CBPM Index
CBPM has to function as a
"Super Duper Power Booster African People Power Plant"

Based on Input of one
member to collective
(See for 593, 1000, 35 Million members)
Currently there are 2,202 Individuals who
have joined and became member
 Each entry in the membership
database contains 200 columns of
information (the Skills, Talents, and
Intelligence (Education) of this member.  
Thus totaling to 440,400 data cells of
information on what our members are doing
that can help all of us and how we can give
that member help in return.
Below is a table that describes the power of
Strength in Numbers.  This table is also a
road map that establishes goals for the
number of members we can get to join the
Collective Black People Movement (CBPM)
and what will be achieved by our people
from our collective efforts.  
The Collective has to
integrate everything African
People are doing into one
body for the benefit and
upliftment of all African
Exhaust: Waste Removed from Amongst our People:
1.  Separation and Division
2.  Animosity
3.  Self-Hatred
4.  Doing works by yourself
5.  Anger
6.  Inefficiency
7.  Not gathering skills, talents, & intel. at events (i.e. JENA)
8.  Other: ________________________
Produced Collectively:
1.        Unification and Collaboration
2.        Respect and Support
3.        Collective Mentality
4.        Doing works Collectively
5.        Love
6.        Efficiency
7.        Other: ____________________
a.        6.75 cents/day member savings
b.        6.75 cents/day collective savings
c.        6.75 cents/day to fund the budget of
50  areas of skills, talents, &
intelligence (& Black Organizations
who are member of collective).
d.        6.75 cents/day to employ or people
New Members to Positive Black
Organizations that are part of the collective
Uniting (gathering), documenting, and
organizing our people across all individuals,
families, organizations, businesses,
institutions, and spiritualities based on our
skills, talents, & intelligence (education).
Individual – 27 cents/day
Student – 15 cents/day
Organization – $1 each day
Family – 75 cents/day
Elder – 20 cents/day
Business – $1/day
Church – $2 each day
Honorary – $1 each day
A local, national, and international network,
Problem Solvers United (PSU) for our people.
An establishment of a Collective African
 in all areas of skills, talents, &
intelligence of humanity
Support of each other through 10-10-50
A collective force to address the problems
faced by African People in Criminal Justice
System, Political, Educational, Employment
Housing, Health Care, and much more…
Other and much more: ________________
(When you give your input into the Collective)
What has been accomplished by the Collective to this point.
Number of
Get paid for uniting our people...Compensation:  10% of each new member yearly dues you receive.
Become a membership coordinator for the collective, locally, nationally or internationally, click here.  Compensation: is 1% of total membership dues to CBPM.
Unity is Strength
Join the Collective
2,202 Members
CBPM Member Businesses Pages
Type of Business                        Name of Business
Errand Service                          R & R Errand Service
Father Initiative                         Black Star Project Atlanta
Father Initiative                         
Concerned Dads Inc.
Film Production Co.                   Ruff Life Films
Finance                                       Educated Investments
Finance                                       Mountain Movers Worldwide
Fine Arts                                      Mahdi Creations
Iron Jerk
Hair/Personal Care                     Elite Barber and Hair
Hair/Personal Care                     Keep it locked
Hair/Personal Care                     Modern Manna
Hand Craft/Jewerly                     
Touch of Class
Hand Craft/Jewerly                     Tephillah
Hip Hop                                        
Outlaw Radeo
Hip Hop                                        Last Laff Records
Hip Hop                                        York Nice
Hip Hop/Reggae                         
 Top Shottas
Home repair                                J.W. Home Repair
Independent record label         Street Voice Music
Interior Decorator                      The Guest Room
IT Specialist                                 
Bomani Computer Service
Jewelry                                         Ngozi Works
Management/Development       ESP Enterprises, Inc.
Massage                                      The Right Touch
Doing it Gog's Way
Merchant                                      LIA Merchant
Music                                            VUKA
Music                                            Ras Clay I
Natural Products                         
Networking & Marketing            Royal Inheritance
Photography                                Shabazz Photos
King Quest
Radio                                            Outlaw Radeo
Rastafari Culture                         Testimonies and Revelations
of Rastafari
Real Estate                                   Mattie Childs Listings
Rankin Media
Reggae                                         Ras Tree
Reggae                                         Techsound Industries
Restaurant                                    Our Daily Bread
Retail                                             Riding the Jewell
Salon Boutique                            Grove 492
Screen printing                            Prolific Screen Printing
Trading w/ Caribbean                  
Macford Enterprise
Travel Accommodations             Empress Travels
Travel Accommodations             
Travel Bound
Vegan Raw/Life Food                  Love Livin' Naturally
Vending                                        Aboriginal Blim Blam
Video Production                        Blackhandz Entertainment
Wholistic Healing                        Xaa'EL Heru El- BEY
Type of Business                        Name of Business
A Safe Passage                                ASAP
Accountig/Bookeeping                   Isis Bookeeping
Advertisement, Promotions           
Irievisions Marketing
Africa Tours and Investments        Africa for the Africans
Art                                                      Mute Testaments
Auto Sales                                        
Agape Auto
Bath & Body Products                     Shea Essentials
Bed & Breakfast                               Mahala Corp.
