Freddie Hilton (Kamau Sadiki) - North America

Kamau Sadiki is a former member of the Black
Panther Party and was convicted of a 30-year
old murder case of a Fulton County Police
Officer found shot to death in his car outside a
service station.
At the age of 17 Kamau dedicated his life to the
service of his people. He worked out of the
Jamaica office of the Black Panther Party. A rank
and file party member, Kamau worked in the
Free Breakfast Program each morning and then
went out into the community to sell the BPP
newspaper later in the day. While selling his
papers he continued to educate the people,
while organizing tenants, welfare mothers,
whomever he came in contact. At the end of the
day, he reported to the office. He wrote his daily
report and attended political education classes.
At nineteen Kamau was a member of the Black
Liberation Army (BLA). Several members of the
BLA, including Kamau, left New York City and
lived in the Atlanta area for a short period of time.

Augusta State Medical Prison, Bldg 13A-2 E7
3001 Gordon Highway
Grovetown, GA 30813

Ramon Salazar - North America

(NOTE: the envelope should be addressed to
“Luis Medina,” but address the letter inside to

Ramón Labañino Salazar is part of the Cuban
Five serving 30 years, reduced from a life
sentence plus 18 years.

He was born in Havana on June 9, 1963.
Even in primary school he distinguished
himself, with responsibility supervising
younger students. He graduated from high
school in Marianao, Havana, where he earned
various distinctions including diplomas as an
outstanding and advanced student. In 1986,
Labañino graduated as an economist from the
University of Havana, graduating with first
class honors. At the university, he was very
active in all sport activities and participated in
the All-Caribbean games. In June 1990
Labañino married Elizabeth Palmeiro Casado,
and has two daughters with her, 14-year-old
Laura, and 9-year-old Lisbet. He also has
another daughter, Ailí, 18, from a previous

Luis Medina
2680 301 SOUTH
JESUP, GA 3159

Veronza Bowers Jr. - North America

Veronza Bowers Jr. is a former Black Panther
Party member framed for the murder of a U.S.
Park Ranger. He is being illegally held past his
30 year sentences, making him one of the
longest-held political prisoners in U.S. history.

Veronza was convicted in the murder of a U.S.
Park Ranger on the word of two government
informers, both of whom received reduced
sentences for other crimes by the Federal
prosecutor’s office.

P.O. Box 150160
Atlanta, GA 30315