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Psychedelic Hip-hop R&B Group, Delinquent Saints

Michael Berkley
Preacha's Digital
Denver, Colorado
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Preacha's Digital Soapbox:
Lets Evolve,
Lets Build,
Lets Create for our future.
Your not wise until you understand how much you
don't know. Cuz you don't know that you don't
know, until you know. Preacha aka Michael
Berkley was born in Los Angeles, California. At a
young age he moved to Parker, Colorado
bringing with him a love for music, in particular
underground hip hop. Preach has had radical
changes in his lifetime: Military School, Being
homeless, Jail, Selling Drugs, finding God,
rapping, having kids, and an experienced Martial
Artists and combat trainer. After making more of
an impact than most mc's and dropping out of
highschool, preacha noticed himself in and out of
jail. He was well recognized all throughout
Colorado but still wasn't getting out of trouble or
documenting his work. So he did it! May 21st
marks the official release of Preacha's Solo
Album. Preacha is part of the Psychedelic
Hip-hop R&B group Delinquent Saints, in fact he
made up the name. While he was still in High
school, Preacha ran into Scott Brown through
another friend (Hector). After many Lunches of
smoking together Preacha was in the studio and
on stage doing shows under the label Its True
Mental. And Continues to make friends and