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Darren J. Wilson
Defensive Tackle
New Jersey
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I want the family to be able to
understand and digest the truth, also
to the athletes. Athletes must not only
use their platforms for money and self,
but broadcasting the truth and
spreading the good word of the truth.
My name is Darren Wilson. You may
know who I am. You may not. If you
do, it’s probably from senior bowl
games or pro days, my highlight tape
or agent calling you over the past few
months. If you don’t, that’s ok – you
will. When I get my shot. I’m going to
do big things - very big things.
Forgive me if that sounds cocky… I’
ve come a long way, but I’m still a
work in progress.

It’s important that you know story.

The truth is, everything that led me to
you has required hard work, humility
and learning from mistakes - and
there have been lots of mistakes. I
grew up in Hackensack, New Jersey,
raised by my mother and
grandmother. I didn’t know my dad,
didn’t have a role male model in my
life. Mom did the best she could, but
she couldn’t stop me from getting in
the way of myself. I was constantly in
trouble and didn’t have the grades to
play sports.  I got into fights, got
kicked out of class, partied too hard
– you name it, I did it.

Somehow though, I knew I wanted to
be a football player. I was talented,
big strong and fast - and I liked to hit.
I liked being part of a team, and I
loved winning. By tenth grade I
figured out how to do enough just to
stay on the field. I still got in trouble
but I knew I needed football in my life.
Kind of twisted, but I Knew I needed It
so much that after an injury senior
year of High School, I failed my class
on purpose so I could repeat 12th
Grade. I knew I’d get better medical
treatment and physical therapy at
home than if I went away to junior
I know it sounds crazy,
but I was thinking of the NFL. I
wanted to be in the right hands.

After from high School, I went to
Dean College in Massachusetts
on a football scholarship. It didn't take
long for me to piss the coaches off.
The BS I pulled in high school didn’t fly
with them. Four games into the
season, they kicked me off the team. I
got kicked out of the next school I went
to, made my mom and grandma cry
more than a couple of times and then
finally hit rock bottom when I was
arrested for robbery. When I was late
to my weekly meeting with my
probation officer, she told me that if I
came late again, I’d have to go to
prison. I knew she was serious and I
knew I didn’t want to go to jail.
I had to
get my life together.

The first step was enrolling at a junior
college in Brooklyn simply as a
student. Football was out of the
question. No coach would touch me.
Once I showed that I could keep my
grades up and stay out of trouble, they
let me try out as a walk on.
soon, I was dominating practice.
took the starting job
- and never looked back. In 2011 I had
my last drink of alcohol and my last
puff of weed. I started taking care of
my body. I started paying attention to
details. Through it all I keep a list. Of all
the coaches I had along the way and
the nuggets of wisdom they’d given
me. As I got myself together, I went
back through that list and thought long
and hard about what everyone had
tried to teach me… even when it didn’t
seem like I was paying attention, I was.

When I focused, it was lights out. I
dominated juco ball, helping to lead
ASA Brooklyn to its best season,
anchoring the defense as we went
undefeated. I was recruited by
Maryland, Kansas and Tennessee, but
knew I’d eat up a year of eligibility
getting the grades and credits I
needed to get on the field. So I went to
Elizabeth City State in North Carolina,
I became an All -American
and one of the top D2 defensive
lineman in the country.
I earned
invites to the FCS Bowl. Dream Bowl
and Senior Scout Bowl and a bunch of
pro days. I made Dean’s List, finished
with a 3.7 GPA and got my degree.
NFL teams started calling.

Last May, the Jets brought me in for a
three–day tryout and ended up keeping
me around for more than a week.
They knew I was raw, but saw the
talent and the potential. I was the only
D2 guy in the room, but I outlasted Big
10s and SECs and PAC 12s. They
ultimately went with pedigree, but
Coach Bowels and Pepper Johnson
made it clear they’d be watching me. I
picked up more wisdom, more
knowledge and have been getting
after it like a beast. Dropping 17%
body fat, getting my 40 time down,
improving my technique, benching
43x 225.
There is no one who is
going to outwork me. No one.
tasted where I want to be and know
what it takes to be there.

Last week I was back at my high
school talking with my old coaches
and the team about my journey. I used
to be a guy who they’d shake their
head at when they saw me coming.
And I couldn’t blame them. Who could
blame anyone who knew me back
then for wanting to walk the other
way? But now my story is something
that can help others, especially the
kids. I don’t want them to make the
same mistake I did.
I want them to
know that you can make that
decision to turn your life around
and when you do, it feels amazing.
It changes everything.
For them, for
my family
for everyone who helped me along the
way without even knowing it. I am
giving every ounce of my soul to make

I don’t know how many stories like this
you’ve heard before, but I’m making
sure you know mine. I want you to
know my name.
I want you to think
about me and what 6’3, 310, driven,
hungry prepared and a chip on his
shoulder can do for you.

I am ready for my shot. I am ready for
this moment.
It’s taken something
special just to get to this point.
Now I
need something special from you

– a ladder to climb, an opportunity to
prove what I can do. I promise you
won’t be disappointed.

Thank you for your time and for
reading my story. I look forward to
speaking with you, (and working out
for you) very soon.


Darren Wilson