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GO SISTAS!!!!!!!
African-American women
continue to demonstrate
intelligence and
unlimited potential as
they contribute to our
struggle for unlimited
freedom, access and
opportunity in  
America.  The
sisters on Flights 5202
and 5106 (a jet owned
by Atlantic Southeast
Airlines) have proven
that African-American
women can do anything
if just
given a fair opportunity.

They made history
on Thursday,
February 12, 2009 as
the first all African
American female
Operated flight 5202 from Atlanta to Nashville
and flight 5106 from Nashville back to Atlanta
The crew included CPT Rachelle Jones, 2nd
on right, FO Stephanie Grant, 1st on left, FA's
Robin Rogers and Diana Galloway!
Female Flight
Crew makes
history Febuary
12th, 2009.
Friday, March 6, 2009 1:08 AM
From: "Black August Los Angeles"

On February 15, 2009, The Black August Organizing Committee (BAOC) and The FTP
Movement formed an official union as agreed upon by Shaka At-Thinnin, Chairman of
BAOC and Kalonji Changa, Founder/National Coordinator of The FTP Movement.

Following a weekend of activities hosted by the Los Angeles branch of FTP, a meeting was held in order to
strategize on ways that both organizations could better work together, consolidate efforts and resources to
achieve maximum impact for the communities they serve.

“When you are serious about working with and for our people, it is only logical to seek out those of like minds”,
said Kalonji Changa of FTP. “The BAOC has had a consistent, commitment of resistance for over 30 years. It
is a proven track record that cannot be disputed.  We bleed the same blood through the same veins; this is
the year of The Ant and The Dragon”.

While this union is now official, it is by no means new.  The FTP Movement and the BAOC have been working
together on various initiatives and projects for over five years.  

“It is not just the building of the Movement that we must be concerned with, but also the sustaining of the
Movement.  To do that, we must identify our allies, consolidate our forces and expand our programs and
efforts across this country”, said Shaka At-Thinnin of Black August.  “Our people are suffering and our
communities are in need.  It is imperative that we build up the consciousness and will of a committed group of
people that then work diligently toward improving the conditions of our people.”

As one of our first acts of solidarity, FTP and BAOC are announcing the weekend of March 27-29, 2009 as
National Feed the People Weekend.  In conjunction with Guerrilla Republik and others, Feed the People
events will take place in Oakland, CA, Atlanta, GA, Las Vegas, NV, San Diego, CA and Los Angeles, CA.  We
encourage people in every city across the nation to participate in this weekend, take to the streets and serve
our people.  

This year commemorates the 30th Anniversary of the Black August Organizing Committee.  Weekend-long
celebrations will be taking place in both Atlanta, GA (August 14-16) and Oakland, CA (August 21-23).  Please
join us as we celebrate 30 years of resistance and build toward the next phase of our people’s Movement.  Go
to myspace.com/dragonspeaks for additional details.

The Black August Organizing Committee and the FTP Movement have developed a series of guidelines and
protocols for forming additional chapters or holding events under the BAOC or FTP banner.  If you are
interested in hosting a Black August or FTP event in your city or starting a local chapter, please contact BAOC
or FTP National Headquarters at the contact numbers below.

For more information on either Feed the People Weekend or Black August Celebrations, please contact
BAOC National Headquarters @ 1 -888 – 600- 1722 or FTP Movement National Headquarters @ (404) 419 –
The Detroit Cobo Hall Deal. part 2 ACT!
Thursday, March 5, 2009 2:38 PM
From: shelley@oldupaigorge.com

I went to the detroit regional chamber of commerce and they have an email campaign to support this crap, BUT
we can turn it against them and  this is something we can use to show support of the council's vote.

Once again, all the Non-Detroiters, if you know anyone in Detroit, pass this along. Thanks

Please REJECT the Cobo deal.

Dear Council Member:
On behalf of the city, I am writing to urge you to continue rejecting the Cobo Hall expansion and
management authority.  We express extreme happiness with the action taken by City Council.

The Cobo Hall expansion as the way it is currently written is a terrible deal for the taxpaying citizens of

The non Detroit stakeholders in the proposed authority have not shown their full support by supplying
adequate compensation. In short, they need to put up or shut up. I cant imagine ANY city in this state, nation or
even globe that would support a plan where they give up so much for so little. Only the citizens of Detroit are
asked to do so. This is unacceptable. The agreement forming the authority needs to be changed so that that
EVERYONE involved in making the sacrifice and not just Detroiters.

The current physical condition of the facility is seriously outmoded and in a serious state of disrepair. But we
are entering a possible economic Depression and to ask Detroit to carry the burden of this deal to at this time
is completely unreasonable.
If we fail as a community to make a stand at this juncture, efforts to attract further business investment will rely
on presenting bad deals to Detroit residents that are totally against their interests.

