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Return of the Boom Bap
Welcome to my page. I am an up
and coming producer with that
boom bap sound.
Return of the Boom Bap
My sound is reminiscent of the 90's Boom Bap
era. I'm also have been doing a little more Neo
Soul type tracks. I'll usually put out
Instrumental albums or Beat Tapes for Non
Profit use.
I am a self taught beatmaker from New York
city. My sound is a reflection on a time when
Hip Hop music was about something. It was
used in a way to educate the youth. It also
sounded better. I miss those days of buying a
rap album that sounded good from the
beginning to the ending. Now it's all about
getting paid. There's no unity or substance.
That's why I'm on this site. Hopefully this will
provide a platform for me to showcase
my talents and meet like minded people.
Patrick Lesane
Lecks Beats
Hip Hop,Neo Soul.
Manhattan, New York
CBPM's 1,836th Member