UNIA-ACL Government
International Headquarters
1609 - 1611 Cecil B. Moore Ave
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Government Officers:
Senghor Jawara Baye

Akili Nkrumah
1st Assistant President-General

Serwah Nkrumah
2nd Assistant President-General

Mwalimu Gee
3rd Assistant President-General

Basiymah Muhammad Bey
4th Assistant President-General

Mary Bota

Brenda Dunn Clayton
1st Assistant Secretary-General

Sister Njere
2nd Assistant Secretary-General

Michael Duncan
High Chancellor

Asim Nkrumah
Auditor General

I-Nia Reginia Rogers
Counsel General

Khabyr Hadas
Minister of Education

Zama Cook
Minister of Information

Chuck Banks
Minister of Labour & Industries

Serwah Nkrumah
Minister of Transportation

Dr. David L. Horne
International Organizer

Lewin S. Bailey
High Commissioner of Canada

Nyata Toure
District Two Commissioner

Kwame Binta
District Three Commissioner

Ras Marvin
District Five Commissioner

Mensah Saleem
Michigan State Commissioner

Sadie Madison
Administrator – Council of Elders

Marcus Garvey, Jr.
Special Representative

Sababu Nkrumah
Special Representative
UNIA-ACL Centennial
Greetings from
I-Nia (Reginia)
UNIA & ACL General
Centennial Planning
Committee Chair
Message From UNIA & ACL General Counsel
President General Senghor Jawara Baye
We call on all Africans . . . those at home and those abroad
. . . to join us as we continue this great 98-year legacy.  
Building this 21st century government is no easy task,
however we can, we must, we will, for the future of our
children and those to follow depend on it.
Today our Race is in need of practical solutions to our many
problems around the world.  Self-Determination and
Self-Reliance are the cornerstones to the development of the
21st Century for the African Race.  Africa is the richest continent
in the world . . . with its many earthly resources.  Today we have
Africans and those of African descent scattered all over the
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Centennial Newsletters
I am a Black Woman
Tall as a Cypress
Strong beyond all definition
Still defying place and time and
Assailed, impervious, indestructible
Look on me and be renewed!
Author Unknown
Though there were many “historical” attempts to hide the
facts of the “birthplace” of human civilization and to pretend
that this “cradle” was in Greece, there is much archeological
proof today that humankind began on the shores of and
within the land of Mother Africa!  And, as women have
always been one-half of the process of creation of life, it is
clear that the role of women has always been integral to life.
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