UNIA-ACL Global Government
established for all Africans at Home
and Abroad.  This is the first and
only Government in the world that is
established as a Pan-African
Government on August 31st, 1920
by the Honorabe Marcus Mosiah
Garvey and the Founding Parent
Body of the UNIA-ACL.
Red, Black, and Green
Tribute to Faruq Muhammad
Universal Negro Improvement Association
and African Communities League (UNIA-ACL)
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I commit my Body, Mind and Spirit
to the Protection, Defense and
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I Dedicate My Life to the Redemption
of Mother Africa and the Liberation of
her scattered Black children.
I Accept For Myself and My
Descendants the Teachings of
and Promise that Our Children will be
instilled with the Purpose and
of Themselves as AFRICAN People
in order that the Cause of Our
will neither falter nor fail
until all Black People are Free
and United through
The UNIA-ACL has
restored the land claim
involving the Estate of
Sir Isaiah Morter, the
first Black millionaire of
Belize who willed over
500 acres of land to the
UNIA back in the
1920's.  The will was
contested and the
Supreme Court of
London (Privy Council)
ruled in the favor of the
UNIA.  Due to the legal
problems of the Right
Excellent Marcus
Mosiah Garvey the final
possession of this land
was not finalized.  

Many people have tried to
claim the estate but were all
unsuccessful until in May
2006, under the leadership of
the late Honorable Redman
Battle, we began efforts to
restore our claim.  

In October 2008, a UNIA
delegation lead by Counsel
General Faruq Muhammad  
and President General
Senghor Baye finalized ALL
legal and factual concerns the
government has had about
our identity and legality.  As of
this writing the government is
processing the necessary
paperwork for us to obtain the

Based upon this success we
are now working to return to
Belize and began plans for
development.  As the land has
not been occupied in over 80
years we are in need of
appraisal, land survey, and
total impact study.  However,
practicing the Race First
philosophy of Garveyism, we
want to offer investment and
development opportunities to
fellow Garveyites and
supporters before we pursue
any other options....

Many thanks for your review
and consideration of this
message and we look forward
to working with you towards
Afrikan Redemption.

Please feel free to share with
other potential investors and
business developers you feel
will be interested in joining us
in Belize.

Please contact Senghor Baye
if you have questions
regarding the Belize Mission.
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We will Miss you and we Love you, Faruq Muhammad... Thank you fo all you did for African People
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Pepisode #1 of PEP Talk! - Peppy and Faruq Muhammad
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Words From Counsel General Faruq
Muhammad of the Universal Negro
Improvement Association and African
Communities League (UNIA-ACL)

