CBPM Links:
Name:                             Contact:
1.  African Community Center                www.10-10-50.org
2.  Dare to Care                                      www.dare2carellc.com  
3.  Tag Team Network Marketing          
4.  God & I Inc.                                       godaiinc@bellsouth.net
5.  Shake up the Plantation                    shakeuptheplantation@ureach.com
6.  Atlanta Artist Collective                     Rhymes@excite.com
7.  Matah (Black Business Products)       www.mymatah.net/truefreedom
8.  The Children’s Think Tank                 black2unity@yahoo.com
9.  The Independent Think Tank            educate_minds@yahoo.com
10. Million Voices to Save Darfur           www.savedarfur.org
11. African American Male Initiative      admissions@atlm.edu
12. Hosea Feed the Hungry                     www.hoseafeedthehungry.com

The Collective Black
People Movement
with our program…
The Skills, Talents, and Intelligence
(Education) Revolution
The Mission: of the Collective Black People Movement (CBPM) is to gather, document, and organize the Skills, Talents,
and Intelligence (Education) of Black (African) People for the purpose of self-help and collective development.
If a 1000 Black People come together
and put 27 cents a day into a
collective account, after 1 year we
would have generated $98,550.
Big Up all Pan-Africanist
404-HIP-JAZZ or 404-447-5299;
132 Fairfield Pl. Suite 204, Atlanta, Georgia, 30314
One Love
Become a member now
to CBPM...Click here
Listen to news and music
from Africa
Every Saturday 11am to 1p.  News
at 12 Noon EST:

The Collective Black
People Movement
with our program…
The Skills, Talents, and Intelligence
(Education) Revolution
CBPM Index:
The Mission: of the Collective Black People Movement (CBPM) is to gather, document, and organize the Skills, Talents,
and Intelligence (Education) of Black (African) People for the purpose of self-help and collective development.
Big Up all Pan-Africanist
Web Address:        www.cbpm.org/newyork
Email Address:        newyork@cbpm.org
Become a
Please help support the
efforts of Gathering our
people's Skills, Talents,
and Intelligence
(Education) & "What
our people are Doing"
CBPM International
Welcomes the New York &

Chapter online
Black Leaders Needed,  There must be a collective force in all areas below:
Locally, State Wide, Nationally, and Internationally…City to City, State to State, Nation to Nation…Let’s take responsibility for
current departments of the Collective Black people Movement (CBPM).
 Currently the department Coordinators and Co-coordinators
are being placed.  If you would like to coordinate a department call now.  As a member of CBPM, you select the departments you want to be
involved with or kept up to date with.  Fit in where you want to be involved:
Department               # of          M     F       Department               # of         M     F       Department        # of         M      
F                                            People                                                                   People                                                           People
1. Activist/Rallies                    (new)                        17. Employment                      3           2     1       33. Poetry                    (new)      
Administration                      40         21    19      18. Engineering                       2          2     0       34. Promotions             107        60       47
Arts & Crafts                         107        66    41      19. Farming/Produce             (new)                      35. Reparations               2          1         1
Artist/Graphic Design          (new)                        20. Filming & Recording     132      99   33          36. Repatriations             3           2       1   
Brothers Union                    (new)                        21. Fundraising                       89        57   32       37. Research                 83         62       21
Business Operations             75         52    23      22. Health & Nutrition            (new)                       38. Safety & Readiness  45         36       9
7. Child Care                          (new)                         23.
Hip Hop & Rap                 127      92    35      39. Sister Union             59        14       45
8. CBPM Record Company       92        71     21      24.
History                               3          2      1       40. Special Events       116       73       43
CBPM Construction               5           4      1        25. Incarceration                  (new)                       41. Spirituality               146       91      45
Correspondence                 24         14    10       26. Law                                 (new)                      42. Sports                     (new)
Culture                               129        89    42      27. Media                              (new)                      43. Technology             61        47      14
Dance/Theatre                    82        41     41      28. Medical                           (new)                      44. Transportation       (new)
Dating/Relationship          (new)                         29. Membership                     123      83    40      45. United Front             38        28      10
Documentation                                                  30. Operations /Mgmt             35       20    15      46. Youths Union           11         8        3
Education                           142       99    43      31. Physical Fitness               109      68    41      47. Other Dept:
Elder Council                       28        15    13      32. Political                (new)                               
This is a real life test... Can we, Black People, compete in the
Education Arena (Skills, Talents, & Intelligence) and come out
on top as in Sports and Music?  At the CBPM, we know we
can succeed.  Because CBPM was designed and created by
Black (African) Engineers to aid in Black (African) People's
Development Economically and in all areas of life.
