CBPM Index

C.  Reggae on the Radio
1. Malik Kalom of Atlanta, GA
Outlaw Radio Program - Wed. Night 3am-6am
WRFG 89.3 FM
2. DJ Changes
Music From the Caribbean - Fri. 2pm-4pm
WRFG 89.3 FM
3. Lisimba and Paul Abrams
Music from the Caribbean - Sat. 1pm-4pm
WRFG 89.3 FM
4. Vinnie out of New Rochelle, New York
Reggae on Saturday morning 6am-10am
WKCR - 89.9 FM
5. Kibret Neguse of Stony Brook, NY
Rockin' Irations - Fri. Nights 7-9pm
WUSB 90.1 FM
6. Lister of Stony Brook, NY
Saturday is a Party - Noon-3pm
7. Reggae Sunday Mornings at GSU
Sundays 9am-11am
WKAS - 88.5 FM
A.  Reggae Artists
1.  Tony Rankin
2.  Sister Cindy
3.  Jr. Silk
4.  Shaka Winston
5.  Zebulon        
6.  Jah G
7.  Silence
8.  Jah Wes
9.  Michael Cure
10. Culture Mikey
11. Ras Reddie
12. Selah
13. Kofi
14. Poetica
15. Sister Virginia
17. Papa Ellis
18. Ras Igel

B.  Reggae DJ's
1.  Dub Man
2.  DJ Reality
3.  Ras Marvin
4.  Mr. Humble
5.  Abba Shaka

C.  Reggae Record Stores
1. Tech Sound Records
Atlanta GA
2. Positive Vibes Records
Long Island NY
3. Four Seasons Records
Stone Mountain GA
Reggae Music
Life is a Test -Tony Rankin & Poetica

Abyssinian Hi - with Mr. Humble Selecting
Ras Marvin's Stage Show Atlanta, Georgia
Abyssinian Hi -  Brooklyn, New York with
Zebulon, Zionman, & Ras Marvin
One Love
One Love
Reggae Sunfest
Reggae Videos
From New York
1.  Forever Loving Jah  
Donnalee & Tony Rankin
Suicide Bombers
Tony Rankin
Tony Rankin walks in Amsterdam      
Easy Star Records  
2nd year Anniversary Party
Live in N.Y. City
Tony Rankin & Cindy Simeon
At Tony in Pattaya
Tony Rankin sings
New York, send your positive Reggae Music to CBPM for promotion to our people.   
Email:  reggae@cbpm.org
Ras Clay I - Away from Africa
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Rankin Media
Fly Fly Away
Tony Rankin
Always There
Sister Cindy Simeon
Elihu - Work Hard
Now all Massive.
Amongst you are many
singers.One Big Singer