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For Transformation
Atai Akpan
Transventel LLC
Global Digital Talk Radio
for transformation
Atlanta, Georgia
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Global Digital Talk Radio
for transformation.
We inform, educate, motivate, entertain
and correct 200 years of misinformation,
distortions that has kept 2 billion people
down and created the largest, most
populated and ineffective majority in the
world. We tell our own story by ourselves,
and the way we want the world to see us
and hear it.
Global Digital Talk Radio For
Transformation is creating the
missing link between 2 billion
people African decent spread
across continents of Africa - 1.3
billion, Americas - 400 million and
the United States of America
another 50 million, with an
economy of well over $1 trillion

We sensitize and sanitize the political
processes of African states in an effort to
install responsive and responsible
Afrocentric governments that will enhance
the development of the continent and a
better relationship amongst people of color
all over the world...

To, for the first time tell our story,
ourselves, our fights, our struggles
collectively with information that is based
on truth, revelation with all good intent as a
way of re-orienting this generation to
capitalize on the pains and sacrifice of our
ancestors and make the world a better
place for our future descendants.
Global Talk Radio for
people of color in America,
Americas and African

Education, information and collaboration for  
people of color to Change their narrative at the
global stage and to correct misconceptions
about ourselves.

We are guilty of what we did not do to change
our world. Build bridges today to walk on

Time: 5 PM EST - 7 PM EST
Dial: +1 605-562-0444
Show ID: 5638243
Hosted By: KING KOKO
1 on 1 with KING KOKO
Every Sunday