
Established based on Pan-Africanism
Belize Land
Brothers and Sisters, we are
living in trying and dire times for
our people. Our people are
experiencing an unprecedented
upsurge in terrorist acts of
racism not seen since
reconstruction. In case you have
not heard as recently as June 5,
2010, Mr. Anthony Hill, a factory
worker was shot in the back of
the head, tied to the back of a
truck and dragged over ten
miles through the streets of
Newberry County, South

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Dual Citizenship with Countries of Africa for all
Africans at Home and Abroad through the UNIA-ACL
Brothers and Sisters, We are truly on the verge of historical
greatness. Imagine, African Americans traveling to and from
countries throughout the world visiting, trading, purchasing and
developing land, conducting business and maybe even retiring, all
the while being afforded during their sojourn the same respect,
rights and privileges as native born citizens of that country.  
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Senghor Jawara
The 9th
successor to Marcus
Garvey, the 10th
President General to
the UNIA-ACL Globlal
the Office of the
Council General  of
the UNIA-ACL Global  
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