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No. Haiti's dream of democracy, Haitian-owned tourism, and sovereignty - food and security sovereignty - were
"deferred," not by food riots but by the Bush dynasty's two regime changes to Haiti's democratic governments,
free trade that destroyed Haiti's agriculture and UN slaughtering, raping in order to pacify dissent and

Don't believe the hype. The violence in Haiti is not caused, as this AP report ("Haiti's tourism dreams deferred
by riots") tells it by hungry, starving Haitians. But by US dumping subsidized American rice and foods that
destroyed Haiti's food sovereignty. Then, after destroying Haitian human rights with two coup d'etats, saddling
Haiti with a UN protectorate so that Haiti's natural resources could be fleeced at the point of a UN gun, while
humanitarian NGOs, aid workers rush in bandying about their "generosity to Haitians" to raise funds abroad that
mostly go, not to help Haitian self-sufficiency but to pay for their own children private education and for their life
as mini monarchs in Haiti.

Behind the media's spins and racist reporting of the "recalcitrant, unable-to-rule-self and violent Black Haitians,"
the Haitian people starve, are contained-in-poverty, stripped of their human rights and democratic leaders and
being abused and raped by said same "benevolent humanitarians." The AP and other mainstream press
reportings on Haiti are nothing less than another sort of rape and abuse. For evidence of Ezili's
counter-narrative to AP's Neocolonial Narrative, go to:

AP's INTERVIEW-Haiti not descending into instability - minister";

Comparing crime, poverty and violence in the rest of the Hemisphere to Haiti;

Ezili Danto's Note: Economic proposals that make sense for the reality of Haiti - The Western economic model
doesn't fit an independent Black nation;

When Haiti Was Free - Video Evidence of Media Lies;

Media Lies: The two most common neocolonial storylines about Haiti - May 14, 2008 & August 27, 2007 ;

Media Lies and the Real Haiti News, August 12, 2007;

HLLN Links to US "free trade" fraud promoting famine in Haiti ;

and Video - United Nations and Aid workers raping and abusing children).
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Ezili Danto's counter-narrative to the Associated Press'
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