"Two Months In: The Maturing of the
Oscar Grant III Justice Movement"
by Bro. JR
Monday, March 2, 2009 2:33 PM
From: nattyreb@gmail.com

Please visit http://www.sfbayview.com/2009/two-months-in-the-
maturing-of-the-oscar-grant-iii-justice-movement/ to view the
photos that accompany this article, as well as audio of two
radio broadcasts from 2/27.

Please also visit
org/newsitems/2009/02/28/18574163.php#18574164 for
beautiful photos of the march on what would of been Oscar
Grant's 23rd birthday on Friday, followed by a rally in front of
the Hayward City Hall with a large outpouring of friends and

Two months in: The maturing of the Oscar Grant III
Justice Movement

Posted By Mary On February 28, 2009 @ 9:45 pm In SF
Bay Area

by POCC Minister of Information JR

In the two months since the police execution-style murder
of the 22-year-old unarmed and handcuffed Hayward
father of a 4-year-old girl, Oscar Grant III, there has been
an awakening of the sleeping giant, the social
consciousness of the people, around this and connected
issues. There are all kinds of coalitions formed as a
result of this act of police terrorism and murder that
consist of people from all ethnicities and various
economic classes and walks of life.

The blessing in this tragedy is that Oscar Grant’s murder
reawakened militant resistance in the Bay Area that has not
been seen since the demise of the Black Panther Party. As
well, the fight for justice has aligned many different groups of
people who don’t normally work together.

BART Boycott/Jump the Gate Days
The POCC and Black Dot coalition have called for a
boycott/jump the gate day on Friday, Feb. 27, to
commemorate the birthday of Oscar Grant III. His birthday is
just a jump-off for the campaign to make BART more
accountable in this case and in general.

Some have had questions about the effectiveness of this campaign, so
I must explain that although boycotting and jumping the BART gate are
acts that are targeted at hurting the income of BART, we realize that two
weeks is not enough time to organize people by the thousands to stop
supporting BART with their BART fare. That is why it is a jump-off for the

The real plan is to give people who are not on the front lines, people
who do not go to rallies and meetings, a point of entry into this
movement, where they can participate discreetly and without a whole lot
of work on their part.

Future dates that we plan to boycott or jump the gate are the days on
which Mehserle and hopefully other involved police go to court, as well
as days when members of the Oakland 100 go to court. The Oakland
100 are the approximately 160 people arrested over the three days in
January in which there were rebellions in downtown Oakland. We are
asking for as many coalitions, organizations and individuals to support
this demand as possible and to mention it in interviews, in speeches
and in their literature that pertains to this case.

The Oakland 100

One of the goals of the movement for justice for Oscar Grant is to stop
all police terrorism and ensure that none of its targets died in vain.
These signs were displayed at the Feb. 23 court hearing for some of
the Oakland 100, the people arrested at the Oakland Rebellions,
including Minister of Information JR, who faces a trumped-up charge of
felony arson in retaliation for his many years of coverage of police
terrorism for the Bay View and Block Report Radio. This hearing was
well attended by the community.

According to lawyer John Viola of the National Lawyers Guild, out of the
160 people arrested in the Oakland Rebellions, all of the
misdemeanors have been dropped except three or four, and the people
still charged go to court at 661 Washington St. in downtown Oakland on
Friday, March 6.

All four of the people charged with felonies are still facing felonies. Two
of these cases will be heard on Friday, April 3, at 9 a.m. in Courtroom
112 at 661 Washington St.
We are urging everyone to email District Attorney Tom Orloff’s office at
alacoda@acjob.org [3] and demand that the charges against all of the
protesters be dropped. You can also call Flora Passaglia, the
prosecutor assigned by the DA to at least two of the felonies, at (510)

KPFA Radio

KPFA was the first listener sponsored station in the country when it
went into business in 1949 and was seen as a beacon of audio
resistance in Northern California. Sixty years later, East African born
General Manager Lemlem Rijio has had broadcasters reprimanded
because of their support for me and the Oakland 100. Those
broadcasters that I know of at this time are Noelle Hanrahan, Nina
Serrano and the La Raza Chronicles crew.

Noelle was written up and charged with “the violation of station policy in
3 regards.” Those are, first, “station policy prohibits any broadcasts
which can be interpreted as a direct ‘call to action’ or advocating action
on the air,” second, “you were not authorized by KPFA or Pacifica
management to broadcast this information over the air,” and third, “you
did not present this editorial with proper disclaimers indicating that the
information being broadcast was not the opinion or position of KPFA.”
All of this is some bullshit, considering that KPFA is constantly begging
for money. Isn’t that a “call to action” or “advocating action on the air”?
What about all of the concerts and other events that are announced.
Wouldn’t those fit under “calls to action” or “advocating action”?

Secondly, since I have been volunteering at KPFA for over six
consecutive years now, no broadcaster to my knowledge has ever
asked or gotten authorization to broadcast information. We just do it. If
this rule were really followed, management wouldn’t be managing
anything because all of their time would be consumed with previewing
what is going to go on the air 24 hours a day.

Thirdly, I’ve heard members of management broadcast editorials
without proper disclaimers. A case in point is the Local Station Board
shows after the police beating of Nadra Foster in KPFA in August,
Lemlem lied on the air to cover up her management team’s role in the
police beating and the staff was never consulted. How can Lemlem
take bogus positions on the air without any oversight, but broadcasters
are supposed to jump through hoolahoops?
This recent attack on Noelle, Nina and La Raza Chronicles illustrates,
during the 60th anniversary year of KPFA, just how far KPFA is from
being the progressive, radical, grassroots community station they claim
it is. We are urging everyone to call KPFA and tell them that you will not
give them another cent until the General Manager Lemlem Rijio is fired
or steps down. We need a constant inundation of calls to kick off this
part of the campaign.

Farrakhan came to West Oakland
The best thing about Min. Louis Farrakhan coming to West Oakland on
the birthday of Black Panther Minister of Defense Huey P. Newton was
that his speech helped to mobilize people to go to Sacramento to lobby
and protest. I wasn’t able to join the Caravan for Justice to the state
capital on Feb. 19, but Francisco Da Costa, who did attend, wrote more
extensively about this event.

‘Fuck the Police! We Ain’t Listenin!’
Last but not least I have to mention the phenomenal Oscar Grant
anthem by Oakland rappers Beeda Weeda and J. Stalin called “Fuck
the Police! We Ain’t Listenin!” If you haven’t already heard it, you could
find it at www.blockreportradio.com [6]. This song is a testament to the
fact that youngstas in the streets, in the ghetto, are just as involved and
concerned about stopping the rampant police terrorism and police
killing in Black neighborhoods as everybody else and are not going to
follow the suit-and-tie leadership that was not in the streets on the
nights that downtown Oakland was on fire.

To all of the people on the frontlines, continue to fight. Look at what just
happened with the officers being convicted in the police murder of 92-
year-old Kathryn Johnston in Atlanta. We did not get them on the
charges that would have put them away forever, but best believe what
happened in Oakland had a lot to do with the Atlanta jury convicting
these pigs, and not just letting them walk. It can’t be peace, until we get
a piece.

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