Problem Solvers Unlimited
Building a Global Network Using 10-10-50

To empower and educate the Black community by creating viable solutions to the social ills that continuously effect our people

To be a resource and a tool for the Black community, as we seek to improve and enhance our people by creating an international base of individuals
who can serve as the leaders that help   provide solutions to the dilemmas that affect us

The purpose of Problem Solvers Unlimited is to be the example of mutual power building through our action oriented network using the basic tool of
empowerment, 10-10-50.  This initiative will give us the ability to greatly enrich our personal, economic, and cultural lives.   

In light of the ongoing war against the pervasive social ills that plague our communities, we are implementing this blueprint to ultimately form a global
network of individuals who are seriously concerned about our present condition, and seek to affect real change.

PSU Monthly Collective Empowerment Plan
10: each participant will volunteer 10 hours/month to recruit for PSU or do community service.
10: each participant will invest $10/month in our Community Development Fund at credit union.
50: each participant will deposit $50/month in their personal savings account at credit union.
+ Faith: it is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen.  Exercise it.

Basic Plan of Implementation
In order to implement the PSU action plan, we must first create functional unity amongst our people.  We will identify and recruit individuals who will
dedicate themselves to collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, and the exercising of Imani (Faith) by committing to perform 10-10-
50 on a monthly basis.

Initially, to build and develop this global network, this initiative will consist of the following:

1.        Recruit 10 individuals in each of these locations to serve as Point Persons for this project.
• United States
• Africa
• Canada
• Central America
• South America
• Caribbean
• UK
• Eastern Europe
• Pacific Islands
• Middle East

In these locations and globally, we plan to recruit a minimum of 10,000 members to this initiative over a 90-day period.   The Point Persons will help
to further develop the proper leadership and systems necessary to ensure the strength and integrity of this endeavor.

2.        In the first month, each Level A Point Person will have the responsibility of recruiting 10 Level B individuals each, to join the network by
committing to implement this plan.  Additionally in the same month, PSU will establish partnerships with a Black-owned bank/credit union in this area,
with the intent to work together in promoting this initiative, and encouraging network participants and the community to engage in cooperative
economics with that financial institution. Members will have the option of opening a savings account and/or purchasing a Certificate of Deposit, in
conjunction with, investing in our PSU Community Development Fund.

3.        In the second month, the 100 Level B members will each recruit ten Level C individuals to join the network by committing to implement this

4.        In the third month, each of the 1000 Level C members will recruit 10 Level D individuals to join the network by committing to implement this

After the initial 90 day period, The PSU Network will have a minimum of 10,000 members.  
In the fourth month, the network of PSU will officially implement this monthly plan by using a strategic, organized, and systematic approach.  Each
network member will be responsible for tracking and reporting their hours, investments, and monies redirected to support themselves and black
banks. Here outlined again, is this basic and powerful plan:

PSU Monthly Collective Empowerment Plan
10: each participant will volunteer 10 hours each month to recruit and promote 10-10-50.
10: each participant will invest $10/month in our Community Development Fund at credit union.
50: each participant will deposit $50/month in their personal savings account at a credit union.
+ Faith:  exercise faith for our success.  Using our collective $$$ to move Mountains.

The Results
At the end of one month the minimum results of this action plan are as follows:
•        100,000 hours of volunteered time to recruit for PSU or do community service.
•        $100,000 invested in our Community Development Fund (PSUnited Cooperative)
•        $500,000 collectively saved to support personal financial growth.
•        The opening of 10,000 new accounts with a black credit union.
•        The realization of our strength in unity for use in other areas of need.
•        Being the example of mutual power building among a relatively small number of people.
•        Creating the spark of collective energy to ignite the masses of our people.
•        Establishing a lasting legacy and tradition that is passed on to future generations.
•        A foundational network base to continuously engage in cooperative economics.
•        PSUniversity offering a variety of problem solving classes, seminars, and personal coaching.

This PSU Collective Empowerment Plan represents our Platinum Level of membership. We also offer members the options of joining at our Bronze
Level (join PSU w/no recruiting), Silver Level (join PSU w/1 recruit), and Gold Level (join PSU w/3 recruits).

There are many other variables that complete the structure and perpetuity of this effort. We have the systems for gathering/documenting information,
marketing, and recruiting.  Also, our weekly conference call to orientate new and potential members, and provide regular progress updates.
The PSU-CEP is an ever-evolving method for building and sustaining functional unity in the black community.

The Year of 2008 represents a dynamic opportunity to create a new day with an improved way.
So let us come together, collaborate, and act in ways that promote and protect our vital interest.

The PSU Network and Collective Black People Movement (CBPM) are here to serve and support our community on every level that requires our
immediate and ongoing attention.
We must always remember, “Unity first and Solutions follow”.

Thank you, for taking the time to review this document.  We would be honored to have the privilege of discussing the details of this effort with you,
and others in your area.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions, and/or concerns.

Change That We Can Believe In, and Achieve!
Copyright 2008 Problem Solvers Unlimited Network
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