1.        Be part of the Committee to meet African Heads of State.  African Governments (and all Governments) prefer to deal with other
Governments instead of Citizens.  Countries in Africa are excited to have relations with the UNIA-ACL Government because they know of and
have respect for the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey.
2.        UNIA-ACL Global Government was established as a Confraternity, therefore we have to work with/for all Africans at Home and Abroad
who want to work for our people’s Self Determination.
3.        Be first in line for Business Deals with Countries from Africa – Looking for Entrepreneurs and Business People.
4.        Many Black People are fighting for survival in America
5.        Be part of the first time in History where land that has been willed for the purpose of Pan-Africanism in Belize, is now being secured (80
year battle has just been legally won by the UNIA-ACL Government).  This is the first time in history in which a Pan-African Body looked at our
situation legally and won in the Privy Court in Britain.
6.        Take part in re-storing our Independence as African people.  The UNIA-ACL Government was established for all Africans at Home and
Abroad.  It belongs to us.  We are doing it for our people and those who come behind us.
7.        Belize Government gave the UNIA-ACL Government several steps to complete in order for the Land transfer to go through.  All of these
steps were legally complete in October 2008.  This is an 80 year struggle that was waged by our people because the colonialist government
established in Belize Blocked the land from going for the purpose it was intended for, after they had arrested the Honorable Marcus Garvey.
8.        Join in the Business Developments in Belize and identify with your Pan-African Culture in our own home land.
9.        It takes funds for us to establish our Legal Authority.
10.        We are building for our children a better word created by, built by, and run by Black People therefore our children don’t have to suffer
and we will have many opportunities to be nation leaders and with key government officials for our people.  We are leaving for our children the
next chapter of What has been left for us by the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey and the founding Parent Body of the UNIA-ACL Global
11.        The UNIA-ACL is the only PanAfricanism movement that has been able to establish legally as a Government.
12.        No Individual can touch the Government established by Marcus Garvey and the UNIA-ACL founding Parent Body.  They can lock up
Marcus & our leaders but they can’t touch the Government started by our Ancestors for us on August 31st, 1920, Universal African
Independence Day.
13.        The UNIA-ACL Legal Defense Committee has had no court failures since its inception in 2005.  There are many more legal cost and
battles to be fought and won in the Re-Birth of our Government.
14.        We are here to lay a foundation for the younger generation. Self-Determination is not an easy process, but the rewards are great.
15.        We have a legal and moral right to deal with the land in Belize because the Honorable Marcus Garvey made the land a Mandate for
other President Generals to follow because to be a viable Government, we have to have land.
16.        Funds are needed to enter into negotiations with 10 countries in Africa and 5 in the Caribbean and Central America that are ready to
enter into negotiations with the UNIA-ACL Government on Dual Citizenship.  
17.        Funds are needed to put on the week long program from September 22nd to the 25th, 2010, in Atlanta, Georgia, for Global lodging of
African Heads of State.  
18.        Funds are needed to host the African Heads of States at Dinner meetings, Governmental negotiations, and for gifts that Governments
give to each other.
19.        Black Businesses has an opportunity to develop land in Belize where no development has taken place in the last 80 years.
20.        The Government in Belize is preparing the paper work for the land transfer in Belize to the UNIA-ACL Government.
21.        In the past, they locked up the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey so the ownership and development of the land was not settled until
October, 2008.
22.        The Government of Belize has a real determination that the UNIA-ACL Government owns the land and no more debate on it.
23.        At the 53rd International Convention of the UNIA-ACL government, August, 2010, in Washington DC, the UNIA-ACL will have the
documents of ownership for the land in Belize for all to see.  This is the first time in history in which land has been designated for African
Redemption in the European court systems.
24.        This is not a new page in the UNIA-ACL history, this is a new Book that we are writing on our own story.
25.        The UNIA-ACL Global Government is the only PanAfrican Government in the world that has the power to negotiate with other
26.        The UNIA-ACL Government was established for all Africans at Home and Abroad  and will be sitting down at the table with Million Dollar
27.        We can not fund any of the UNIA-ACL Government Dictatatives without money.  Marcus Garvey asked, “where is the Black People of
High Affairs?”, that’s us, we have a Government to run.
28.        International Businesses and Land Developers can sit and meet with the Heads of States of African Countries in September, 2010, in
29.        The UNIA-ACL Legal Defense Committee, established in 2005 and the Honorable Marcus Garvey with the Original Parent Body of the
UNIA-ACL is the only time that  Pan-Africanism has been involve in the Legal Area.
30.        Contributing to the UNIA-ACL Legal Defense Fund will give us the freedom from being legal slaves in the U.S. because we don’t have
the legal authority to set laws that defines and governs us in the communities we live in and we can’t do anything independent of the
Constitution of the U.S.
31.        The Legal Defense Committee will give our people and Pan-Africanism leverage.
32.        Africans living in the west, after going through slavery, to reconnect to Africa is very important for our survival and African’s people
33.        We are the first Black Nation that will be set up independent of colonialism.
34.        Funds are needed to ensure the UNIA-ACL Government functions Officially.
35.        Funds are needed because the is a Historic time to take our people to the next level.
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UNIA-ACL Global Government
The only Government in the World
Established based on Pan-Africanism
Brothers and Sisters, as you
know we are living in trying and
dire times for our people. Our
people are experiencing an
unprecedented upsurge in
terrorist acts of racism not seen
since reconstruction. In case
you have not heard as recently
as June 5, 2010, Mr. Anthony
Hill, a factory worker was shot in
the back of the head, tied to the
back of a truck and dragged
over ten miles through the
streets of Newberry County,
South Carolina. Our people
have suffered under these
injustices for far too long and it
is time to look for new solutions
to the problems we face here in
America and abroad.

