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Activities in District 5:
1.  Headquarters of District 5 is in Atlanta, Georgia. Please
connect with your Commissioner the next time your in Atlanta.

2.  Schedule a Visit of your Commissioner to speak to your
church, school, organization, community and more about our
Government and History.

3.  Complete the form below if you are interested in setting up
a UNIA-ACL Division in your city.  Please get 6 other Brothers
and Sisters to join you.

4.  Research on UNIA-ACL History in your City.

5.  Connecting to the Parent Body of our Government...
Enter Here:

6.  March 27th, 2019 - March 31st, 2019, Chicago, Illinois
UNIA-ACL High Executive Council Meeting

7.  Saturday August 17th, 2019:
Marcus Garvey Day in Atlanta, Georgia

8.  August 15th, 2019 -  August 21st, 2019:
61st International UNIA-ACL Convention

9.  1914-2014: First Centennial of the UNIA-ACL

10.  Local Black Government Meeting in District 5 is Every 2nd
& 4th Sundays.  Please join us from any area in District 5 (SC,
GA, & FL) by calling your Commissioner at

11. Establish the Black Cross Nurses in your city.

12. Report on Issues that affect our Race in your City through
Whirlwind Newsletter, become a community Reporter.

13. Are you interested in being a Local Officer for your City in
the Government of the UNIA-ACL? Complete the form below.
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From the Commissioner
of UNIA-ACL District 5:
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UNIA-ACL District 5
UNIA-ACL District 5
Commissioner Ras Marvin
UNIA-ACL Global Government
Atlanta, Georgia
CBPM's 3rd Member

President General:
Honorable Michael Duncan


Email Address:

UNIA-ACL Parent Body
Greetings to all Africans living in the states of Georgia,
South Carolina and Florida.  My name is Ras Marvin and
I am the UNIA-ACL District 5 Commissioner.  District 5 in
the UNIA-ACL Global Government include the States of
Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida.
The Universal Negro Improvement Association - African
Communities League was created by our founder and
first President General, the Honorable Marcus Garvey on
August 31st, 1920, for all Africans at Home and Abroad.  

Our Ancestors created our Government based on the
principles of Race First, Universal African Nationalism,
and Nationhood for us as Black People.  Our Ancestors
knew that it is our human rights to have a Government of
our own that looks like us and is ran by us.
My job is to let all
African People in the
District 5 know that you
have our own Black
Government in the
area you are living.  
Government is here to
look out for your
interest and concerns.  
Our Government is
young and needs all
Africans in District 5 to
help build this local
In every city of the states
of Georgia, South
Carolina, and Florida, we
have to build self
reliancy by forming
UNIA-ACL Divisions for
our people.  It takes
seven Black People who
is dealing with Race
First to form a UNIA-ACL
Divisions.  It is our
responsibility to build for
our people and for those
who come after us.
Our Ancestors created this
Goverment for us last century and
we have to continue to build in this
century so that one day we will be a
self-reliant and self-sufficient
people.  Please respond to this
email by sharing what is happening
in your city, questions, concerns and
comments.  One God, One Aim, One
To establish a Division of the
UNIA-ACL in the 1920's, our
Ancestors had to have had first
obtain 500 members.  There were
over 1,100 Divisions of the
UNIA-ACL consisting of over 10
million members that was part of our
Government when it was first
established. In the 1920's, our
Ancestors created 26 UNIA-ACL
Divisions in the state of Georgia, 32
UNIA-ACL Divisions in the state of
Florida, and 24 UNIA-ACL Divisions
in the state of South Carolina. In
today's time, we got to beat or meet
this goal that way we won't have
shame when we go to join our

"We have the time when
every minute, every second
must count for something
done, something achieved in
the cause of Africa"
Marcus Garvey
Dr. Julius Nyerere/CBPM
UNIA-ACL Division 421
Atlanta, Georgia

2018 Mass Meetings:
2nd & 4th Sundays, 5p-8p

African Independence Day
August 31st, 1920
UNIA-ACL Centennial Radio Show - 2-7-14