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Six Flags, Georgia
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Words from Funckshaun:
First I would like to say peace to all Hip Hop heads and
give a shout out to all the original pioneers of Hip Hop
music. If it wasn't for you all our culture of music
wouldn't have gotten as far as it did. The world wouldn't
have viewed us and recognize us for the power we do
have. Hip Hop has allowed a lot of people to express
themselves and put some of us in the financial
positions that we are in.
Now, Talent is Talent. I give credit to the new era of Rap Music, but
really I as well as many people I've meet and Know are missing the true
Hip Hop artists that are out there. We miss the freestyle sessions 20
deep on the corner getting bent. We miss the banging beats that you
can't help but kick a verse to. Not club rap music, not R&B rap music
but we want Hip Hop Music.

Funckshaun is an Artist who started young at the age of 14 in the
Hartford CT.  Growing up he had a lot of influences what go from
listening to his older cousins in Bridgeport to his friends and school
mates in Hartford.  He witnessed and experienced many acts of
violence and gang activity from the streets to his schools.

His personal interest began around the early 80's from M.D.Fox
elementary school in the lunchrooms or in the back of class. Freestyle
sessions led to the purchase  his first drum machine. That and a small
casio keyboard start his first true beat productions. Many other artists
liked the beats that were heard so friends began calling him by the
name Funckshaun. They say because the beats were funky. By this
time he was a freshman in Buckley High School. His true drive to
pronounce himself as an artist started here. Networking with other
artists and producers from Hartford to his second home in Bridgeport.
This was also building block of Funckshauns drive for hip hop music.

His family there was strong and North Ave & Reservoir Ave were the
hang out spots where alot of street influence came from. Rapping with
his cousins and friends around the neighborhood. His older cousins
would bring home Albums from artists like EPMD, and Erik B & Rahkim,
KRS 1 and so on. These were the beginning influence that started it all.

By 1991 he was a junior in Manchester High School where he, His
cousin Phill, Frog and his friends Akil Quest started and Da Natural
started a group named Citizen K.A.O.S. Funckshaun would do the
music for all the shows and Studio Recording.  Within this group the
talent as well as experience grew even stronger as Citizen KAOS
began performing many live performance. They performed from
Springfield Mass, New York to Fayetteville NC.

As the fame grew there began to be small disagreements in the group
along with some road blocks which led to Funckshaun to do more solo
work while still keeping Citizen KAOS in mind.  He began to seriously
record music with an awesome music engineer he had been working
with since he was 17 by the name of Gerald Williams. Wlliams began a
Record Label by the Name of Prophet Records.
Funckshaun began making tracks with Prophet Records and other artists like Chamagne and KEMO to get ready for album release.  As
things began to peak budgets began to decrease while family and daily living problems increased and drastically changed. Having to make a
move he left for Atlanta to get a fresh start and to promote music. After performing at the famed Apache' Cafe' and 20 Grand raodblocks
and financial problems took an overwhelming toll on Funcksauns life. Music had to be put down for a while and the contact with Prophet
Records was lost when he couldn't keep up.

Though times were hard he never stopped writing and creating music on his home
computer. Networking with other talent he got to know his way around while learnig more about marketing, advertisement and graphic design
he began just record music again for his own personal entertainment. He says he felt disappointed with the way hip hop has turned these
days. He rarely ever listens to the radio or watches videos because he feels the true spirit of hip hop is not there like it used to be. He feels
most artists are to commercial and are forgetting the average every day head bopping hip hopper.  

So now around 2009 her produces, writes and records new music. He says it started for fun. Then he says it gave him something else to
listen to besides the radio and mostly because he just like to hear the beats he creates banging out of the speakers.  He says he is putting
out music not to be a famous rapper anymore but just because he can. He invites you to listen and enjoy, If you don't enjoy it ....  well you
can't please  everyone!  He says he is not going to be vocal long. He would much rather stay behind the scenes and create music and help
other artists as much as he can. Hip Hop music is something he will be creating throughout life.
Though I must say Hip Hop has become very watered down.
To me it's more pop and  R&B rap music which I and
majority of the people I know don't listen to. What happened
to the beats that make you wanna bop your head and rock
to? What happened to the Real poetic and well thought out
lyrics that MC's had. It's getting WACK! yup I said it.

Most MC's to me in the recent past few years are WACK!
I'm not the best. I know there are better MC's out there. I
meet them from time to time on the street. It's hard For them
to get out because of lack of resources and the markets
wack ass urge to push for these pop rappers. Shinny skinny
pants wearing, tight cloths having wack ass unreal MC's.
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