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Minister Kataba Khan
WFG Insurance Agent
Atlanta, Georgia
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404 789-6271

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WFG Insurance Agent assist our
People in securing their assets with
the tools of this society. Helping
families lay a secure financial
foundation with the resources
gleaned from their hard work.
Insurance is important for you and your
family's legacy. As a WFG Agent, I can
assist you with great financial products...
I am Minister of Muhammad's
Temple, Lost-Found Nation
Self Identity With Your Own
Do you qualify for reparations?

Afrodescendants are people who descend from people who...
1. Were forcibly dispossessed of their homeland, Africa;
2. Were transported to the Americas and slavery diaspora for the
purpose of enslavement;
3. Were subjected to slavery;
4. Were subjected to forced mixed breeding and rape;
5. Have experienced, through force, the loss of mother tongue, culture
and religion;
6. Have experienced racial discrimination due to lost ties or partially
lost ties from their original identity.

If your are an Afrodescendant, let the world know on the 2020 Census.
Write in AFRODESCENDANT after marking Black or African American
to protect your community resources.

Visit Muhammad's Temple Sundays @ 2:00pm
3040 Campbellton Road SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30311
from the Honorable
Silis Muhammad

Include in Your Prayers

"O Allah make
Muhammad successful
and the true followers of
Muhammad successful as
Thou didst make
Abraham successful and
the true followers of
Abraham successful. For
surely Thou are praised
and magnified in our
midst. Allah bless
Muhammad and the true
followers of Muhammad
as Thou didst bless
Abraham and the true
followers of Abraham.
Surely Thou art praised
and magnified in our

Message to the Blackman
page 157 paragraph 1

Core Financial Concepts
Prepare for your Future...
Charting your financial future begins with
these core concepts:
*The Six Steps to Financial
*Life Insurance - How much do you
*The 3-Legged Stool - A Traditional
Retirement Model
*The High Cost of Waiting - Time:
Your worst enemy or greatest ally
*Power of Time
*The Rule of 72
*How many times will your money
*The Impact of Losses - It hurts more
than you think
*What does your Future Hold? - We
can offer three options
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