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Two C'z World
Orlando, Florida
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Two C'z World
Letting everyone know we
are all Christ Children . We
need to help each other to
become better men and
women and live better lives
like we know we can.
An Amazing New Musician:
Two C'z ENT®, a record label
based in Orlando, Florida, is
proud to feature original music
by Vicc Wit Two C'z®, a hot
new rapper with a style and
essence that the hip-hop scene
has never heard. Vicc's music
features a sound and style that
will appeal to all those who
search for truth and spiritual
influence, But Vicc brings it all
to you with the lyrics he writes
that hold honesty and life
experiences, the colossal beats
he's engineered in his custom
built studio, and the realness he
leaves everywhere he goes.
Unlike other performers, Vicc
will always practice what he
From the Hood to Good:
Coming from unfortunate
living conditions in the
South Side of Columbus,
Ohio, Vicc left his home to
change his negative
routines of street life into
positive decisions to teach
us to look for substance in
life. He appreciates the
gangster-style, but brings
something new to the table.
He wants us to stay fresh,
be happy, and live
righteously, as well as feel
inspired by God's Word.