Students Builds and Launches Rockets at
Lithonia High School
High Flying Rockets
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Sponsored by the Collective Black People  Movement (CBPM)
High Flying Rocket Video
Upward Bound Program, Georgia State University, Summer 2007

Rocket Man video made by Bro. Josh
If you can not see the video, download QuickTime Player.
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Rocket Video from Georgia State University Below
Students at Lithonia High School in Atlanta, Georgia.  
Ms Helen Buie's AP Calculus Class, February 2008
Africa's Natural Resources is
the Birth Rights of all African People.
Engineers (Black)
build most things in
society, especially
nations, so that
people (our Black
Historians, Teachers,
students...) have a
foundation to teach
and grow from.
Invite CBPM to your school's math, science,
or after school program by calling 404-HIP-JAZZ
Nation Building Time
Coming Next Pictures from Dunbar Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia
High Flying Rocket Photos were taken by Josh:;  678-353-8000
HABESHA: Organic Fest - 2007 Atlanta
by Black Mission Media
Blast Off: Here
The CBPM at the Organic Fest in Atlanta, Georgia June 2009
The CBPM at Roots to Fruits Learning Academy, Stone Mountain, Georgia, July 2009
Let's nurture and support our children in the fields of Mathematics and Science
The CBPM at Roots to Fruits Learning Academy, Stone Mountain, Georgia, July 2009
If a 1000 Black People come
together and put 27 cents a day
into a collective account, after 1
year we would have generated
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