Black Organization                          African Community Center for
Unity & Self Determination
Black Organization                          Black Male Community
Empowerment Forum (BMCEF)
Black Organization                          EWF Mahel Safari Local 49
Black Organization                          God's Children and Elders
Think Tank
Black Organization                          
Black Organization                          Problem Solvers United
Black Organization                          New Black Panther Party
Bookkeeping                                    Bottom Line Services
Organic Roots Café
Car wash                                           King Ras
Career Development                       Kingdom Fortunes
Children's Camp                               Sankofa Youth Culture Camp
Civic & Civil Rights                          Project SOAR
Cleaning                                            GMC Cleaning
Clothes Design                                 Eclectreenvi
Clothing Line                                    
Black Kung Fu
Clothing Manufacturing                  Kem-Wear Mfg.
Clothing, Art, & Crafts                      Nationtime Fashion
Composition/Music                          Cipher He Records
Computer repair                               
Bomani Computer Services
Computer repair                               Leek Squad
Conglomerate                                   Select Effects Conglomerate
Doc Rehab 2000
Construction                                     I & I Works
Construction                                     Top Flight Painting
Consulting                                         CMS Health Services
Isis Hats
Cultural Items                                    Culture Wear
Cultural Shop                                    Gullah Inc.
Cultural Shop                                    Ikouba's Oil & Incense
Education                                           A+ Tutoring
Education                                           Rivers of Living Waters         
Education                                           The Independent Think Tank
Educational Consulting                    Kwame Ture Leadership
Electrical                                            Moanbessa
Mothers for Earth Soul yoga
Give 27 cents a day
Current Total Members to CBPM:
2,202 Members
Welcome to Quality Earth, Sister Flame, Glen Carey, Moses Levi, Dr. Vegan, Senghor Jawara Baye, Rymesceme, Val Parker, Ywndricka,
Gordon R. Lee, Betty Davis, Ben, Joshua Hutchins, Farid Williams, Ribkaw, Kimbavee, Kimyon, Tafari Methuselah, K-Dee, Jah Face,
Fulera Adam, Tafari Melisizwe, Talib Sly, Yahvah Alayahu, PZP, Beverly Daniels, Jahlini, Halik Iddrisu, Monster P,Ijahknowa, Tripple T,
Oyajide Anigbo, Joshua Yamson,
Get Bizzy Rizzy, Alpha Blacks, Khakijah Muhammad, Hugh Duncan, Lukman, Mubarik, Angela Marie,
Tamorya Jones, Yapha, Rev. Dr. Edonna Alexandria, Fatawu Alhassan, Shae Lingmore, Amin Ziblim, Faye Natallie, Zekita Tucker, Ras
Ital, Michael Harris, Abena Afreeka, Marcus Perkins, Lydia Daily, Alonyah Yahshurun, Thomson Mwakyanjala, Tisa Hudson, Joel Morgan,
Kingsley Jones, Cashflo, Kaous Da Don, Daudi Mahakli, Mahali Uwizeye, Brother Keidi, Mstiq', Jerry Johnson, Vincent Henry, Vanessa
Smith, Roy Murry,
Queen Brown, Mr. Lee G, Zuut Tuntankhamun, Seventh Son, Rafael Sellassie, Kwaku Mugabe, Shauntae Ashford,
Toure Nyata, Latanya Smith, M. Sadat, Buddyfolks, Khabyr Hadas, Indi Ya Aba, and Okpara Nosakhere who just joined the collective.
Become a Member of the Collective
Membership Department
Sponsered by the Collective Black People  Movement (CBPM)
The CBPM gathers our
people for 50 different  
Black Organizations Look
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If a 1000 Black
People come
together and put
27 cents a day
into a collective
account, after 1
year we would
have generated
Table:  Strength in Numbers and what will be Achieved for African (Black) People.
All African People United                                                                                                                                                                                         X
Total Black Unification in the U.S.                                                                                                                                                        X                X
Sovereignty for our people                                                                                                                                              X                    X                 X
A force to be reckoned with                                                                                                                        X                  X                    X                 X
Economic Power                                                                                                                       X                X                  X                     X                 X
Positioned for Internal Financial Support                                                              X             X                X                  X                    X                  X
Political Power/ Dev. of Parallel Institutions                                          X             X              X                X                  X                    X                 X
Development of CBPM Departments                                       X            X             X              X               X                   X                    X                 X
Black Unification                                                               X         X            X             X              X               X                   X                    X                 X
Self-Determination for Blacks                              X        X         X            X             X              X               X                   X                    X                 X
# of People in the Collective (CBPM)                 1     100     500     1,000     5,000     10,000     100,000     1 Million     35 Million     1 Billion
Join the Collective and help our People reach to the next level of Unification, 3,000 members.