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Work Hours and Location:
Work hours and location is totally up to you.  After you have completed the membership training classes, you can work
when you want and where you want.  Being a member of the CBPM and working for the CBPM does not require any
member to change their daily routes they travel in order to accomplish their objectives in life.  Remember that your market
of prospective clients of your business franchise is the 35 million blacks in the United States of America and the a billion
Blacks (African)world wide.  CBPM membership is open to all who supports its mission.  
a.        You are responsible for gathering the Skills, Talents, and Intelligence (Education) of  
our  people.
b.        You are a Liaison between your contacts and the CBPM Organization.  Therefore, you
must keep up-to-date with what’s happening with the CBPM so you will be able to
share this information with your clients and Prospective clients.
c.        You are to maintain accurate records of your clients in your business franchise.
d.        You are to update your client’s information yearly.
e.        You must attend 3 training sessions with the Membership Department.
f.         You must attend the once a month membership meeting.
1.  Employment in the Membership Department:
The first level of employment for our people is in the Membership Department.  
All individuals who select to be in the membership department are eligible to
establish their own
Membership Consultant Company, who’s main purpose is to
gather the Skills, Talent, and Intelligence (Education) of our people.  The
requirements to be eligible to establish your own Membership Consultant
Company with the CBPM is as follows (You will be given all the forms and
information necessary to do your job from the CBPM):
1.        You care about your people and is ready to do your part in uniting Black (African)  
2.        You are a friendly person with a good character.
3.        You are interested in establishing your own business and working for yourself.
You will receive 10% of the yearly membership dues of each new member you obtain, for the rest of your life, as long as you and the
member, remains members of the Collective Black People Movement (CBPM).  Invest in your future and the future of your children and
people before the current system of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer crashes.  Table A and Table B shows your
possible income as a CBPM Membership Consultant for our people.

Table A:  Shows the 10% Compensation Pay Out for signing each type of new member into the CBPM:
Type of New Member        1st year compensation        5 years compensation        10 years compensation        20 years compensation        50 years compensation
                                               $9.72                                        $48.60                                $97.20                                        $194.40                                        $486.00
Student                                                   $5.40                                        $27.00                                $54.00                                        $104.00                                        $270.00
Elder                                                        $7.20                                        $36.00                                $72.00                                        $144.00                                        $360.00
Family                                                    $27.00                                     $135.00                              $270.00                                        $540.00                                     $1,350.00
Organization                                        $36.50                                     $182.50                              $365.00                                        $730.00                                     $1,825.00
Business                                              $36.50                                     $182.50                              $365.00                                        $730.00                                     $1,825.00
Church                                                  $73.00                                     $364.00                              $730.00                                      $1460.00                                     $3,650.00
Honorary                                               $36.50                                    $182.50                              $365.00                                        $730.00                                      $1,825.00

Table B:  Shows the Average compensation for obtaining an Individual member to the CBPM per day, week, month, year, and years.
# of Members       # of Members        # of Members        # of Members        # of Members        
in a 8 hr. day              in a Day                   in a Week              in a Month                in a Year         1st Year Pay      2nd Year Pay      3rd Year Pay      4th Year Pay      5th Year Pay
-                                -                                -                                -                                   1                      $9.72                  $19.44                  $29.16                $38.88                $48.60
-                                -                                -                                1                                12                 $116.64                $233.28                $349.92             $466.56              $583.20
-                                -                                1                               5                                52                 $505.44              $1011.00             $1516.32           $2021.76            $2527.20
-                                1                               7                             30                              365                $3548                    $7,096                 $10,644              $14,192              $17,740
-                                3                              21                            90                            1095               $10,950                $21,900               $32,850              $43,800              $54,750
-                                5                              35                           150                           1825               $17,739                $35,478               $53,217              $70,956              $88,695
-                              10                              70                           300                           3650               $35,478                $70,956             $106,434           $141,912            $177,390
5 Members                  20                            140                          600                           7300                $70,956             $141,912             $212,868           $283,824            $354,780
every 2 hours
It’s amazing when you analyze the power of the “CBPM - 27 cents a day
Economic Plan”.  As a Membership Consultant of the CBPM Membership
Department, your salary will grow each year faster than any other job you
could get in the U.S., as long as you stay consistent with the number of new
members you obtain.  There is no Job in America that give you a raise equal
to your first year salary, year after year.  More amazingly is that, if you were to
retire from the CBPM Membership Department, you will receive your last year
salary every year after this point, for the rest of your life as long as you
maintain your already existing cliental.  
Those who are interested in working full time in the Membership Department,
can expect to get a good salary.  An estimate of your possible yearly salary is
shown in Table B.  As a full time Membership Agent of the CBPM, you are
expected to get a minimum of one new member each day.  Remember that
this is your business that you are running and the number of members you
obtain to your business is always totally up to you.  If you obtain 20 members a
day, this is approximately equal to 5 members every 2 hours for an 8-hour
day.  You may also elect to go for the daily record of the number of new
members obtained to the CBPM in one day.  Currently, the most members
that were obtained in one day by a single member in the membership
department is, 16 new members, obtained by a member working part-time in
the membership department.  Awards and Prizes will be given out for the
members in the Membership Department who gets the most members in a
day, week, month, and year.
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