Let’s Build a Black Nation Together.  The CBPM was
designed by Black Engineers and Scientist by looking at:
1.        Question:  What is the number one resource we have as a people?
Answer:  Our Skills, Talents, & Intelligence (Education).  
Question:  How can we unite our people beyond our individual
Spiritualities, Organizations, Institutions, Businesses, Families, and
Answer:  By Uniting our people based on our Skills, Talents, and
Intelligence (Education)
Therefore gathering the Skills, Talents, and Intelligence (Education) has
become the number one Mission of the Collective Black People  
CBPM Links:
Name:                                           Contacts:
1.  African Community Center                     www.10-10-50.org
2.  Dare to Care                                             www.dare2carellc.com  
3.  Tag Team Network Marketing               
4.  Atlanta Artist Collective                           Rhymes@excite.com
5.  Matah (Black Business Products)        www.mymatah.net/truefreedom
6. Million Voices to Save Darfur               www.savedarfur.org
7. Block Entertainment                              www.block@block-ent.com
8. The Public Eye Report                           www.nowlive.com
9. Tech Sounds Record Co.                     www.techsoundreggae.com
10. New Black Panther Party                      newblackpantherparty@aol.com
11. Ashe’                                                         sheriese@yahoo.com
12. Urban Youth Movement                         urbanyouthmovement@gmail.com
13. Word on Da Sreetz                                 www.WordOnDaStreetz com   
14. MOSOC Inc.                                             
15. 100 Black Men                                        www.100blackmen-atlanta.com
16. Shabazzphotos                                       www.shabazzworldwide.com
17. Compro-Tax                                            office@ayanetwork.com/cti
18. Mahdi Creations                                     www.mahdicreations.com
19. Dub R'sis                                                 myspace.com/reishis
20. Dare 2 Care                                             www.dare2carellc.com
21. Economic Privilege Found.                  www.myspace.com/yohannesenuf
22. Nuwabean Nation                                  www.nubradio.com
23. Dr. Malachi York                                      www.heisinnocent.com
24. Edenfresh                                                www.cbpm.org/Edenfresh.com
25. WADU                                                       www.wadupam.org
26. Africa Tours & Investment                     www.africafotheafricans
CBPM Economic Plan:
Membership dues are:
1.  Student - 15 cents each day
2.  Elder - 20 cents each day
3.  Individual - 27 cents each day
4.  Family - 75 cents each day
5.  Organization - $1.00 each day
6.  Business - $1.00 each day
7.  Church - $2.00 each day
8.  Honorary - $1.00 each day
What Happens to each membership
dollar that you give?
a.   25% goes to maintaining you web page  
b.   25% goes to the Collective CBPM
member savings account
c.   25% goes to supporting the budget of the  
CBPM departments
d.   25% goes to employing our people
Whether you accept this as a fact or not, you are one of the
professional players in the World Economic and Development
League of Races.  The Michael Jordan’s of Black Uplift meant, its
your time to shine now.

World Economic & Development League Amongst Races
Start of 21 Century
                               End of 21 Century
Race        Wins    Loses  Points                     Race       Wins  Loses  Points
1st Place   Caucasoid   Many    Few     1000      1st Place    Negroid        Many   Few    10000
2nd Place  mongoloid   Many   Some     500       2nd Place  Caucasoid    Many   Some   5000
3rd Place   Negroid       Few     Many     100       3rd Place   Mongoloid    Many   Some   5000
Functional Unity
10 – Each month
volunteer 10 hours
in a Black
10 – Each month  
donate a minimum
of $10 to a Black
50 – Each month  
redirect a minimum
of $50 from a non
Black business to
a Black Business
of your choice.
