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Having access to health care and being able
to afford medical treatment should be an
unalienable right for every human across the
world. Unfortunately, the founder and CEO of
MD-ZIM Foundation, Marlyse DePaul
Ngassam, experienced how access and
affordability doesn't always equate to proper
medical care. Her mother, Mama Zim, fell
suddenly ill and was taken to one of the best
medical facilities in Cameroon, and was
expected to receive the best possible care
money could buy. It came as a complete and
utter shock when Marlyse's beloved mother
was helplessly left to die due to inhumane
treatment and sheer neglect. The bandages
on Mama Zim's head were not changed for 11
days. Ultimately her mother's benign medical
visit led to her untimely demise. As horrific
and inhumane as the treatment towards her
mother was, Marlyse came to understand that
this sort of medical neglect is not unique to
Cameroon or other developing countries. In
Western societies medical neglect also
occurs however the difference is that in
Cameroon and other developing countries
there is no accountability. Unable to pursue
any legal action or hold anyone accountable
for such blatantly outrageous medical neglect
and unethical treatment was one of the
catalysts that propelled the creation of
MD-ZIM Foundation. Marlyse felt compelled to
speak out against this utter disregard for
human life so others would not have to
endure a similar outcome. Mama Zim was
deprived of the most basic type of kindness
when she was the most vulnerable, which
compelled Marlyse to launch a Campaign of
Compassion in memory of this wonderful
human being that she was fortunate enough
to call "mother". This Campaign of
Compassion is a platform to encourage
kindness as a way of life. As a result of what
happened to Mama Zim, MD-ZIM Foundation
created the Patient Advocacy and Family
Right to Information Initiative. More
information about this initiative can be found

Another person who had a great influence on
the creation of MD-ZIM Foundation was
Marlyse's father, Papa Zim.
Papa Zim's legacy of love to all and service to
all inspired many of MD-ZIM Foundation's

MD-ZIM Foundation was created to honor and
carry on the legacy of
Papa Zim & Mama Zim. Their vision was to
love all and to be of service to all.
Both inspired and positively touched
everyone they encountered in their lifetime.
The foundation's goal is to follow in their
remarkable footsteps of love of all and of
service to all.
The foundation aims to emulate the work,
service and character of these two great
individuals through its own actions and
MD-ZIM Foundation
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A501c3 Non Profit
Marlyse de Paul Ngassam
MD-ZIM Foundation
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Just as beautiful
(Black Doll
Entrepreneurship opportunity
for all youth. Mentoring and
coaching girls and women.
Mentoring and coaching
educators. Mentoring and
coaching parents.
Mentoring and Coaching
To Believe We Achieve
We lift One And Another As We Climb
Teaches benevolence and
empathy through various
community activity initiatives.
First Health Fair scheduled date:
Date: July 24th, 2020 - July 25th, 2020
Location: Universite des Montagne (UdM)
West Cameroon
Date: July 24th, 2020 - August 1st, 2020
Location: Centre Medical Bamengoun
West Cameroon
What We Do:
*Community Engagement
Training (for elementary-post
secondary levels)
*Patient/Family Advocacy
*Physical/Nutritional Health
*Black *Doll Campaign (to
instill self-identity/love at an
earlier age)
Training in Physiological
Everyday Food as
vaccination to Prevent and
Heal Natural Aging Discomfort
to Prevent and Heal Common
Conditions such as
Hypertension and Diabetes

Training in Patient
Assistance/Physical Health
One-on-one assistance to
confined patients in home
and hospital
Who We Are
MD-ZIM Foundation is a
A501c3 Non Profit
organization whose sole
purpose is to Teaches
altruism and empathy
Through mandated
community services programs
Implemented as extra
curricular school activities,
required in the admission
process from middle school
to post secondary:
Our Vision
MD-ZIM Foundation strives to
bring back a spirit of
community, friendship, and
service. We want to
encourage others to believe
enough in themselves to
achieve all of their goals,
dreams, and desires. We aim
to be our brother and sister's
keeper and lift one another
as we climb, because it takes
a community to raise a child.
Collaboration with
Books for Africa
Just as Beautiful (Black Doll Campaign)
*Teach Sewing to keep female youth off the streets.
*Massive production of hand crafted Black dolls to instill
self-identity and pride at an early age
A Humanitarian
of Compassion