Chuck Sims Africa - North America

I was born in Philadelphia, PA, in 1959 and was
raised in West Philly. I have three sisters and a
brother. We lived in various small
redevelopment houses and/or projects.
My mother and father were divorced and I
remember him briefly when I was about three or
four. We settled down the bottom or “black
bottom” on 39th and Reno Street.
My grandfather (who also lived with us) died in
1972. At that time I thought he was the smartest
person I had talked with.. He talked about
history and the second World War a lot. He told
me about current events and was particularly
fond of Angela Davis. I was always in search of
knowledge and I wanted to be a part of
something. I was never close to anyone in my
family. Being the oldest male of the house, I was
the “man of the house.” I used to “take orders”
at the supermarket on Lancaster Ave. To try to
make money when I was young and also sold
papers. Later on I got into stealing and robbing.

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Byron Shane Chubbuck - North America

Byron Shane “Oso Blanco” Chubbuck is an
Indigenous rights activist serving 80 years for
bank robbery, aggravated assault on the FBI,
escape and firearms charges. A confidential
informant reported that Oso was robbing banks
in order to acquire funds to support the
Zapatista rebellion in Chiapas, Mexico
throughout 1998-99.

Support Site:

Byron Shane “Oso Blanco” Chubbuck
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Delbert Orr Africa - North America

Personal Background

Delbert Orr Africa was born June 21, 1951. As a
young man he joined the Chicago Chapter of the
Black Panther Party. In 1969 the FBI put forth
false warrants on the Chicago BPP leadership,
including Delbert. He and others then fled to
Canada. They struggled to get any financial
support while in exile and started carrying out
bank expropriations to sustain themselves.

In October of 1969 Delbert had been back in
Chicago. As he was driving back to Canada he
crashed and ended up in the hospital.

In March of 1970 Delbert and three other friends
decided to head down to Philadelphia because
one of them was originally from there. It was
there in Philadelphia that he met members of the
MOVE organization. He was inspired by their
uplifting approach to revolution and stayed on
with them.

He ended up becoming Minister of Confrontation
and Security for the MOVE Organization.

When the police raided the MOVE house,
Delbert was the one was videotaped being
beaten brutally by police. He suffered a broken
jaw and fractured eye socket from the attack.
Legal Case

What they were convicted for, How the trial went,
The sentencing, etc.
Life in Prison

Delbert started his prison sentence out in the
“hole” for 6 years in a Dallas prison for refusing

to break his religious beliefs and cut his hair.
In December 1989 he was transferred out
of Dallas because they had riots at Camp Hill
prison, which though he wasn’t even a part
of, the state prison used as an excuse to
send him to the Federal system.

In federal prison he was under 23 hour lock u
, 24 hours lock up on weekends where they
wouldn’t even let him out for yard. He stayed
in long-term solitary confinement until May of
that year. Then they transferred him to
another prison.

At the new prison he was offered a job in the
printing shop. They were mystified when he
turned them down because pay was good for
prison work- $86 a month. Delbert explained
the situation,

“I said, ‘Naw, I don’t want that.’ They said,
‘Wait a minute. This is just starting off, you
can move right on up.’ I said, ‘Look, I’ve been
in the hole for 6 years. I want some air! I don’t
want no career in the prison.’ So they
assigned me to the yard detail. And that was
it, I loved that. I stayed in there a year and
they shipped me back to state. When I got
back they put me in the hole for about 3
weeks, then I got out, they put me in

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Debbie Sims Africa - North America

It was about 5 am on the morning of August 8th,
1978, when my husband and me woke up by
sounds of unfamiliar male voices and
technology clanging outside our house. My
husband got u to see what was going on while I
anxiously waited with our baby girl in my arms.
My husband came back very quickly and told
me that cops were surrounding the house, I got
up and in a hurry we went downstairs where
everybody was gathering children and dogs and
going into the basement where it would be safe.
We huddled together scared because we knew
cops had lots of guns and other weapons, we
didn’t know how they were gonna do it, but we
knew their plan was to kill us. Soon after
everybody was in the basement, the windows
were punched out and the cops were yelling
over a loud speaker for us to come out the
house. SHOOT! Wasn’t nobody about to come
out that house with all them cops out there with
guns. We didn’t know what they wanted, didn’t
trust them so nobody went out there.  Before we


knew it water was coming through the hole
where the window used to be, the wave of
water sprayed thru the fire hose took u the
entire width of the window and the length of
the window hole, throwing 2×4 oak beams
across the room slamming our big dogs up
against the wall, and literally tearing the
house apart from the inside, then a second
wave of water came through another would
be window and we were caught in a cross
fire of water.

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