Dr. Zebi zpeakz on hiz cure for A.I.DZ AND ZICKLE CELL the two leading
cauzez of death for Afrikanz in amerikkka and Afrika. He zpeakz on
Micheal Jackzon, Nelzon Mandela and many more.......
Information of the
55th International
UNIA-ACL Convention:
99 years old Garveyite
Pictures and Video
from 55th International UNIA-ACL Convention
Sponsored by the UNIA-ACL Global Government
Africa for the Africans at home & abroad
For more Information:
Contact the Dr. Julius Nyerere/CBPM
UNIA-ACL Division 421: 678-827-2276
Pearl Academy - 6th Day of 55th International UNIA-ACL Convention
UNIA-ACL Mass Meeting: 55th
International Convention
Sister Majesa, Red, Black, & Green Flag Maker
UNIA-ACL Division 421 in Atlanta, Division 178
from Philadelphia, and Division 407 from Detroit
working together all night long at the UNIA/CBPM
Office in Atlanta to get ready for the Marcus
Garvey / African Independence Day Parade in the
morning of August 31st, 2012.
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