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Come out and meet and greet the Harambee family

Place:    Food for Life Supreme

Where:   880 MLK Blvd. S.W.,  Atlanta , Ga.   30314   

When:     Saturday April 5th 6:30 PM

·        Who's invited to this free event:


Christians, Muslims, UNIA-ACL, NBLC, NBP, BP, Nubians, Hebrew Israelites, Black Hebrews, Uhuru, 10-10-50, HomeSchoolers,

Educators....and anyone else interested in the progress of Black people.

For further information about this event contact
Dalani at 1-877-514-5454 or dalani@harambeeradio.com

FYI - Earlier The Same Day

The NATIONALIST Black Leadership Coalition (NBLC) will take place on Saturday, April 5, 2008 in Atlanta , at the Holiday Inn Select Airport hotel.

The afternoon session which will begin at 1:30 PM sharp, will be open to everyone who is seriously interested in the work being done under the
banner of the Movement to Bring Back Black, and the NATIONALIST Black Leadership Coalition (NBLC).

Anyone planning to attend should contact:
Amefika - jlnscs@yahoo.com; 561-689-1536
Seyoum  - joeseyoumlewis@bellsouth.net; 404-247-2872