We, the members of The Universal
Negro Improvement Association –
African Communities League have
pledged ourselves to the protection
and liberation of African people, the
redemption of Mother Africa and the
successful proliferation of the Global
African Government established by
the Honorable Marcus Garvey in 1920

As a concerned member of our
mighty race we urge you to assist
and support our efforts to secure and
develop over 500 acres of land that
was willed to the UNIA-ACL
Government by Sir Isaiah Morter in
the country of Belize. Securing this
land will not only provide a safe
haven for people like Mr. Hill, but we
will also be able to provide
numerous opportunities for
entrepreneurial African-Americans to
manage businesses and develop
the land for themselves and the
benefit of African peoples worldwide.

Imagine that Mr. Hill had been an
individual working on one of our
development projects in Belize. He
would never have been subjected to
the brutal, inhumane, execution style
murder perpetrated by yet another
member of the Caucasian race. In
fact, if Mr. Hill would have known the
life and death consequences he
would face, I am certain that he
would have contributed at least $25
dollars to help us secure and
develop this sanctuary for our
people. Your contribution will enable
us to fully and completely secure the
land and begin planning various
development projects with our donor
partners and other organizations.

Great ideas and organizations have
often faltered due to lack of funding
support and without your immediate
assistance we could be known in the
annals of history as the most
successful African organization
since emancipation to fail. Give
generously as your contribution will
indeed make a difference not only in
your life, but the lives of your children
and your children’s children.
Knowing that somewhere;
individuals of African descent are
working to secure a safe and
prosperous future for us all we
greatly warm your heart and knowing
that you had a supportive hand in its
realization will send waves of pride
through your being. We need a safe
haven sanctuary where justice
prevails and oppression is no more.
Give Generously

Thank you,
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such as the UNIA-ACL Government that espouses and
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3.  Are you aware that the UNIA-ACL Government has
been willed over 500 acres of land in the country of
Belize by Sir Isaiah Morter?
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4.  Are you aware that the UNIA-ACL Government is
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Belize Land
Legal Defense
Brothers and Sisters, We
are truly on the verge of
historical greatness.
Imagine, African Americans
traveling to and from
countries throughout the
world visiting, trading,
purchasing and developing
land, conducting business
and maybe even retiring, all
the while being afforded
during their sojourn the
same respect, rights and
privileges as native born
citizens of that country. This
is the primary goal of the
UNIA-ACL Government’s
Dual Citizenship Program.
Understanding that we, Africans
in the Diasporas were
involuntarily removed from our
homelands on the continent we
lay legal claim and title to the
whole of Africa. We are in short,
International Expatriates. An
expatriate is a person temporarily
or permanently residing in a
country and culture other than
that of the person's parentage;
upbringing or legal residence
and we certainly fit the legal
definition of expatriate.
People from all over the world
maintain connection and support
for the country in which they
originate through the process of
Dual Citizenship. American Jews
routinely carry passports from
both the United States and Israel,
as do British, Irish, Germans,
Indians, Australians and many
others. Even Africans born in the
Caribbean Isles maintain their
allegiance to the land in which
they were born. The only people
that do not have or maintain a
dual citizenship status are
African Americans. For some
reason we have been duped
again into believing that the
United States is the greatest
country in the world. If such were
the case people afforded the
opportunity to become United
States citizens would discard
their former allegiances and rush
headlong into the arms of Uncle
Sam, but this does not occur
because recognizing that the
United States of America is built
on stolen land and built by a
stolen people, a day of reckoning
must come wherein which all
who illegally possess the land
must go.
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cont. Dual Citizenship Prog.

It is for this reason that the
UNIA-ACL Government has
established a pathway to dual
citizenship for our people. As
we reach out to our brothers
and sisters with this message
of optimism and hope we
naturally incur costs. We know
that you, like us are truly
interested in the cause of true
liberation for our people.
Please show your commitment
by becoming a citizen of the
UNIA-ACL Government and
obtain your dual citizenship
status. If you are already a
citizen, we need your
contribution of $25 continue to
spread the good news. Imagine
the pleasure and pride at the
attendance of the
naturalization ceremony when
you and members of your
global family reclaim the land
from whence we were stolen.
We cannot do it without you.
Give Joyfully and Generously

Thank you,
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