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The Ma'at (Matriarchs at Work)
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The Ma'at
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We are the sleeping woman who has awakened to
reclaim, govern, and provide guidance to her nation to
help uplift fallen humanity. we are the matriarch. we are
a voluntary association of aboriginal and indigenous
moors/ moroccans/ asiatics/moabites/africans who
pool information and/or resource s for mu tual
satisfaction. this alliance network involves individual
sovereign moroccan asiatics from among those who
share the maats common desire and commitment to
reach its shared goal of nation building to improve the
social, economic and educational stability of the
moroccan asiatic nation.
The Ma'at
An organizing, gathering, and
governing unit that has its roots
from what our ancestors and elders
and adepts have initiated.
The larger the number of alliance network
participants, the greater the variety of ways
in which our talents are classified and
utilized, resulting in the potential of our
alliance network to become intensely
powerful. another function of the maat is to
analyze common issues/problems facing
the sovereign moroccan asiatic communitys
interactions with the defacto government
and to pool our resources, both human and
material, to resolve the issues and problems.