The Detroit Regional Chamber that is pushing this so hard for this deal also needs to put up a few million or so
to show honest support of this deal.
We hope you will continue to reject this action and insist that take the appropriate steps that will allow this effort
to move forward forward the right way, with everyone giving up something.
Thank you again.
"Running Backwards" by Mumia Abu-Jamal
Tuesday, March 3, 2009 1:13 PM

Few sciences are more complex than economics, for despite the plethora of formulas
claiming to define its workings, economics remains a bedeviling mystery that confuses
and confounds the best minds time and time again.

That's often because our economic ideas are formed not only by our experiences but
by our beliefs, and as such, we defend our ideas based not on evidence, but on our
theoretical constructs -- again, what we believe.

We are free marketeers, or Keynesians; we follow the theories of Adam Smith, Henry George, David
Ricardo or Karl Marx the way we follow our favorite  basketball team, win or lose.

Sometimes those theories blind us to the bigger game of life outside our doors.

Much of the current economic crisis is  the direct result of the economic theory of deregulation, made, not
under George Bush alone, but in the waning days of the Clinton administration.  For it was in 1999 that
Clinton's treasury secretaries, first Robert Rubin, and later Larry Summers, advocated the repeal of the
Glass-Steagall Act, a 1933 law which prohibited commercial banks and investment banks  from functioning in
the same house.

The reason? None other than ole FDR.  President Franklin D. Roosevelt explained as much in his famous
"Fear Itself" inaugural speech of 1933, when the nation was reeling in the grips of the Great Depression.  
Roosevelt said,"...there must be a strict supervision of all banking and credits and investments; there must be
an end to speculation with other people's money..."*

In November 1999 President Bill Clinton signed into law the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, essentially repealing
Glass-Steagall, by tearing down the brick wall between commercial and investment banks.  The securities
industries went on a tear, making millions, billions and then tens of billions on speculation with other people's
money-- until the house of cards came crumbling down in November 2008.

The speculation business didn't just  become toxic. It was poison in the 1930's, and came back to life in the
late '90's more poisonous than ever.

By then, both political parties were parties of deregulation, for both were instruments of corporate power, and
both were the authors of today's Great Recession, if not the Depression to come.

[*Source: Franklin D. Roosevelt's 1st Inaugural Address, 1933 ("The Only Thing to Fear Is Fear Itself"
speech), repr. in Labour & Trade Union Review (No. 194: Feb. '04), p.6]
More on the Collective
On 18 December
2009, the United
Nations General
proclaimed the year
beginning on 1
January 2011 the
International Year
for People of
Afrikan Descent
résolution 64/169).

The Year aims at strengthening
national actions and regional
and international cooperation
for the benefit of people of
African descent in relation to
their full enjoyment of economic,
cultural, social, civil and political
rights, their participation and
integration in all political,
economic, social and cultural
aspects of society, and the
promotion of a greater
knowledge of and respect for
their diverse heritage and

The General Assembly
encourages Member States, the
specialized agencies of the
United Nations system, within
their respective mandates and
existing resources, and civil
society to make preparations for
and identify possible initiatives
that can contribute to the
success of the Year.

The General Assembly,

Reaffirming the Universal Declaration
of Human Rights,1 which proclaims
that all human beings are born free
and equal in dignity and rights and
that ever yone is entitled to all the
rights and freedoms set forth therein,
without distinction of any kind,
Recalling the International Covenant
on Civil and Political Rights, 2 the
International Covenant on Economic,
Social and Cultural Rights,2 the
International Convention on the
Elimination of All Forms of Racial
Discrimination, 3 the Convention on
the Elimination of All Forms of
Discrimination against Women,4 the
Convention on the Rights of the Child,
5 the International Convention on the
Protection of the Rights of All Migrant
Workers and Members of Their
Families,6 the Convention on the
Rights of Persons with Disabilities 7
and other relevant international
human rights instruments, Recalling
also the relevant provisions of the
outcomes of all major United Nations
conferences and summits, in
particular the Vienna Declaration and
Programme of Action8 and the
Durban Declaration and Programme
of Action,9 Recalling further its
resolutions 62/122 of 17 December
2007, 63/5 of 20 October 2008 and
64/15 of 16 November 2009 on the
permanent memorial to and
remembrance of the victims of slavery
and the transatlantic slave trade, 1.
Proclaims the year beginning on 1
January 2011 the International Year
for People of African Descent, with a
view to strengthening national actions

Full article and resolution follow
this link: Did You Know?  
Agwamba Services
Mbl: 07814 877 246
Skype: flames.of.jupiter


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Published on Tuesday, February 8, 2011 by New America Media
Obama's Scary Budget: Why the Neediest People
Should Be the Most Afraid
by Earl Ofari Hutchinson

President Obama will unveil his budget for 2012 on February 14. The administration has so far been guarded
about detailing how deeply the budget ax will slice. What is certain, however, is that the cuts will be painful, and
that the neediest Americans will feel the worst of that pain. More than 44 million Americans are living in poverty—
a fact that Obama barely referenced in his State of the Union speech. Yet a huge chunk of federal spending
goes directly and indirectly for programs and services that provide for the needs of the poor.

