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A Home Away From Home
A home away from home so that we as Afrikans can be who we are,and share information
from a Afrikans perspective. Honouring our ancestors and never forgetting our political
prisoners/ prisoners of war.
To always know what is going on
with our political prisoners /
prisoners of war and honour

To never forget our fallen
comrades and to honour those
that are still among us.

To never forget our political
prisoners / prisoners of war.
Black Unity:
*Prisoners of War
*Political Prisoners
*Pen Pal
*Afrikan People
*Black Panther Party
*Black Liberation Army
*Assata Shakur
*Black Power
*RBG Worldwide 1 Nation
*Malcolm X
*Marcus Mosiah Garvey

Mosi Ngozi
Black Unity Movement
Gainesville, Florida
CBPM's 777th Member


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Just a quick note family. Sending a big
Black Unity  (RBG)  welcome to all new
members of this growing family. Unity is a
must for 2010. It only takes one person
to believe. Look at what we have done
here at Black Unity. I believe in Black
Power and black unity truth be told "it is
our time for the big come up".

Revolutionary Blessingz

check out: http://RBGTUBE.COM
check out: httP://RBGSTORE.COM
check out: http://assata.ning.com
A message to all members of Black Unity:
Welcome Rev. Majadi Baruti of Udja Temple Ministries is now a moderator here at
Black Unity.Rev. Majadi and myself will be back on the air in Jan. 2010. Please welcome
this strong brutha for steppin on up and spittin duties with Udja Temple and Black Unity.
Unity is a must in 2010.   

Sista Sankofa
Sista Truth
Rev. Majadi

Looking for someone to be a moderator at Black Unity and 2 others to be moderators
at  Assata.ning.com and we are in need of a female radio personality for Black Unity
Radio. Please contact me if interested. Expect some big things from Black Unity in 2010

Visit Black Unity at: http://blackunity.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network
Black Unity
Black Unity
All Things Afrikan
About Black Unity:
A home away from home so that we
as Afrikans can be who we are, and
share information from a Afrikans

Black-Unity (bka) Mosi Black-Unity (bka)
Mosi has invited you to the event 'Assata
Radio' on Black Unity!
Check out "Assata Radio" on Black Unity
Black-Unity (bka) Mosi
See more details and RSVP on Black Unity:
Mosi Ngozi
A message to all members of Black

I just wanted to say thank you to all that have stepped up
their game. And there will be some surprises as we step
out of our comfort zone and do some things to take us to
the next level. Also check out the library which is open to
the masses so please use it,more material to come as
time permits.
blogspot.com/ Zulu Zulu
Visit Black Unity at:
Time: Every Saturday from 5pm to 7pm
Location: Assata Studio's
Organized By: Black-Unity (bka) Mosi/
Rev. Majadi Baruti
Event Description:
To be Announced
Listen Here to the Re-Broadcast
Organized By:
(bka) Mosi & Rev.Majadi Buruti
Moorbey's Blog
From a Nu-Afrikan perspective.
The Red,the Black and the Green 4Life
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