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Tanzania Bulletin Board
The Tanzania Genesis Project:
The objective is to develop a sustainable
community model whose purpose is to
provide opportunities to the people of
Tanzania and the West through teaching
and demonstrating the use of
permaculture systems for creating food
security and economic opportunities.
Reconnecting with our extended family in
Africa has been an extraordinarily
fulfilling experience, to once again be
able to embrace and truly love each
other, we are our brothers and sisters
keeper. This vision of truth and blessings
is called the Genesis Project, creating a
new beginning in the mind of man.
We are privileged to have been given a pristine environment
wherein to develop a new healthy community. Now having
secured property and completed erecting the first two houses
the next step of the vision is to utilize this land. The first project
which has been initiated is the planting of Breadfruit trees. The
Breadfruit tree has been identified as a keystone species for
food security based on its vigorous production profile, excellent
nutritional profile, as well as relatively short maturity time (trees
begin fruiting within 2-3 years). Breadfruit is also a very
versatile food that can be made into many products such as
flour, drinks and chips as well as traditional ways of preparation
such as roasting and boiling. And beyond all the amazing facts
about Breadfruit, it tastes excellent, I have cooked it many
times and the flavor is simply magnificent. We will be importing
three species of the trees, namely: Otea, Maafala, and Ulu Fiti.
This is truly an amazing blessing that will feed many families for
We have begun to touch the lives of many people
and have started sharing empowering knowledge
principles that benefit from an individual level to
community levels and beyond. I met a blessed
sequence of people that helped me on my journey
from my first day in Tanzania up until today. Now
just a few years later The Genesis Project has
acquired several hectares of land, built two new
houses, and have planted 150 fruit trees and 2600
Taro plants. We are on our way to truly creating The
Garden of Eden!
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Coffee                                                               Sweet Unity Farms                                                               To enhance the economic position and quality of life for rural coffee farmers and their communities.                                                    David Robinson         Mbeya Region, Tanzania                                                    www.sweetunityfarmscoffee.com
Nasaru Maasai Children's Centre (NMCC)                     NMCC is committed to the provision of diverse educational opportunities to the children of the pastoral community in Tanzania.        Anna Moinan              Arusha, Tanzania                     +255 787 597 202             www.nasarocc.wordpress.com/
Hip Hop                                                             
Lost Poets Forever                                                            Delivering Support through the local Music Industry                                                                                                                               De La P                     Arusha, Tanzania                      1255767980141                www.lostpoetsforever.blogspot.com
Exodus Bless                                                                      Providing an alternative for Africans in the west to return to the motherland.                                                                                        Tmeed El                    Songea, Tanzania                     789-406-6142                   www.exodusbless.com
Technology                                                       CBPM Tech                                                                           Innovate and develop technologies for the African community to solve variety of problems encountering us.                                      Emmanuel Moses       Arusha, Tanzania                    +255621013809                 
Student                                                             Student in High School                                                          To Unite Africa with One God, One Aim, One Destiny.                                                                                                                          Ibrahim Marwa           Da Es Salaam, Tanzania          +255-652-003066              marwabet1@yahoo.com