Last September, Obama dropped a major hint about which programs were likely to be hardest hit. He quietly issued a directive to
federal agencies to come up with ways to slash up to $75 billion from discretionary spending for 2012. This figure was not much
different from the $100 billion in cuts demanded by the new Tea Party-influenced House Budget Committee chair Paul Ryan.

Obama’s directive ticked off several politically safe ways to achieve those cuts, including streamlining government contracting,
selling off federal properties, consolidating some agencies, and revamping data collection. When he listed some of these
predictable ideas in his State of the Union speech, the response was, predictably, applause.

But Obama made no mention though of the likely cuts that pose the greatest peril to the needy, including a 50 percent drop in
funding for community service block grants that has already been floated. The savings from these grants—which fund an array of
community education, health and social service programs in poor, underserved, largely inner-city neighborhoods—would amount
to a relatively modest $350 million. Yet the programs that could be defunded or completely eliminated include many of the type
that were near and dear to Obama’s heart during his days as a community organizer in Chicago’s South Side.

The bigger 2012 cuts are likely to be concentrated among the dozens of programs and agencies already identified by the Office of
Management Budget as ripe for the chopping block. These include: more than 110 programs in science, technology, engineering
and mathematics education across 14 departments and agencies; more than 100 youth-mentoring programs, and 40-plus
programs that provide employment and training assistance. Sizeable cuts also loom in departments that disproportionately
impact low-income communities of color: Health and Human Services ($4.1 billion), Transportation ($4.0 billion), Education ($2.5
billion), Housing and Urban Development ($2.1 billion), and Justice ($1.4 billion).

Obama has little room to maneuver when it comes to these massive cuts. He has been relentlessly pounded by the GOP as a
Big Government, tax-and-spend Democrat since the moment he announced his candidacy for President in 2007—a drumbeat
that has become deafening. Nervous foreign investors as well as a slew of financial experts and economists, worry that the
budget deficit—projected to soar to nearly $1.6 trillion in the current fiscal year, a post-World War II record—will continue to widen.
This would saddle the nation, they claim, with higher taxes; deeper cuts in education, health and social services; staggering
permanent debt; and possibly even bankruptcy.

This doomsday scenario is part political hyperbole, part financial panic. The projected deficit is about 10 percent of gross
domestic product. That’s big enough, theoretically, to threaten economic growth if it were sustained for decades—but
proportionally far smaller than the deficits that the United States ran during and immediately after World War II. The dooms-dayers
also fail to acknowledge why and how the deficit ballooned to current levels.

It was unchecked defense spending and reckless tax cuts by GOP Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush that first
swelled the deficit to post–World War II records. Bush and Congress piled on more debt with the $1 billion (and probably much
bigger) bailout to Wall Street houses and banks in 2008.

The GOP boxed in Obama and forced him to extend the Bush tax cuts to the wealthy. This, along with Congress’s refusal to make
more than cosmetic trims in a bloated military budget, continues the decades-long (and largely Republican) pattern of piling debt
on more debt. The GOP recalcitrance virtually insures that the deficit “crisis” will continue to be a political attack issue and that
programs to boost education, health, and jobs will continue to be the prime target of budget cuts this year and for years to come.
The needy have good cause for concern.
Did You Know:

Planned Parenthood is the largest
abortion provider in America. 78% of
their clinics are in minority
communities. Blacks make up 12% of
the population, but 35% of the
abortions in America. Are we being
targeted? Isn't that genocide? We are
the only minority in America that is on
the decline in population. If the current
trend continues, by 2038 the black
vote will be insignificant. Did you know
that the founder of Planned
Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a
devout racist who created the Negro
Project designed to sterilize unknowing
black women and others she deemed
as undesirables of society? The
founder of Planned Parenthood said,
"Colored people are like human weeds
and are to be exterminated." Is her
vision being fulfilled today?

Wach dih John-Crow dem nuh!

Obama's Health Re. Abortion?

