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Richard Campbell, Ph.D.
Not Just Clownin
Stone Mountain, Georgia
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Not Just Clownin is
An educational site dedicated to
children, science and 'Ourstory' the
long story of Afrikan People the
world over, known as Black or
Afrikan history.
The biological sciences, including anatomy and physiology
are the main science concerns of Dr. Campbell, a
Neurophysiologist, certified secondary science education
teacher, former college professor, former assistant boyscout
leader, and current water safety instructor and golf coach.
Dr. Campbell a brain researcher
has taught life science, earth
science, physical science, biology,
microbiology, anatomy and
physiology, I.B. Biology, and
alternative school science at the
secondary school levels.
This image, ‘A Timeline of Ourstory’ is meant to give us a framework of
Ourstory, here on Earth, for our use in discussing ourselves.  We do not
clearly know of our story, on purpose. So on purpose I’m trying to give us
a clock to use when we discuss our situations.  We need a clock, a
referenced clock to work with.  Then we can sharpen our view, and
produce better results.