Thomas Manning - North America

Thomas Manning is an anti-imperialist
revolutionary who was active in the United
Freedom Front, a clandestine anti-imperialist
organization that carried out targeted
bombings of corporate buildings, courthouses
and military facilities and also carried out bank
robberies to fund revolutionary projects. He
was unjustly sentenced to 80 years in prison
for killing a New Jersey state trooper in self-
Personal Background

As a youth, Tom shined shoes and raised
pigeons, before finding work as a stockboy. He
joined the US Military in 1963, and the
following year was stationed at Guantanamo
Bay, Cuba before being transferred off to
spend the following year in the Vietnam War.

Some time shortly after 1965, he was
sentenced by a Massachusetts state court to
five years in prison for armed robbery and
assault, serving the last ten months in
Massachusetts Correctional Institution – Cedar
Junction. It was during these years that he
became heavily politicized, through his
interactions with other prisoners.


Tom Joins the United Freedom Front

After his release in 1971, he married Carol and
together they had three children, Jeremy,
Tamara, and Jonathan. The two of them
became active in prison reform work. They
eventually joined the United Freedom Front.
Between 1975 and 1984 the UFF carried out at
least 20 bombings and nine bank robberies in
the northeastern United States, targeting
corporate buildings, courthouses, and military

Tom and Carole are Arrested

On December 21, 1981 New Jersey police
officer Philip Lamonaco was killed during a
traffic stop. The UFF were prime suspects in
the incident, setting off the largest manhunt in
NJ police history.

After a decade of evading capture, all eight
UFF members were arrested with Tom and
Carole the last ones found in May of 1985 in
Norfolk, VA.

Legal Case


Tom pled self-defense at his trial, while defense
counsel showed that Lamonaco had emptied his
.357 Magnum revolver at Manning and his
associates. He was sentenced on February 19,
1987 to 58 years in federal prison.

In 2006, his artwork was taken down from a
show entitled ”Can’t Jail the Spirit” at the
University of Southern Maine from pressure by
the Right.

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