Prepared by Ras Marvin

There is a lot that's going on in the world of the UNIA right now.  A lot of
you are now aware that the UNIA is using the term Government to
describe itself.  This is not something that has been done in the past.  
For many decades, many people looked at the UNIA as an organization.  
How did we get to the point of calling ourselves a Government?  What is
that all about?  When and where did it start?  Faruq Muhammad has laid
a foundation for us so we will be all up-to-speed so we can understand
what will happen in the future.   When we talk about 21st century
Garveyism, we want all of us to be on the same page.  The following
words from Counsel General Faruq Muhammad has broken it down to us
and set the stage for the UNIA as a government.  
Many people are familiar with the famous quote from Marcus Garvey in
Philosophy and Opinions.  This is one of the documents that many
Garveyites had studied over the years.  The quote Marcus Garvey had
made when he traveled all over the world was he said, “Where is the
Blackman's Government? Where his is Kings and Kingdom?  Where is
his President, Country and Ambassadors? His army and his man and
woman of big affairs?... I could not find them.   Most people stop there.  
You should continue on with this famous quote.  “Then I declare, I will
help to make them.”  
Legally that is considered a declaration of independence. The question
most people never ask, did he do it?  Marcus asked, where is the black
man's government?  He declared that he's going to help build it.
Specifically what did he do to make this a reality?   In the basic legal
definition of a government, for the 20th century and the 21st century,
there are 5 basic elements you must have to be viewed as a government.
These 5 basic elements are you must have a declaration of
independence.  It must be done publicly.  You must have a flag.  You
must have a constitution.  You must have a plebiscite which is a
gathering of people who publicly declare themselves as citizens or want
to follow the law of that government.  Lastly, you must have recognition
from other governments.  
Faruq explain to us how Marcus Garvey and the founding Parent body
met the 5 requirements to establish a government.  Faruq told us about
the Declaration Marcus Garvey made himself but also in 1920 there was
a more profound declaration made when over 20,000 black people from
all over the world gathered at Madison Square Garden and issued a
declaration of rights of Negro peoples of the world.  That information is
easily accessible on the internet by typing in UNIA Declaration of Rights
and the entire context is available.   So the element of the Declaration of
Independence was met.   
Then you have the flag, the red the black and green.  For many
decades, black people look at the flag as a cultural icon or in some
instances a commercial symbol, failing to realize that this flag is the
symbol of our government, the government of the UNIA, and we need to
look at this flag no different from any other flag.   If you look at the red,
white, and blue, there is no question to what it symbolizes.  It symbolizes
the government of the United States of America.  We need to start
looking at the red, black, and green as a symbol for the government of
the UNIA which was the government that was setup for black people all
over the world.
The third element is the Constitution.  Many people are aware of the fact
that the UNIA has a constitution.  There is a Preamble to the Constitution
which lays out our responsibility to be a global confraternity for all black
people all over the world.  It's a very comprehensive Constitution which
outlines the seed of structure of our government, called the Parent
body.  This Constitution was established well into the 1920’s.  
The Plebiscite in August 1920 was very extensive.  The UNIA has lifted
about 25 different elements from the plebiscite to define our legal
standards as a government. One of those is our Independence Day
which is August 31st.  For black people in America there has been
ongoing issue of Independence Day and we are trying to find our
Independence Day never realizing since 1920 we had our own
Independence Day.  This is the first full and complete Independence Day
for black people all over the world.  Marcus Garvey during this time was
elected as Provisional President of Africa and was recognized by other
governments as the Head of State.  To name a few, you had British
Honduras, Cuba, and Costa Rica, recognized the UNIA as a government.  
All 5 elements to be a government were met.  However, do to the on-
going on-sloths by several governments to remove Marcus Garvey as
Head of State to the UNIA, our government was not able to mature more
than a 8 to 10 year period based on the research conducted by
Professor Tony Martin. Then you have a situation in which our
government laid dormant for more than 80 years.  Then the question
becomes, if a government has laid dormant for that amount of time, do
you have the legal authority to resurrect it at a later date?  It has been a
global policy once a law or a legal standard has been develop unless it
has been declared illegal or unless there have been significant
amendments, that even though it is still dormant it has legal precedents
and legal standings which means that it can be restored at any-time.  
When and how did the UNIA begin to restore this legal legacy of the
UNIA?  This goes back to 2005 when several critical elements were put
into place.  It started in February 2005, when 3rd assistant President
General Senghor Baye led a delegation to Senegal.  But their plans were
thrown off due to a spiritual and cultural activity involving the awareness
Marcus Garvey.  This set the stage for the year of the Whirlwind.  When
they return from Senegal, they all knew that something different was
going to happen in the UNIA but they weren't certain of what.  Then
around August of 2005 the President General, Honorable Redman
Battle, who is now an ancestor, had the vision to restore the legal legacy
the UNIA and appointed Faruq Muhammad as Counsel General.  
He commission for Faruq to restore whatever legal aspects of the UNIA
that he could, and to defend and protect the legal integrity of the UNIA.  
Faruq knew that this task was beyond him as individual so he was
authorized by the Honorable Redman Battle and the Parent body to set
up the Legal Defense Committee known as the LDC.   This too is a
historical development. First, the LDC represents for the first time in the
history of Pan-Africanism that a legal defense committee has been
established, with the mission to restore the legal legacy and defend the
legal integrity of the UNIA.  We have been fortunate enough to make
some significant progress in that area.   The Legal Defense Committee
has met all of the legal requirements to restore the land claim that was
willed to the UNIA with over 500 acres  by Sir Isaiah Morter, one of
Garvey's top Lieutenants.
Faruq Muhammad was an aggressive Council general working with
external Matters of the UNIA.  In the past, Counsel Generals worked more
internally with the UNIA. 1 One of the first things Faruq Muhammad did is
to contact International known Marcus Garvey scholar Professor Tony
Martin.  Tony Martin has done a tremendous job in preserving the legacy
of Marcus Garvey.  He also is the official historian for the UNIA.  They
looked at the research Tony Martin did in the book Race First.  Message
to the people, Course of African Philosophy and Race First are books
everyone must read to fully understand how Marcus Garvey and the
Parent Body established the UNIA Government.
Professor Tony Martin was asked if he can make a presentation of is
finding on the UNIA being a government and on how it was establish. This
took place April 26th, 2006.  At that time Professor Tony Martin revealed
information that the UNIA had a fully functioning government.  It was not
just a government in name, it had its officials, offices and dealt with
international matters amongst nations.  The UNIA’s Government was fully
functioning even had its own passports and its own army.  The African
Communities League came out of the UNIA at this time to deal with the
business aspects. We are still trying to come to grip that freedom is not
Professor Tony Martin’s presentation was a turning point because this
was the first time that we had an idea that the UNIA had a functioning
Government.  Faruq taught us that the UNIA had the first and only
function Global Black Government in the world.  The UNIA has existed in
over 42 different countries.  Professor Martin made it completely clear
that he was not able to complete all of the research.
For those who would like to join the works of the Legal Defense
Committee and continue the works of our Counsel General, Faruq
Mohammad, you may contact Counsel General I-Nia Rogers at: 202-365-
In Service,

Prepared by
Ras Marvin for the UNIA-ACL Legal Defense Committee
Presented by Attorney James Richmond in October 2012… Tribute to
Counsel General Faruq Muhammad, in Washington DC.
I-Nia Rogers,
UNIA-ACL Counsel General
One God! One
Aim! One Destiny!