CBPM is gathering (uniting) our people based on our people's Skills, Talents, and Intelligence (Education)
the Birth
Rights of
New York Listings of What our People are Doing
Detailed list click Here
As Above So Below                                                                www.asabovesobelowstore.com
Attorney Alton H. Maddox, Jr. Legal Services                    
"No Turning Back, my summer with Daddy King"           Cornell University
Author: "The Laws of Thinking"                                           212-316-2177
Barryington Associates                                                        Barry
Boss Sauce                                                                            585-544-5600
Bristoe Int'l Wholesaler                                                        Kirk Yardee
Center for Culture, Inc.                                                         Ama Kusha Selassie
Creative Source Braiders                                                    Allensource06@yahoo.com
Duncan Enterprises                                                             Hector
Educated Investments                                                         
Free Anton Forde Campaign                                              www.buybooksontheweb.com
Ghana Enkwanta Project                                                    Carmen
Ghetto Life Publishing                                                         www.bookch.com
Hip Hop Community                                                            www.thenocursetour.com
Infininty Publishing Company                                            www.buybooksontheweb.com
Jazz-oetry                                                                                Aziza
Keeping it Real                                                                     
Life Coach                                                                              Tony Tomkins
Mothers of Children of Color (SOCOC)                            
Muskogee and African Community                                   cojadegreen16@hotmail.com
Partisan Defense Committee                                            
Rankin Media                                                                        www.myspace.com/tonyrankin
Simeons Gate                                                                      Gladys Cynthia Rhodes
Student Poet                                                                          Peekskill Elementary School
The Write Stuff                                                                       
Travel Bound                                                                         www.myspace.com/tonyrankin
Yellow Brick Road                                                                Francine Lucas Sinclair
CBPM Member Businesses Pages
Take the
African Studies Class:
"Blacks in the City"
(1865-1960's) online at
the CBPM website FREE:
Become a
Member of CBPM
Click Here
Name:                                         Contacts:
13. The Rising Son, Inc.             678-933-9677
14. Block Entertainment             
15. The Public Eye Report         www.nowlive.com
16. Tech Sounds Record Co.     www.techsoundreggae.com
17. New Black Panther Party      newblackpantherparty@aol.com
18. Ashe’                                     sheriese@yahoo.com
19. Urban Youth Movement        urbanyouthmovement@gmail.com
20. Word on Da Sreetz                www.WordOnDaStreetz com   
21. MOSOC Inc.                         
22. 100 Black Men                      www.100blackmen-atlanta.com
23. GMC Cleaning                       678-314-6270
24. Prime Amer. Regional Bank  866-403-7590
25. Shabazzphotos                      
26. Compro-Tax                          office@ayanetwork.com/cti
27. Mahdi Creations                    www.mahdicreations.com
28. CMS Consulting                     404-755-82832
29. Dub R'sis                                
30. Dare 2 Care                            www.dare2carellc.com
31. Economic Privilege Found.   www.myspace.com/yohannesenuf
32. Noni Natural Juices                404-914-4090
33. Nuwabean Nation                   
34. Dr. Malachi York                     www.heisinnocent.com
35. Edenfresh                               www.cbpm.org/Edenfresh.com
36. WADU                                     www.wadupam.org
37. Africa Tours & Investment      www.africafotheafricans
Become a
Member of
CBPM Click

Did you know:
1.  All Black people brought to the  
western world during slavery
were called Ethiopians.
2.  Before the Berlin Conference
(1882-1888), the name of the
continent of Africa was Ethiopia
and the name of the southern
part of the Atlantic Ocean,
between Africa and South
America, was called the
Ethiopian Sea.
3.  The definition of Ethiopian
means people with burnt skin.
Facts on Ethiopia
Nyahbinghi Celebrations, reasoning,
and more in Covington, Georgia every
other Saturday.
All African (Black) People Must:
1.  Support each other.
2.  Be part of a collective force.
Needs You
needs our
The Sankore African Study Circle
for more info Call:
Chief Sundiata (404) 304-7598
The CBPM is your information resource for what ever
Skill, Talents,  & Intelligence you may need.  We have
from a-z data base of What our People are Doing?
Check It Out
Hire Black
Engineers to aid you
in your works,
become a member
of the Collective,
and have CBPM
Engineers on your
All Black People
who are in Business
or have an
should be
...Have your own
web page here with
CBPM with the low-low
rates of 27 cents a day
Click Here
to be online before the
week is over.
Errand Service                          R & R Errand Service
Father Initiative                         Black Star Project Atlanta
Father Initiative                         
Concerned Dads Inc.
Film Production Co.                   Ruff Life Films
Finance                                       Educated Investments
Finance                                       Mountain Movers Worldwide
Fine Arts                                      Mahdi Creations
Iron Jerk
Hair/Personal Care                     Elite Barber and Hair
Hair/Personal Care                     Keep it locked
Hair/Personal Care                     Modern Manna
Hand Craft/Jewerly                     
Touch of Class
Hand Craft/Jewerly                     Tephillah
Hip Hop                                        
Outlaw Radeo
Hip Hop                                        Last Laff Records
Hip Hop                                        
York Nice
Hip Hop/Reggae                          Top Shottas
Home repair                                J.W. Home Repair
Independent record label         Street Voice Music
Interior Decorator                      The Guest Room
IT Specialist                                 
Bomani Computer Service
Jewelry                                         Ngozi Works
Management/Development       ESP Enterprises, Inc.
