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Humanitarian Relief Inc.
Please contact the founder Mrs. Jinnah Ibraheem Moore at (404)438-1134 Please share
any articles, stories, or photos you may come across connected to this lens.
"Power to Feed The Hungry"
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Jinnat Ibraheem Moore
Humanitarian Relief Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia
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Humanitarian Relief
Inc. at Face Book
Humanitarian Relief Inc.
Feeding The Homeless and The
Needy Men, Women, and Children in
Our Own Westend Community in
Gods name and for his Pleasure !!!!
Jinnah Ibraheem Moore is The Founder of
Humanitarian Relief Inc. A Non Profit organizations in
Atlanta Georgia. We are very pleased to announce
the establishment of a feeding program in Oakland
City Park. All praises do to God We have had 186
successful feedings of the homeless and the needy
men, women and children in our own Oakland City
Westend Community in Gods name and for his
We will be offering healthy meals and cool
refreshments every Sunday between 10:00am and
12:00pm to the homeless and the needy that
frequent the parks and the geographic area. We will
also be holding clothing drives once a month so that
men, women, children and homeless veterans can
come and receive free clothing.
If you would like to donate food, non perishable
items, toiletry, clothing or are interested in becoming
a volunteer for this organization. "Friends" is possibly
a better word to use when speaking of the homeless
in Atlanta. The homeless men and women of our city
have captured my heart.
I want to do everything I can to draw attention to their
world and the decisions being made that affect them.
This lens is about sharing everything I can connected
to subject of homelessness in Atlanta. It is intended
to be a resource to anyone interested in the subject.