Mama Zeze's Love
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Mama Zeze's Love and  Counsel
Adaeze Abioy
Mama Zeze's Love
P.O.Box 850796
New Orleans, Louisiana
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Mama Zeze's Love
Mama Zeze's Love
I used to sit with the elders and soak up as much
knowledge of our people and our ways as possible. I
still do. Their deep well of knowledge of herbs and
resins and natural healing, mind body and spirit, is
precious treasure.
I embody the Spirit of my AfroCubano heritage,
working in sync with my African and Native First
Tribes heritage, to administer healing on all levels-
mind, body, spirit- as efficiently and accurately as
possible. I work diligently for the preservation of my
culture through our people.
Not too long ago, our people could not rely on
or use 'white' doctors. It was untrustworthy,
unaffordable, and unavailable to OUR people.
OUR doctor was and still is Mother Earth.
Holistic healing and 'Motherly',
to-the-point advice column