The Right Touch
Media/Spiritual                            Doing it Gog's Way
Merchant                                      LIA Merchant
Music                                            VUKA
Ras Clay I
Natural Products                         Edenfresh
Networking & Marketing            Royal Inheritance
Photography                                Shabazz Photos
King Quest
Radio                                            Outlaw Radeo
Rastafari Culture                         Testimonies and Revelations
of Rastafari
Real Estate                                   Mattie Childs Listings
Rankin Media
Reggae                                         Ras Tree
Reggae                                         Techsound Industries
Restaurant                                    Our Daily Bread
Retail                                             Riding the Jewell
Salon Boutique                            Grove 492
Screen printing                            Prolific Screen Printing
Trading w/ Caribbean                  
Macford Enterprise
Travel Accommodations             Empress Travels
Travel Accommodations             
Travel Bound
Vegan Raw/Life Food                  Love Livin' Naturally
Vending                                        Aboriginal Blim Blam
Video Production                        Blackhandz Entertainment
Wholistic Healing                        Xaa'EL Heru El- BEY
A Safe Passage                                ASAP
Accountig/Bookeeping                   Isis Bookeeping Services
Advertisement, Promotions           
Irievisions Marketing
Africa Tours and Investments        Africa for the Africans
Art                                                      Mute Testaments
Auto Sales                                        
Agape Auto
Bath & Body Products                     Shea Essentials
Bed & Breakfast                               Mahala Corp.
Black Organization                          
African Community Center for
Unity & Self Determination
Black Organization                          Black Male Community
Empowerment Forum (BMCEF)
Black Organization                          EWF Mahel Safari Local 49
Black Organization                          God's Children and Elders
Think Tank
Black Organization                          
Black Organization                          Problem Solvers United
Black Organization                          New Black Panther Party
Bookkeeping                                    Bottom Line Services
Organic Roots Café
Car wash                                           King Ras
Career Development                       Kingdom Fortunes
Children's Camp                               
Sankofa Youth Culture Camp
Civic & Civil Rights                          Project SOAR
Cleaning                                            GMC Cleaning
Clothes Design                                 Eclectreenvi
Clothing Line                                    
Black Kung Fu
Clothing Manufacturing                  Kem-Wear Mfg.
Clothing, Art, & Crafts                      Nationtime Fashion
Composition/Music                          Cipher He Records
Computer repair                               
Bomani Computer Services
Computer repair                               Leek Squad
Conglomerate                                   Select Effects Conglomerate
Doc Rehab 2000
Construction                                     I & I Works
Construction                                     Top Flight Painting
Consulting                                         CMS Health Services
Isis Hats
Cultural Items                                    Culture Wear
Cultural Shop                                    Gullah Inc.
Cultural Shop                                    Ikouba's Oil & Incense
Education                                           A+ Tutoring
Education                                           Rivers of Living Waters         
Education                                           The Independent Think Tank
Educational Consulting                    Kwame Ture Leadership
Electrical                                            Moanbessa
                         Mothers for Earth Soul yoga
"Blacks in the City"
Historical look from
United States
1-3, 4-6, 7& 8
Visit Professor Amiri
Baraka's website:
"African Revolution"
* 1951 - MPLA - Popular Liberation
Movement of Angola formed.
1961 - FNLA - was formed by the
C.I.A. (Central Intelligence Agency of
the United States) in Ziare which is
now the Democratic Republic of the
Congo to conteract the MPLA.

Lesson #3:
Click Here
Taught by: Professor
Ernest Dube.
CBPM NY Information Board:
Welcome to the Home of the
"No other people should have more
information on Black People, than
the information that Black People
have on ourselves"
Gift Cards
Independence Inc.
Order Here:
"Align with
the Devine"
World African Diaspora Union WADU
Web Page
Click: Here
#1 Source for Positive Culture Music
Downloads Click:
Here for Movementunes
The Universal Negro
Improvement Association -
African Community Leagues
is gathering our people.  
Join a Division of  UNIA-ACL,
The Black Government
established by The Honorable
Marcus Mosiah Garvey in 1920.