America today, almost as many
African-American children are aborted
as are born. A black baby is three
times more likely to be murdered in the
womb than a white baby. Since 1973,
abortion has reduced the black
population by over 25 percent.Twice
as many African-Americans have died
from abortion than have died from
AIDS, accidents, violent crimes,
cancer, and heart disease combined.  
Every three days, more
African-Americans are killed by
abortion than have been killed by the
Ku Klux Klan in its entire history.  
Planned Parenthood operates the
nation's largest chain of abortion
clinics and  almost 80 percent of its
facilities are located in minority
neighborhoods.  About 13 percent of
American women are black, but they
submit to over 35 percent of the

Follow this link for more:  Eugenics for
The Negro?
Please note! For a more fullness of
what you have read above, try and
source a copy of the DVD  "MAAFA 21"
(formally Slavery and Civil War
is proud to take part in the 2011
JUBILEE in historic Selma,

We will once again inductee
Freedom Fighters into our
2009, we have inducted and
celebrated those who have
helped to progress the African
People and Culture.  Those
who have helped to UniteUs,
those who have moved us to be
a Self-Determining People,
those who have resisted Mental
Everywhere, those who
demanded Higher Standards of
Excellence for our people,
those with a Pan African
Consciousness.  Past inductees
are: Dr. Asa Hillard, Dr.
Marimba Ani, Dr. Adelaide
Sanford, Dr. Iva Curruthers,
SisterWinnie Mandela and
Professor B. This year during
the 2011 Jubilee on Saturday,
March 5 at 10:45am we are
honored to induct: The
Honorable Marcus Mosiah
Brother Chairman Fred
Hampton, Sr., Warrior Queen
Mother Njere Alghanee,
Poet Activist Sonya Sanchez,
Educator and the Father of
Kwanzaa, Ron Maulana
Karenga and Educator Activist
Dr. Leonard Jeffries.

The Ancient Africa,
Enslavement & Civil War
Museum Inc located at 1410
Water Avenue in Selma,
Alabama was established in
June 2002 as an affiliate of the
National Voting Rights Museum
and Institute.

The Ancient Africa,
Enslavement & Civil War
Museum is the only museum in
the country that offers a “Re-
enactment Tour”, allowing
thousands of visitors to see,
hear, feel and experience the
history of enslavement in a
manner that is engaging,
educational, visually and
intellectually stimulating.

This interactive multi-media tour
takes visitors on a journey to
experience the spirit of those
who suffered the
Middle Passage/MAAFA, the
auction block and the torture of
slavery.  It provides visitors with
a detailed look at the complete
cycle of the slave trade. This
powerful experience begins the
healing of the many wounds
caused by racism resulting from
the enslavement of African
People.  The tour is followed by
an open forum that
allows tour participants to
discuss their experience and
the topic of slavery in a safe
and nurturing environment.

The Ancient Africa,
Enslavement & Civil War
Museum also features a
combination of temporary and
permanent exhibits that
document the United States
American Civil War, which
brought an end to the injustice
of slavery.

Members of our staff are
available for storytelling, living
history interpretations and
workshops.   For additional
information or to book a tour at
AAECWM please call (334) 526-
4000 or email us at
Women Led Organization
Galvanizes Local Women
of America’s Most
Dangerous City and Asks
Them to Come Off the
Sidelines and Join
Forces to Cease the
Violence on the Weekend
of Dr. King’s Birthday.

St. Louis, MO – January 14, 2011 --   
On January 16, 2011 from 1:30pm- 2:
30pm at one of the city’s most
dangerous intersections at Natural
Bridge Rd. and Newstead Avenue on
the city’s northside, League of African
American Women and several other
women will stand for one hour holding
signs, holding hands, and giving out
information to the local community
about ways to be more productive and
less self destructive.  The idea behind
the event is very practical –help the
people find something more
constructive to do and to place value
on themselves and they won’t have
time or the desire to participate in
violence, drugs, or any other
dysfunctional behaviors. The event
organizers plan to make a strong
statement against the violence in St.
Louis, MO, ranked the country’s most
dangerous city according to a national
study reported by CQ Press. The even
organizers have called for women who
live in dangerous communities, women
who work in constructive programs for
the community or who run programs or
organizations to all come out.  The
flyer for the event asserts that the
women should ‘wear white and bring
God with them’, showing their purity of
heart and intention in this event. The
women will be organizing to let
communities know that it is time for the
Mothers, Daughters, Wives, and
Sisters stand up and be more
vociferous about the self destruction
taking place amongst the young men
and women in the violent and
predominantly African American
neighborhoods of St. Louis city. This
event is a one day, one hour event
and even though it is set in the dead
of winter, the women are enthusiastic
about participation and results.  They
hope to show the passers- by how
significantly African American women
are affected by violent crime and
collapsing community and family
structures. They hope to transform the
thinking of people in those
communities by coming out in
solidarity on that day and then working
together to get results once the event
is over.  The event will take place on
one of the most important times of the
year to the African American
community, the celebration of the life
and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King,
In celebration of the
Decade of the African
Descendant, Afrikan
Unity of Harlem, Inc.

