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Comment = I am looking for membership, more specifically,
looking for a political organization that I can associate with
as a black man "tired" of the struggle.  I would also like to
suggest to your web page is way too busy.  I appreciate all
the info and knowledge but as a professional administrative
assistant and sociology student, I can't help but to inform
you that it has so much information that it scared me away.  
I have many suggestions as to how you can make your
website more user-friendly.  Finally, I would just like to be
more informed of your organization and contribute in any
way I can.
Name = James
City = Ft. Lauderdale
State = FL
Name = Roland Jr.
City = Seattle
State = WA
Comment = I am a member of the CBPM and i believe in
the 10 10 50 program and would to be able to promote it on
my website and in florida were i live as well.
Comments = Im a managing partner of a newly established
black-owned and operated Investment Club and Real Estate
Group. I would like to start a chapter in my area and among
my group so we can fully collaborate our al efforts with your
resources and ours thru network marketing, afilliate
marketing, political campaigning, multimedia, etc. as well
interntional branding and media thru our travel club, Ma'at
Comments = I am a proud black woman studying law in a
smalltown. My educational intentions are to be a legal
representative as well as a judge, but first i do need some
guidance on how to go about it in the right way in a
prejudice state like michigan .Ijoin with intentions of adding
to the movement but i also would like help on going about
this in the correct manor without wanting to give up !
Everyday on campus i read prejudice articles and observe
foul treatment at the gym. Im just hoping i can find in you all
what i am missing  in myself !
Comments = I am an African living in Poland, i am in the
process of starting an African online magazine that will give
Africa a positive image besides the negativity in the western
media. It will cover socio-economic and political
issues,African diaspora will
also be featured. I therefore would like to ask for your
permission to use some of your articles on African diaspora
. I will give you a full credit and a link to your
website. Any assistance shall be highly appreciated. I'm
hoping to go online in two weeks.Thank you.
Comments = Asante sana ( thanks) for this service.
Comments = P.E.A.C.E. LOVE & BLESSINGS on behalf of
The Paradigm Of US:FN
Comments = Great Work and desperately needed
worldwide for our people....I would like to build with you.
Name = Njere Alghanee
City = Lithonia
State = Georgia
Name = Keyon
City = Detroit
State = Michigan
Name = Nakita
City = ypsilanti
State = MI
Name = Munirah
City = Newark
State = NJ
Contact Us Info = James
City = Warsaw
State = Poland
Name = Derek
City = Philadelphia
State = PA
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