Enter UNIA-ACL Here
CBPM Member's Pages Here
27 Cents a Day, Can Free
Black People for Eternity
CBPM New York
Current Total Members to CBPM:

Welcome to Quality Earth, Sister Flame, Glen Carey, Moses Levi, Dr.
Vegan, Senghor Jawara Baye, Rymesceme, Val Parker, Ywndricka,
Gordon R. Lee, Betty Davis, Ben, Joshua Hutchins, Farid Williams,
Ribkaw, Kimbavee, Kimyon, Tafari Methuselah, K-Dee, Jah Face,
Fulera Adam, Tafari Melisizwe, Talib Sly, Yahvah Alayahu, PZP,
Beverly Daniels,
Jahlini, Halik Iddrisu, Monster P,Ijahknowa, Tripple
T, Oyajide Anigbo, Joshua Yamson,
Get Bizzy Rizzy, Alpha Blacks,
Khakijah Muhammad,
Hugh Duncan, Lukman, Mubarik, Angela
Marie, Tamorya Jones, Yapha, Rev. Dr. Edonna Alexandria, Fatawu
Alhassan, Shae Lingmore,
Amin ziblim, Faye Natallie, Ras Ital,
Michael Harris, Abena Afreeka, Marcus Perkins, Lydia Daily, Alonyah
Yahshurun, Thomson Mwakyanjala, Tisa Hudson, Joel Morgan,
Kingsley Jones, Cashflo, Kaous Da Don, Daudi Mahakli, Mahali
Brother Keidi, Mstiq', Jerry Johnson, Vincent Henry,
Vanessa Smith, Roy Murry,
Queen Brown, Mr. Lee G, Zuut
Tuntankhamun, Seventh Son, Rafael Sellassie, Kwaku Mugabe,
Shauntae Ashford, Toure Nyata, Latanya Smith, M. Sadat,
Khabyr Hadas, Indi Ya Aba, and Okpara Nosakhere who
just joined the collective.
Become a Member of the Collective
Garvey's Voice
Get your copy
CBPM Member Pages:  please
support those who make the collective
CBPM Member Pages Enter
1 Diamond Coaching, Inc - Life/Spiritual
A+ Tutoring
Abba Goel
Aboriginal Blim Blam - Vending
Afreeka Live - Reconnecting the Black
Africa For the Africans - Tours to Africa
African Community Center for Unity and  
- Self-Determination - Functional Unity
Agape Auto Sales - Used Cars
Akachi - African Jewelry and Leather
Alpha Blacks - Singer, Jamaica
Apparal Ism Live - Art News, Fashion, &
ASAP - A Safe Passage
Atlanta Division 421 -UNIA-ACL
AZ WaterFront Oasis - Vacation
Basit - Good People Connect
Bigg Belly Records - Record Label
Black Kung Fu - Clothing
Black Unity - Network
Blackhandz Entertainment - Video Prod.
Black Male Community Empowerment  
- Forum (BMCEF)
Black Star Project Atlanta - Father Initiative
Blast Off - Rockets, Kites, and more...
Bomani Computer Services
Bottom Line Services - Bookkeeping
Cash Flo - Hip Hop
Cipher He Records - Composition/Music
Concerned Dads - Father Initiative
Cultural Dance - From Ghana
Culture Wear - Cultural Items
CMS Health Services - Consulting
Daddy' s Pipes - Hand Carved works
Diamondz N the Ruff - Promotions
Doc Rehab 2000 - Home Repair
Doing it God's Way - Media Broadcasting
Eden Fresh  - Natural Black Products
Eclecticenvi - Clothes Design
Ecollective Styles - Unity
Educated Investments
Educational Management Associates
Elite Barber and Hair
Empress Travel
ESP Enterprises, Inc. - Management &
E. T. / M.G CPA Network - Tax &
Ethiopian World Federation (EWF)
- Mahel Safari #49
Faye Natallie - Cultural Art Works
FOP (Full of Possibilities) Art
Fulera's Trading - Trade with Africa
GMC Cleaning
God's Children & Elders Think Tank
God's Gifted Divine Dry Cleaners and
God's Precious Angels - Day Care
Good People Connect - Social Site
Groove 492 - Salon Boutique
Gullah Inc.