“Respecting our Heritage
sharing our Commonalities”
2011 Summit

Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc in
partnership with Howard University
Washington D.C. and Columbia
University New York City has
organized an international summit
titled, “Respecting our Heritage
sharing our Commonalities”. The
summit will be held at Howard
University September 15th through
the 17th 2011 from 9am to 4pm.
“Is the story of Africa just on the
Continent of Africa? No!!! Is the Story
found only in the Americas? No!!! Or
is it found in Europe? No!!! But where
ever African people are found
throughout time and space is the
collective story of the oldest continent
and peoples on earth,” says Kassayi
Hailu, Founder and President of
Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc. The
purpose of this summit is to produce a
tangible document of collective
agreements that will be used in
reconnecting the African identity for
the 21st century and promoted as the
official document of use for the next
generation of African scholars to use
as a learning basic.  
Under the African Union Constitutive
Act Article 3 section Q, adopted by the
1st Extraordinary Session of the
Assembly of the Union in Addis Ababa,
Ethiopia on 3 February 2003, and by
the 2nd Ordinary Session of the
Assembly of the Union in Maputo,
Mozambique on 11 July 2003, stating
to, “invite and encourage the full
participation of the African Diaspora
as an important part of our Continent,
in the building of the African Union”.
To this end, the summit will host will
call together various African scholars,
religious institutions, and college
students, to learn, share, and openly
discuss the commonalities of the
African heritage which will include
identifying African centered modes for
economics, and the role of peace and
security that will enhance the
developments of a positive and more
unified African continent and peoples
All welcome! In celebration of the
Decade of the African Descendant,
Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc. presents
“Respecting our Heritage sharing our
Commonalities” 2011 Summit
Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc in
partnership with Howard University
Washington D.C. and Columbia
University New York City has
organized an international summit
titled, “Respecting our Heritage
sharing our Commonalities”. The
summit will be held at Howard
University September 15th through the
17th 2011 from 9am to 4pm.
“Is the story of Africa just on the Continent of
Africa? No!!! Is the Story found only in the
Americas? No!!! Or is it found in Europe?
No!!! But where ever African people are found
throughout time and space is the collective
story of the oldest continent and peoples on
earth,” says Kassayi Hailu, Founder and
President of Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc. The
purpose of this summit is to produce a
tangible document of collective agreements
that will be used in reconnecting the African
identity for the 21st century and promoted as
the official document of use for the next
generation of African scholars to use as a
learning basic.  
Under the African Union Constitutive Act
Article 3 section Q, adopted by the 1st
Extraordinary Session of the Assembly of the
Union in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on 3
February 2003, and by the 2nd Ordinary
Session of the Assembly of the Union in
Maputo, Mozambique on 11 July 2003,
stating to, “invite and encourage the full
participation of the African Diaspora as an
important part of our Continent, in the
building of the African Union”. To this end,
the summit will host will call together various
African scholars, religious institutions, and
college students, to learn, share, and openly
discuss the commonalities of the African
heritage which will include identifying African
centered modes for economics, and the role
of peace and security that will enhance the
developments of a positive and more unified
African continent and peoples worldwide.  

All welcome!
Office: 212-531-0384
Fax: 212-531-0382

204 West 121st  Suite 3c
Harlem, New  York 10027

Mailing  P.O. Box 1121
New York, New York 10027
Afrikan Unity of Harlem, Inc
Black News
The Burning
TheBlackList Pub
For All Points-Of-The-View.
Freedom is a
conversation by a free
people about being free.
When you are not in
conversation, you are not
being free.

Oppose Obama’s NDAA Police State & Resource Wars to Pillage the World

Thursday, January 19, 2012 at 6:00 PM
Where: Across the street from the Apollo Theater  253 West
125th Street (Frederick Douglass Boulevard & Adam Clayton
Powell Blvd)


On December 31, 2011 President Barack Obama signed into
law the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal
Year 2012 The Act authorizes $662 billion in funding for “the
defense of the United States and its interests abroad". The bill
grants power to the military to arrest U.S. citizens on American
soil and detain them in military prisons indefinitely without right
to legal counsel or even a trial. NDAA, a sweeping expansion of
executive powers that goes far beyond the Bush administration.

