Marshall Eddie Conway - North America,

Marhsall Eddie Conway is a former Black
Panther Party leader framed for the murder of
a Baltimore police officer and the shooting of
two other officers. He is currently serving a life
a sentence, continues to assert his innocence
and his fighting for parole. “Eddie” Conway
was born and raised in Baltimore. As a young
man he joined the Army. In 1966, while
stationed in Germany he saw a play on
Malcolm X, which lead to him reading his
Disilusioned with the Army, Conway returned to
Baltimore in 1967 with an Honorable
Discharge. He joined the Congress of Racial


Equality (CORE). He was instrumental in
integrating the Sparrows Point Fire
Department, where he was one of the first
black firefighters amidst a department
notorious for its racism. Working in such a
hostile workplace and his experience with
organizing lead Eddie to step up his work for
black liberation by joining the Baltimore 1969.

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