Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin - North America

Also known as H. Rap Brown, came to prominence
in the 1960s as chairman of the Student
Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and the
Justice Minister of the Black Panther Party. He is
perhaps most famous for his proclamation during
that period that “violence is as American as cherry
pie”, as well as once stating that “If America don’t
come around, we’re gonna burn it down”. He is
currently serving a life sentence for homicide.

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Grant Barnes - North America

Grant Barnes is an environmentalist who was
arrested in 2007 for setting fire to a number of
SUV’s in Denver, Colorado. He pleaded guilty
to one count of using an incendiary device,
and one count of second degree arson, and
was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

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Larry Hoover - North America

Larry Hoover is a former gang member and street
level black liberation organizer currently serving
concurrent sentences resulting from a prison
uprising in 1978.
In 1974, after the death of David Barksdale,
Hoover was appointed the new leader of the
BGDN. Two years later, Jerome Freeman left the
BGDN, making the Black Disciples and the Black
Gangster Disciples separate gang organizations.
On July 22, 1978, an inmate riot at the Pontiac
Correctional Center in Illinois resulted in the death
of three corrections officers. This uprising was
rumored to have been ordered by Hoover. 21
inmates were indicted; ten were acquitted after an
11-week trial. Charges against Hoover and seven
others were eventually dropped.
Hoover and the leaders of other gang
organizations in Chicago came together to form
the Folk Nation alliance, a pact meant to settle
disputes and instill a more peaceful environment
behind prison walls and on the streets. Hoover
then changed the organization to GROWTH AND
DEVELOPMENT to move the organization onto a
positive path.

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Patrice Lumumba Ford - North America

Accused of membership in a terrorist group
dubbed the Portland Seven, members of
which attempted to travel to Afghanistan
shortly after 9/11 in order to aid the Taliban.
He refused to cooperate with the government
and was sentenced to eighteen years in
prison (avoiding a possible life sentence)
after pleading guilty to seditious conspiracy
and levying war against American and allied
Patrice Lumumba Ford is Ford’s birth name
— he is named after Patrice Lumumba. Ford’
s father, Kent Ford, had been a local leader
in the Black Panther Party in the 1960s.
A family friend and political activist, Kathleen
Sadat commented that
“Lumumba was raised by people who taught
that we exist in a multicultural world and the
trick is learning how to get along with other
people, not to destroy them.”

Patrice Lumumba Ford
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impunity from within the United States to
attack Cuba -- with the knowledge and
support of the FBI and CIA.

Therefore, Cuba made the careful and
necessary decision to send the Five Cubans to
Miami to monitor the terrorists.  The Cuban
Five infiltrated the terrorist organizations in
Miami to inform Cuba of imminent attacks.

The aim of such a clandestine operation by
the Cuban Five -- at great personal risk --
was to prevent criminal acts, and thus protect
the lives of Cubans and other people.

But, instead of arresting the terrorists, the FBI
arrested the Cuban Five, ANTI-TERRORISTS,
on September 12, 1998.  The Five were
illegally held in solitary confinement for 17
months in a Miami Jail.

The trail began in November 2000.  With the
seven-month trail based in Miami, a virtual
witchhunt atmosphere existed.  Defense
attorneys' motions for a change of venue was
denied five times by the judge, although it
was obvious that a fair trail was impossible in
that city.

In a blow to justice, the Cuban Five were
convicted June 8, 2001 and sentencd to four
life terms and 75 years in December, 2001.

Antonio Guerrero
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Antonio Guerrero - North America

Antonio Guerrero Rodriguez is part of the Cuban
Five, serving a sentence of life imprisonment plus
10 years, and is in U.S.P. Florence, Colorado.  He
was convicted of espionage, conspiracy to commit
murder, and other illegal activities in the United
States after monitoring Cuban-exile terrorist groups.


Antonio Guerrero Rodriguez was born in the city of
Miami on October 16, 1958.  His parents were
both from Cuba and immediately after the initiation
of the Cuban Revolution in 1959, they returned to
Cuba.  In 1983, Guerrero graduated as Airfield
Construction Engineer in Kiev, Ukraine.  The
expansion of the Santiago de Cuba International
Airport was the most important work in which he
was involved.  Guerrero is a poet and has penned
a considerable number of poems, a selection of
which has been published in English and Spanish
under the title "Desde Mi Altura" (From My
Altitude).  Guerrero has become an accomplished
artist and his art and poetry can be viewed on his
website.  He has two sons, 20 year old, Antonio,
and 15 year old, Gabriel.


Fore more than 40 years, anti-Cuba terrorist
organizations based in Miami have engaged in
countless terrorist activities against Cuba, and
against anyone who advocates a normalization of
relations between the US and Cuba.  More than
3,000 Cubans have died as a result of these
terrorists' attacks.

Terrorist Miami groups like Commandos F4 and
Brothers to the Rescue operate with complete

Dr. Mutulu Shakur - North America


Dr. Mutulu Shakur is a New Afrikan (Black) man
whose primary work has been in the area of health.
He is a doctor of acupuncture and was a co-
founder and director of two institutions devoted to
improving health care in the Black community.

Mutulu Shakur was born on August 8, 1950, in
Baltimore, Maryland as Jeral Wayne Williams. At
age seven he moved to Jamaica, Queens, New
York City with his mother and younger sister.
Shakur's political and social consciousness began
to develop early in his life. His mother suffered not
only from being Black and female, but was also
blind. These elements constituted Shakur's first
confrontation with the state, while assisting his
mother to negotiate through the maze that made up
the social service system. Through this experience
Shakur learned that the system did not operate in
the interests of Black people and that Black people
must control the institutions that affect their lives.
During the late sixties Dr. Shakur was also
politically active and worked with the Revolutionary
Action Movement (RAM), a Black Nationalist group
which struggled for Black self-determination and
socialist change in America. He was also a member
of the Provisional Government of the Republic of
New Afrika which endorsed the founding of an
independent New Afrikan (Black) Republic and the
establishment of an independent Black state in the
southern U.S. Dr Shakur also worked very closely
with the Black Panther Party supporting his brother
Lumumba Shakur and Zayd.

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