This law poses the greatest threat to "principles" of US democracy.
Die heart Obama supporters bully, threaten and berate those who
hold the President accountable for ANYTHING most of all his lies to
and betrayal of the 99%!  The military industrial complex and Wall
Street oligarchy owns lock, stock and barrel the US Presidency,
Congress and both political parties, Democrat and Republican!  It’s
not about the “lesser of two evils” but who is the more effective of the
two evils! We have to ask ourselves, how do we hold any elected
official accountable, most of all a President who has insisted the
people hold him accountable!  Occupy Movements across the country
are hitting the streets every day to confront and end the deadly reign
of the 1%. Let's us do our job on January 19th. History will absolve
We, the 99%, must hold this White House accountable for its numerous crimes
against the 99% at home and abroad: an economic depression caused by
gangster banks that received a 16 trillion dollar bailout under Obama; endless
illegal resource wars; “shock and awe” military aggression; free trade
agreements that kill jobs; deportation of one million immigrants; violation of
international laws and human rights; global military expansion to dominate the
world; depraved indifference to Mother Earth and continuation of a racist drug war
that has given rise to the new Jim Crow mass incarceration.

Bring your issues, signs, & fellow 99ers!

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From: TheBlackList
Press Release:
Lula Baity with Byline
Eartha Watts-Hicks
Freelance Writer/Editor

