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Saturday, June 21, 2:00 PM: Rally at Ohio State Penitentiary at 878 Coitsville-Hubbard
Rd., Youngstown, OH where most of Ohio's death row prisoners are held. Make your
voice heard against the resumption of executions in Ohio. Support the campaign for
regular contact visits for families of death row prisoners. A hug should be a human right!
information, call (216) 481-6671 or email pfcenter@sbcglobal. net.

Donate to the Charles K. Murray Memorial Billboard Project of the Cleveland Coalition
Against the Death Penalty. Three billboards with slogans opposing the death penalty will
be raised in the Cleveland area for at least one month or longer if enough donations are
received. Make your check payable to CCADP and write "Billboards" on the memo line.
Send it to CCADP, 4628 Ammon Rd., Cleveland OH 44143-2810.

Write letters of support for a prisoner coming up for parole who has been in solitary
confinement after refusing to give false testimony against members of the "Lucasville 5".
Derrick Mathews aka Kweisi Mugabe (Ohio prisoner # R142 546) needs letters of
support sent before June 15 to the Adult Parole Authority, Attn: Eric Griffith, Ohio
Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, 1050 Freeway Drive North, Columbus, OH
43229. You may choose to touch on any of these points: In 1987, he was sent to prison
at age 18 for stealing a jacket and sentenced to 5-25 years. After more than 20 years of
incarceration, Mugabe is far beyond the maximum guidelines for release by the Parole
Authority. After refusing to give false testimony against Lucasville uprising prisoners, he
was put in solitary confinement for 15 years and transferred to Ely, Nevada, far from
family and friends. He has worked hard to rehabilitate himself and has many certificates
for anger management and other
positive programs. He has the support of family, friends and the community. For more
information, call (216) 939-8888 or email bspringer06@ peoplepc. com.

Sign the electronic petition to Governor Strickland for the Lucasville uprising prisoners.
Go to the ACLU website at www.acluohio.org and click on the Lucasville Justice Project
on the left side. Scroll down to the petition. We are aiming for 1000 signatures. Tell
everyone you know to do the same.
Incarceration Department
CBPM Incarceration Department is established to provide prisoner
support for the millions of Black People locked up in the United States
of America prison system.  CBPM supports
William J Mayo, Troy
Anthony Davis, Lucasville 5,
Mumia Abu Jamal, all Black (African)
political prisoners, and anyone who has been locked up unjustly and ...
Please support the following
Brethren and Sisteren
1.  Mumia Abu Jamal
2.  Lucasville 5
3.  Dr. Mutulu Shakur
4.  William Tybie
5.  Brother Pittsburg (Stockard Pearson)
6.  Sister Jamie Jones
7.  Sister Angel Ramirez
8.  William Mayo; Georgia
9.  Troy Davis Savannah, Georgia
10.  Leonard Pentel
11.  Jamil Al-Amin
12.  Brother Elijah; Georgia
13.  and much more (millions)
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Do you know someone who is incarcerated and needs support?  
Tell CBPM their story so we can get their information to our people.
Sponsored by the Collective Black People  Movement (CBPM)
New Ways to Support the Lucasville 5!

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