Street Meet Company
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Black People Worldwide
Irene Ratliff
Street Meet Company
P.O. Box 10746
Atlanta, Georgia
CBPM's 1,615th Member

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Street Meet Company
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Street Meet Company
Reinforcing the Pillars of our
Liberation, our Celebration
and Feeding the community,
engineering the progress of
Black people worldwide,
traditions and heritage
through practice,
collaborations, education,
philanthropy and research.
Purposes to exercise our Rights, Liberty and
Freedom proclaiming the works of those before
us to maintain those facts of life, liberty and
pursuit of happiness private or public and how
those attributes of our existence allows Justice
and Sovereignty in Free Union; liberties have
given us the opportunities to ameliorate areas that
need growth and development related to habitat,
lifestyles, cultures, and traditions.  
Street Meet Company - Restoration Project
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