Kidnapping and Confinement of Elderly African-American
Woman Prompts Family’s Request for
Investigation by U.S. Dept. of Justice
BUFFALO, NY – The Britt family of Buffalo, NY is fighting to
rectify the atrocities perpetrated against their elderly aunt,
Lula Baity. Eighty-six year old Lula Baity, a then resident of the
Buffalo Municipal Housing Complex, went to the rental office
on September 30, 2003 to inquire about her current month’s
rent payment.
The money order had been returned to Ms. Baity,
because the amount was deemed insufficient. One hundred dollars
and eighty-eight cents ($100.88) was remitted, as opposed to
the one hundred eighty-eight dollars ($188.00), that would have
served as the rental fee due for the month of September. Ms.
Baity explained to the property manager that apparently, the corner
store had made an error while issuing the money order. To
assist Ms. Baity in resolving the discrepancy, the property manager
directed her subordinate, a Housing Authority case
management worker, to contact Ms. Baity’s family and Family
Services (a non-official agency, community based center,
located within the housing complex).
The Housing Authority’s case management worker did not assist Ms. Baity as
instructed. Instead, she contacted Erie County Crisis Services, a community
mental health outreach agency, with allegations that Lula Baity was not paying
rent, was increasingly confused and disoriented, was unable to care for herself,
and other false claims. The BMHA rental office was not an authorized reporting
agency, approved by the Office of Mental Health. As the Housing Authority’s case
management worker, this employee’s responsibilities fell within the scope of
administrative and operational tasks, usually involving inspections and
maintenance issues. It was not within her jurisdiction to request a mental
evaluation of Ms. Baity.i It has been confirmed however, that she identified
herself, not as the Housing Authority’s case management worker, but as Ms.
Baity’s “social worker.” After her call and without verification of her credentials,
actions were taken effecting the involuntary removal of Ms. Baity from the home
she’d lived in for over forty years.  October 1, 2003, the same Housing Authority
case worker, accompanied by two Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority police
officers, a Crisis Services worker, and an Ambulance, went to Ms. Baity’s
apartment. Upon gaining entry, the Housing Authority worker proceeded to seize
Ms. Baity, grabbing her by the arm.  “As my elderly aunt tried to pull away, this
woman threatened her,” says Lula Baity’s niece, Carmen Britt. “She told
my aunt that if she continued to resist and did not leave, the housing authority
police would use force to remove her.”  Against her will, she was strapped to a
gurney and transported by ambulance to Erie County Medical Center. After
being shaken up by the incident, she arrived at the emergency room with
symptoms of increased blood pressure and a rapid heartbeat. Ms. Baity was
admitted with a purported diagnosis of “unable to care for herself.” Her family
was never contacted by representatives of the Buffalo Municipal Housing
Authority or hospital staff. An anonymous caller alerted her family.
Admitted for an emergency mental evaluation, Ms. Baity was subjected to a
battery of medical tests, none of which were mental health screenings. Ms. Baity’
s given diagnosis of “inability to care for herself” was never confirmed by a
psychiatrist. After ten (10) days of involuntary confinement, Dr. Phillip Rados, the
attending physician, making an assumptive diagnosis of “advanced dementia”
ordered Ms. Baity’s transfer to Grace Manor Nursing Home.  Without court
approvalii, 86 year old Lula Baity was transferred to Grace Manor Nursing Home,
where she was confined to a locked third-floor dementia unit, and despite her
objections, she was subjected to numerous unnecessary medical procedures.
She was forced to submit to highly invasive daily enemas and suppositories. In a
similar vein, without a written consent or a patient authorization, Grace Manor
authorized the surgical extraction of three (3) of Ms. Baity’s healthy teeth. Ms.
Baity was also administered daily doses of the psychotropic medication,
Risperdal, for the treatment of her alleged diagnosis of dementia that was never
confirmed. Risperdal is grouped in a class of drugs known as atypical
antipsychotics. The FDA warns against the use of atypical antipsychotics in
treating elderly dementia patients. Risperdal has been found to be potentially
hazardous and could result in death.  The New York State Department of Health,
after conducting an investigation into the use of Risperdal by the nursing
home, determined that there was no medical basis for administering the drug to
Lula Baity and sanctioned Grace Manor.  
The system failed Ms. Baity New York State and federal law provides mandate
procedures which must be followed in all situations involving the involuntary
confinement and/or hospitalization of any citizen.iii In the case of Lula Baity, no
procedures, whatsoever, had been followed regarding crisis intervention or her
involuntary confinement. She remained involuntarily confined at the locked
dementia unit of Grace Manor Nursing Home for a period of ninety-two (92) days.
Media Contact: Carmen Britt
P.O. Box 3382
Buffalo, NY 14240
Phone: 716-566-7783
Email: brittbaity@baity-v-bmha-et-al.com
This is press release was written by Eartha Watts-Hicks, freelance PR writer on
behalf of the estate of Lula Baity. Please direct all press queries to Carmen Britt
by email at brittbaity@baity-v-bmha-et-al.com or by telephone at (716)566-7783.
Ms. Baity’s niece, Carmen Britt, retained attorney Richard L. Baumgarten, who
petitioned for writ of habeas corpus, which was thereupon granted by a New York
State Supreme Court judge. On January 10, 2004, after 102 days of being
involuntarily confined to a hospital and nursing home, Lula Baity was allowed to
return to her home. Soon after her release, Ms. Baity’s condition was evaluated
by her primary care physician, a clinical psychologist, and a psychiatrist; all
concluded that she was completely competent. Unable to put the horrors of
these events behind her, however she was diagnosed with posttraumatic
anxiety disorder. Despite her fragile health and ripe old age of 86 years, Ms. Baity
filed suit against all responsible parties. She did not live to have her day in court
or an opportunity to tell her story to a jury of her peers. She passed away on May
9, 2006.  May is Elder Abuse Awareness Month According to the American
Psychological Association, elder abuse occurs when senior citizens are
assaulted, mistreated, or taken advantage of, whether the abuse is intentional or
not. Abuse can be verbal, physical, emotional, psychological, or financial. It can
also be in the form of gross neglect or even isolation. Often, mistreatment occurs
at the hand of family members, but in many instances, as in Ms. Baity’s case, it
exists in hospitals, nursing homes, or is caused by perpetrators who are
unrelated to the individual. Any caregiver behavior which causes distress is
considered abuse, according to the APA. Since aging seniors are more
vulnerable to these types of attacks, it is important to recognize the signs.
According to the National Elder Abuse Incidence Study conducted by the National
Center on Elder Abuse, for each case of elder abuse, neglect, or exploitation
reported to authorities, five more go unreported. The American Psychological
Association estimates more than 2 million older adults are victims of elder
abuse.  The Family Vows to Push Forward
An On-Line Petition has been launched, urging Attorney General Eric H. Holder,
Jr., to conduct an investigation into the violation of Lula Baity’s human rights, as
well as to investigate the inadequacies that exist within the current system. The
injustice that occurred in the case of Ms. Baity should stand as a caution to
legislators. The current procedural safeguards in effect are inadequate to
safeguard our elders from the type of abuse that has been shown to have
occurred with Ms. Baity.  Therefore, clearly, additional procedural safeguards
need to be in place, and at the very least, those found in violation should be
held accountable. Current regulations were not adhered to at the most critical
juncture, where decisions are made by individuals and actions are taken by
agencies and institutions leading to the removal of such elders from their
homes. Measures need to be taken ensure that the provisions set forth are
implemented and enforced, thereby protecting the liberties of our growing
population of seniors.  The full tragic account of Lula Baity’s ordeal, official court
documents, and her video-taped deposition testimony may be accessed online.
Please support Ms. Baity's cause by visiting the website and signing the On-Line
Petition at http://baity-vbmha-et-al.com. All support is appreciated.  
i New York State Mental Hygiene Law § 9.45 defines those authorized to
recommend emergency crisis intervention on the behalf of an alleged mentally ill
individual. They are: the parent, adult sibling, spouse or child of the person, the
committee or legal guardian of the person, a licensed psychologist, registered
professional nurse or certified social worker currently responsible for providing
treatment. Standards must be met to involuntarily remove a person to the
psychiatric emergency room or hospital for evaluation. Those authorized to take
such action must follow certain procedures. These guidelines require that a
qualified clinical reporter (licensed M.D. or licensed psychologist, registered
nurse or certified social worker treating the individual) provide the Office of Crisis
Intervention Services with a report, outlining all the necessary information
needed to establish that the individual is mentally ill and presents a danger to
self or others.
ii New York State Mental Hygiene Law mandates due process notice procedures
a hospital or physician must provide an alleged mentally incapacitated person
upon involuntarily confining such person. These procedures are required, as
(a) Written notice must be given to the incapacitated person of his status and
rights as a patient under this section.” N.Y. Mental Hygiene Law §
(b) Notification must immediately be given to Mental Hygiene Legal Services and
certain designated individuals, any of whom may request a
hearing which must be held no later than five days after the request is received.
N.Y. Mental Hygiene Law §§ 9.29(a) and 9.39(a);
(c) Written notice must also be given to the patient’s nearest [known] relative, and
up to three additional persons designated by the patient, no later
than five days after admission. N.Y. Mental Hygiene Law § 9.29(b);
(d) Following admission to a hospital, no patient may be sent to another hospital
or facility by any form of involuntary admission unless the Mental
Hygiene Legal Services has been given notice thereof. Mental Hygiene Law §9.
iii New York State Mental Hygiene Law § 81.02[a] mandates that a Nursing
Home commence a judicial guardianship proceeding with respect to the
or admission of any alleged “incapacitated person.” Involuntarily committing
wards to nursing homes is available only pursuant to a Mental Hygiene Law
Article 78 incompetency proceeding, with its full panoply of procedural due
process safeguards”).

