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Empress of Zion, Inc (EOZ )
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Rastafari Non-Profit Organization
Mama Oyah
Queen Mother Moses
Empress of Zion, Inc
Atlanta, Georgia
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EOZ has an extensive Collective and Network whose
members have been involved in every significant event
and activity of the Rastafari Movement, dating back to
the 1st ever International Ras Tafari Conference,
Coordinated by EOZ International Omega President
Masani Montague, who was also instrumental in the
1983 Historic UWI Conference which resulted in the 22
Points of Resolution and is still current decades later.
The first ever International Rastawoman Conference
at Howard University, and the Global Rastafari
Conference in 2003, saw EOZ responsibility and
technical assistance including
documentation/rapporteur, led by the incomparable
EOZ Senior Advisor Sisterempress Ijahnya.
Empress of Zion, Inc (EOZ, Inc.) is
registered as a non-profit
organization in the State of Georgia
with the mission to
carry out the Rastafari creed to
create and support programs and
projects which will enable the ungry to be fed;
naked clothed; sick
nourished; aged protected; infants
cared for and homeless housed and
to provide technical assistance to
aid the Rastafari Nation of the
scattered Almighty Rastafari
Kingdom (ARK) to organize,
centralize and repatriate.
The raison de etre (reason of being) for
Empress of Zion, Inc. is to bring to the forefront
the role and importance of the works of
Empress Menen, the Empress of Zion, who was
personally responsible for the founding and
funding of social programs and institutions as
the wife of Emperor Haile Selassie I and for the
Daughters of Zion, in partnership with the
Brethren and Youths of Rastafari, to emulate
such works for the uplifting of the Rastafari
Nation of the scattered Almighty Rastafari
Kingdom (ARK).
SiStars holding an ilaful vibes
Programs and Projects of the Empress of Zion, Inc.
*Annual Conferences in the United States of America, Canada, the Caribbean
and Africa during the March 25th - April 3rd birthday week of Empress Menen,
the Empress of Zion and wife of Emperor Haile Selassie I.
*Partnerships with institutions of higher learning such as Howard University,
Washington DC; Spelman College, Atlanta, Georgia; University of Botswana,
Gaborone, Botswana; University of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica,
University of North West, University Pretoria University, Free State University,
S. Africa.
*2003 Kwanzaa Program in Roodeport, S. Africa
*RAS CUP: Rastafari Annual Summer Camp Unity Program in Jahrulesalem HQ,
Free State, S. Africa
*RAS CUPP: Rastafari Annual Summer Camp Unity Power Program, Ghana
The founding of the Empress Menen Learning Center in Kliptown, SOWETO,
S. Africa, serving a population which is predominantly AIDS orphans.
*The EMA (Empress Menen African-Centered) Curriculum Developers
*Partnership with the Haile Selassie I Village, Mamelodi, S. Africa
*A Partnership with the Miriam Makeba Center for Girls in Midrand, S. Africa,
offering Life-skills training and other activities such as Kwanzaa celebrations.
*A partnership with an Orphanage in Ramotswa, Botswana, through our
Botswana Chapter
*A partnership with the Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Tampa, Florida, through
our Tampa Chapter
*Collaborations with the Ethiopia African Black International Congress Women's
League (Bobo Shanti).
*Collaborations with TRON Inc. (Theocracy Reign Order Nyahbinghi, Atlanta)
*Collaborations with MOUDF (Members of Unity Development Foundation)
Selassie I Branch in Ghana.
*Collaborations with JRDC (Jamaica Rastafarian Development Community)
School in Shashemane, Ethiopia, the recipient of the first funds collected from
the 2003 first launch of EOZ book and most recently, a Train-the-Trainer
session with the new Director in September 2007.
*Collaboration and service delivery to the Lalyce Gray Basic School, Kingston,
*Collaborations with HABESHA Inc (Helping Africa By Establishing Schools
Home & Abroad).
*Several other collaborations with African-centered organizations such
*Support of the program and activities of CRO (Caribbean Rastafari
Organization) through delivery of presentations and having the Executive
Director on the Board of EOZ.
EOZ, Intl President Munya/Moagisi Faculty Medicine,
Botswana University Queen Mother MOSES
EOZ Advisors Attorney Marina Blake,
Empress Imara, Sister June
RAS CUPP 2019,
Winneba, Ghana
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Farika & Attorney Blake
Always on the Frontline, Ras Tafari Youth Ambassador
Tafawa “Amazin Papa G” Stewart with  Dr. Julius Garvey,
Son of Prophet Rt. Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey; Dr.
Leonard Jeffries, President, WADU: World African
Diaspora Union in the The African Union &  King Given
Azah Mphago, EOZ Musical Ambassador for EOZAC.
President Carla
in Jamaica
SISTER MITZIE for Black History
Mali, West Africa
Cote D' Ivory, W. Africa
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Women Against Violence Everywhere
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