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Herbal Skin and Hair Products & African Languages
Highmerr International
Ormesson, France
CBPM's 825th Member


Manufactures Organic, fresh,
Herbal Skin and Hair Care

Instruction of languages from
an Afrikan perspective.
Currently offers French &
Kiswahili classes online.
Highmerr Internatioal
Natural Skin and Hair Care
Products and Services

Swarheli, Amharic, and
French online from Highmerr:
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Divine Youth Cream:
For Babies & Children  

Made  with raw shea butter, and various
herbs and oils,it helps you
baby/toddler/child to relax.. to sleep
when it's tired and to be energized when
it's up..  after regular use you'll start
noticing that "smooth,tight,clean " glow
on your baby's skin...Also the mint and
Eucalyptus will ease burping...excellent
for baby/toddler/children  
massages...after washing your child,just
massage it..and you'll see..this baby
cream is a miracle for mother and
child...try it and you'll see
Highmerr sampling kit

Enjoy 5 products: Total wash, Divine
Healing Hair oil, Floral shea, Neem
Facial Healing, and Highlove Mix
Number One.
No Preservatives, No colorants, No
chemicals. All of Highmerr's products
are fresh, pure, 100% natural, organic.
Highmerr' s products are  100%  and
can be used on all skin and hair types,
as the power of nature is universal. All
skin complexion and hair texture  get
total healing, repairing, replenishing,
balancing and soothing effect in and
out. Nature does it, for all of us!!
Herbal Hair Wash

Powerful tea tree based herbal formula.
Cleanses your scalp. fights dandruff
and other scalp imbalances. Makes
your hair vibrate...Just try it, and feel
the freshness..8oz
Total Wash: Body and Face
Powerful herbal formula. Smoothly cleanses your body
and face from impurities and toxins, without drying! Use
abundantly, and feel refreshed, revitalized and clean.  
100% pure. Organic: Tea tree, Hemp, Neem, and much
more. 8 oz

Acne, blackhead,pimples,eczema,and more will go way
Customized orders
We are dedicated to
provide you with the
freshest and purest
products. For
customized products,
contact us..
Complete Basics Online

Learn, practice, speak Foreign
Languages Kiswahili and French

Online Course:
Interactive, effective, convenient
We offer:

"4 Kiswahili sessions"  intensive course

"4 French sessions" intensive course

This course is designed for beginners of all ages
40$ for all Four classes Sessions.  
Last 40 minutes
Flexible scheduling

Visit our website:

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