Trayvon Martin (c. 1994-2012) was a 17-year-old
black boy killed two weeks ago on February 26th 2012
by a 28-year-old white man, George Zimmerman,
captain of the neighbourhood watch. Zimmerman had
a gun, a car and instructions from police not to follow
Martin. Martin had Skittles, an iced tea and a 140
pounds (63kg) body weight. Zimmerman claims self-
defence. The police saw no reas...on to doubt that and
let him walk free.

The police are still looking into the matter and for that reason
have not yet made public the emergency telephone call that
Zimmerman made just minutes before the shooting. They say it
backs up Zimmerman’s claim of self-defence.

Martin was up from Miami visiting his father in Sanford, Florida, a
suburb of Orlando. He was watching the NBA All-Star game on
television and went out to buy an iced tea and get his brother some
candy. He never made it back. Ten minutes later he was dead, just
70 feet (20m) from his father’s house

When Zimmerman saw Martin he called police to report a “suspicious
person in the area”. The police told him not follow him, that they
would be there soon. Despite that Zimmerman continued to follow
Martin in his car – because “they always get away”.

When Martin noticed Zimmerman following him in his car, he said,
“What’s your problem?” Zimmerman got out of his car. They fought. It
appears that Martin hit him in the nose – his nose was bleeding,
there was grass on his back and the back of his head was bleeding.

Zimmerman: “I was yelling for someone to help me but no one would
help me.”

Zimmerman shot Martin in the chest. When police arrived Martin was
dead, face down in the grass.

Zimmerman had a permit to carry the 9mm handgun that he killed
Martin with. Neighbourhood watches are supposed to report anything
strange to the police, not take the law into their own hand and gun
down people.

The police arrested Zimmerman. He confessed to the killing but said
it was self-defence. The police let him go. They said they respected
Zimmerman’s background, that he had studied criminal justice for
four years and was squeaky clean.

Zimmerman was arrested in 2005 for resisting arrest with violence
and battery on a police officer. The charges were apparently

Even before the shooting several neighbours had complained of
aggressive tactics by Zimmerman.

The police say they do not yet have enough evidence to arrest
Zimmerman, that the family is jumping to conclusions, that the police
are making a fair investigation regardless of colour.
The family’s lawyer said, “I don’t think they have any intention on
arresting this white man for killing this black boy,” that race is the “the
600lb elephant in the room”. He wants to hear the emergency call
Zimmerman made.
Zimmerman’s telephone has been disconnected. It is unknown where
he is.
Martin once pulled his father out of a burning kitchen. He wanted to
be a pilot or an aviation mechanic. Now he is dead.
Trayvon Martin
The Skills, Talents,
and Intelligence
Revolution (
If you don't have some skills,
talents, and intelligence
(education), get some.  If you
have some, get Scientific with it
so you emerge on the top of
your profession as an expert in
your area.  You, your family,
and people's survival will be
based on the amount of S.T.I.R.
we have.
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