Heal Thy Soul
Highly Modified Autos
Hit-Ville Music Group - Hip Hop
Hope of Life Foundation - Orphan
I & I Works - Construction - Jewelry -
Ikouba's Oil & Incense
Irie Visions Marketing
Iron Jerk - Grilled Food
Isis Bookkeeping Services
Isis Hats and Things (Crocheting)
Jah Tech - Auto Repair Services
Jah Warriors - Positive Live Music
J.W. Home Repair
Juice Productions - Dance Classes
Julius Nyerere/CBPM UNIA-ACL Atlanta
Division 421
Kangen Water
Keep it Locked -Natural Hair Salon
Kemwear Manufacturing
Kids Stuff
King Ras - Car Wash
King Quest Konnections
Kingdom Fortunes - Career Development
Kwame Ture Leadership Institute
Last Laff Records - Hip Hop
Leek Squad - Computer Repair
LIA Merchant
Life in Africa
Lini Songs of Wisdom
Lion of Judah - CD Sound System
Love Africa Movement - Int'l Social
Love left on the Wagon - Blues
Love Livin' Naturally
Macford Enterprise - Trading w/
Mahala Corporation - Bed and Breakfast
Mahdi Creations - Fine Arts
Marcus Garvey Pan-Afrikan University
Mattie Childs Apartment & Home Listings
Moanbessa Electrical
Modern Manna - Personal/Hair Care
Mothers of the Earth Soul Yoga
Mountain Movers Worldwide - Financial
Mute Testament - Art
Nation Time Fashion
New Black Panther Party (NBPP)
Ngozi Works - Jewelry
Nubianations - One People, One World
One Stop Shop - Bags, Purse, & Jewelry
Organic Roots Café - Live Food
Our Daily Bread  - Caribbean Restaurant
Outlaw Radeo7 - Hip Hop & Reggae
OverGround RR - Communications
Pan-African News & Information Service
Pan Afrikan Struggle Inherited
Poetic Privilege - Hip Hop and more
Problem Solvers Unlimited (PSU)
PSU - Collective Economic Plan (CEP)
Project SOAR - Civic & Civil Rights
Prolific Screen Printing
PZP Paintings - Acrylic Paintings
R & R Errand Service
RaggaMuffin Original - Food, Clothing, &
Rankin Media - Reggae
Ras Clay I - Away from Africa
RESCOD Ghana - Village Project
Restore Your Own Health
Revolutionary Thought Network
Riding the Jewell (Retail)
Right Touch Massage
Rivers of Living Waters Academy
RoyalFam Records - Dr. Vegan
Royal Inheritance - Network Marketing
Royalty - Lini Songs
Ruff Life Films
Sankofa Youth Culture Camp
Select Effects Conglomerate
Seventh Son - Writer
Shabazz Photos
Shea Essentials -Bath & Body Products
Street Voice Music - Indep. Record Label
Sweet Auburn Grocery
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As the Trayvon Martin case draws national attention, we look at
another fatal shooting of an African-American male that has
received far less scrutiny.
Kenneth Chamberlain, Sr., a 68-year-old
African-American Marine veteran, was fatally shot in November by
White Plains, NY, police who responded to a false alarm from his
medical alert pendant.
The officers broke down Chamberlain’s
door, tasered him, and then shot him dead. Audio of the entire
incident was recorded by the medical attorneys and
Chamberlain’s son, Kenneth Chamberlain, Jr., who attorneys
and Chamberlain’s son, Kenneth Chamberlain, Jr., who
struggles through tears to recount his father’s final moments,
including the way police officers mocked his father’s past as a
marine. "For them to look at my father that way, (with) no regard
for his life, every morning I think about it," he says.
Sunday, July 29, 2012; 3:30pm until 6:30pm in EDT
On Sunday July 29th at 3:30 PM , B.E.P.A.A.,The Board For the Education of People
of African Ancestry will host its 14th Annual Tribute to Dr. John Henrik Clarke. "The
Keynote Address "Our African Compass in 2012" will be delivered by African
Cultural Scientist, Runoko Rashidi. The title is a reference to Dr. Clarkes often
quoted remark that "History is a clock that people use to tell their political and
cultural time of the day. It is also a compass that people use to find themselves on
the map of human geography."
Rashidi will be joined by Master Educator Adelaide Sanford and Political Warrior
NYC Councilman Charles Barron and Political Prisoner/ POW activist Dequi Kioni
Sadiki. Sadiki with Mani Gilyard co-chairs the The Malcolm X Commemoration
Committee. Veteran Broadcaster Bernard White will MC the program. The Event will
be held at Nazarene Congregational Church UCC pastored by Reverend Conrad
Tillard and located at 506 McDonough St. Brooklyn New York 11233.
Admission is Free.
For further information call 347-907-0629
Nazarene Congregational Church
506 MacDonough Street, Brooklyn, New York 11233
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