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Let your voice be heard.....This is a direct
impact on our Jamaican farmers!!!

From: SJAPATTIES@aol.com
Sent: Thursday, August 13, 2009 2:43:09 PM
Will the Caribbean Community
unite in a response to Dakalb
Farmers Market ?

Community  Release.

The New Directions of the DeKalb Farmers Market Is Alarming To
Georgia’s Caribbean Community.

The Caribbean community in Georgia is concerned by the recent
decision of The DeKalb Farmers Market, located at 3000 Pons De
Leon Avenue in Atlanta, Georgia, to discontinue stocking Tower
Isles Jamaican Style Patties.

For many years The DeKalb Farmers Market has been considered the
premier shopping center for Tower Isles patties and other ethnic
products, by local customers, and by customers from surrounding states,
many comforted by the knowledge that the wide variety provided one stop
shopping. More importantly, it had developed an image that it was
considerate, respectful and sensitive to the shopping needs of the
growing international community.

Many Georgia residents now are concerned that the decision to remove a
premier Caribbean American product is the beginning of a new type of
relationship and new distance towards the growing Georgia Caribbean
American community. Why are they refining their customer base? Are
they clearly stating that Caribbean American products /customers no
longer merit consideration? That these products are no longer
considered an important to their customer base? If so, The DeKalb
Farmers Market will be joining a select group of grocery that has a public
image of excluding Caribbean American products from their shelves
notwithstanding the demographics.

The Caribbean community is reassured that grocers like Kroger, Publix,
Wayfield Foods, and Farmers Markets like - Buford Highway Farmers
Market, Little Giants Farmers Markets, Covington Highway Farmers
Markets, Super Giant Foods, etc., stands tall with the hundreds of other
Independent Grocers are who are expanding the presence of  Caribbean
American products  in their frozen, grocery or frozen meat departments.
Residents are concerned that this type of decision, as demonstrated by
the Management of The DeKalb Farmers Market sends a wrong
message. It is not seen as productive to the building of a good relation
with the community or in enhancing it International image; it is considered
insensitive, harmful, backward moving, and should be discouraged.

But how should we respond when business exhibits behaviors, from price
gouging, to redlining or discrimination? Our history will remind us that
only by public outcry has many acts deemed legal but insensitive been

The Georgia Caribbean community is asking Governor Sonny Perdue,
Mayor Shirley Franklyn and other Government Officials to intercede, and
ask The DeKalb Farmers Market to reconsider and remove any
discomforts caused by their new direction, but most importantly,
emphasize that such harmful business decisions should be discouraged.
The Caribbean American community is also appealing to residents of
Georgia to support  their efforts by  calling The DeKalb Farmers Market
at Tel. 404-377-6400, or to simply write “ Un-acceptable” on this release
and faxback to Fax.#  404-377-9274 to show your dissatisfaction with the
current decision.

CTCC - Trevor Smith Sr.

Trevor Smith
Caribbean Trade Center Corp
2547 Sparta Drive
Morrow, GA 30260
Tel. 678-422-3196
email: Caripac2000@aol.com
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Black Power and All Power to the people:

Sisters and brothers in the New Black Panther Party history is
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Please download and enjoy, however there is nothing like having a big
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and the Original Panther Party are strong in  this issue. Panther leaders
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Those chairman are now grinning ear to ear as Minister Akbar Bilal, the
National Distribution Manager has dropped the several thousand in
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Georgia.  From there he will distribute to Augusta, GA, Savannah, GA,
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all have bundles and bundles of thousands of  papers in route.  In
Washington DC and Baltimore, its too late.  The Black  bookstores and
cultural outlets are already buzzing and the people are tearing the papers
out of the store!

This is the boldest and coldest represent of the works and views of the
Black Panther Party since 1971.  the New Black Panther Newspaper is
our number one representative.  The New Black Panther is our #1
Minister.  If any one asks you what the New black Panther Party is doing
just give them a copy of our newspaper with a local flyer slipped in on the

Our National Chairman- the founder and publisher of  this cold blooded
paper- Dr. and Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz did a mighty job and went
through hell to make his word bond and give this paper to us.  Because
Attorney Shabazz word is his bond and because his leadership is a
leadership this organization and the Black Nation can count on, history is
being written.  Our National Chairman is giving us just what Marcus
Garvey and Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X and Huey P Newton gave to
us and our peoples:   A powerful propaganda organ that will make the
whole Black Community beam with pride and make everyone bow and
respect us.  What more could we ask for from a leader?  He went in his
own pockets several thousand to give this paper to us because we only
raised a certain amount.  He's making sure thousand of complimentary
papers get to key Black locations because he wants the momentum of
your local chapter to pick up and he wants the word to spread fast.

Hats off to Sister Aza, the managing editor who picked up the torch and
ran the ball into the endzone while under stress and pressure. Black
Power to brother Chawn Kweli who wrote his a** off for this paper.  Black
Power to Zayid Muhammd and David X, sister Jennah,  and Brother Jamal
who did an excellent job on the cover and hip hop sections.  Black power
to Minister Akbar Bilal and Minister Najee who are out on the highway with
many thusands going buck wild with this paper.

Does Rainbow Push have a National Paper?  Does National Action
Network have a National Paper?  Does The Urban League?  Does any
Black Organization other that the Nation of Islam have a National
Newspaper flooding the cities of Amerikkka?  Think about how blessed we

The New Black Panther Paper is the most powerful Newspaper anywhere
in the Black world.  No other newspaper is more powerful and informative
and bold and creative.  

The next edition is already in the works and will hit the streets by May1s
tjust in time to push the historic Black Power Conventions in Atlanta on
May 27-31st.
We are expecting confirmation from Minister Louis Farrakhan and Pastor
Jeremiah Wright any day.  50 organization (see the back of the paper)
have already confirmed.  You know last year the conference was a smash
success so you know what the National convention at Morris Brown
gonna be like.

Dur to this paper, The National email is blowing up off the hook.  the
phone line is blowing up off the hook.  Hundreds of New members and
thousands of new supporters will be coming in as this paper goes out to
the people>

Attorney Shabazz had so much love for us evey chapter had enough
papers to sell to triple the money and make 300% profit AND he gave the
free papers to put out free to help them> This is a win win for all involved.

So download this paper and get your hard copies.   If you was late with
your money, send it in right away and get your big fat 11 by 17 copies.  
When the people ask what we doing, just give them the paper.  If you
need to be inspired, read this paper!  IF you have doubts in your mind or
are confused, read this paper it answers and crushes all bull shit.

We excpect the cointelpro and the US govt and the agents and
hypocrites to come out the cave due to the progress of our Leader and
the National Central Committee.  As it was written that whenever the
panther party make strong progress the enemy, workin through niggaz,
will be active.  But one thing for sure, the New Black Panther PArty  
Newspaper speaks louder that any of us can speak and I thank GOD for
a man like Malik Zulu Shabazz and the National Central Committee thats
workin with him because in 2010 we will be the winners- HANDS DOWN

OUr Paper Will be out again May ist and then every two months





Black Power! Enter NBPP Here
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