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Weekend Health Therapy
Vacation Here
Love Jamaica Tours
The Place of
accommodation is
Cherry Gardens located
in St. Andrew, Jamaica
WI. We endeavor
having the vacationer
interact with the local
community and
environment in a
positive manner. With
all involved being
enhanced by the
This is accomplished through various activities; such as
Neighborhood and Lecture Tours of Historical Sites and
Folklore, listening and dancing to Reaggae Music. The
health and theraputic aspect is of the utmost importance
to our vacation experience. Hence the Organic
Vegeterian meals and with the therapy of excersize
accompaning the medicinal herbs and Spices for most
ailments. Hence, we are disposed to group
accomodation and tours.Both regular and customised to
suit the individual's or group's particular taste and needs.
Some might care for a day on the yatch: Marlin Fishing,
Snorkeling and Scuba Diving, or a visit to the Cayman or Turk
and Caicos Islands.There is also Surfing, Golf, Art, the
Botanical Gardens! and lots more to check out.

Health Therapy Retreats are also offered with objective of
ridding the body of pathogens that cause disease; along with
the Mineral and Bush Bath component. We Host Special
events or occasion for groups: Weddings, Family Reunions,
Graduations etcetera.

The effects of the vacation experience we offer will have the
vacationer coming away with a Cultural Experience to treasure
and remember. Instead of an all inclusive beach; fenced off
from the locals and everything offered is imported.
9 Days Relaxation
and Destressing
Visit places off the
beaten path; the
prestine beaches and
waterfalls. Places that
only Locals know. We
take you up to the
mountains where time is
warped, due to the
shifting cloud cover.
Visit a botanical park for
plants in a temperate
A Weekend Health
Therapy Vacatiion
Take a four day weekend vacation
in St. Andrew, Jamaica WI. Arrive

Wednesday evening and leave
Sunday envening. This vacation is

to eliminate fatigue; increasing
efficiency and productivity in work
The Reggae Tour
Visit the Bob Marley
Museum; which was
Bob's home.Talk to
people who knew
and interacted with
him daily. Meet
other musicians;
maybe your
favourate artist and
attend music
venues. Engulf
yourself in Reggae;
on the beach, in the
ills, in your room.
Health Retreats
We accomodate you on
a property with organic
fruit trees and medicinal
herbs. We have herbs
for cancers; colds; tooth
ache, sinuses, skin
burns, nerves, blood
pressure and diabetes.
Remedies include
detoxing of pathogens
and parasites and
Products and