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I am Troy Davis
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Troy Davis, an Innocent Man put to Death by Georgia
End to the
Death Penalty

You will not Murder
Someone in My  Name...

"Not in my Name"

End to the Death Penalty


As of Tuesday, September 6, 2011,
Georgia has secured a warrant for the
execution of Troy Davis, specifying that he
may be executed between September 21
and September 28.

Please take action here:
Death warrant signed for
Troy Anthony Davis
Pictures from the Troy
Davis Rally in Atlanta,
Georgia on
September 16th, 2011
Pictures from
Ebenezar Baptist
Church the Troy Davis
Rally in Atlanta,
Georgia on September
16th, 2011
Troy Davis, is an
Innocent Man

Write Troy Davis at:
1.   Free William J
Mayo, a student of
Morehouse college,
who was wrongly
convicted of a crime
he did not commit.

You may have recently heard
the news: an innocent man is
now set to be murdered in
Georgia on Wednesday,
September 21st. But there are
still a few hours left, and I
need your help to save Troy
Davis' life.

Chatham County D.A. Larry
Chisolm is the Blackman who
issued the death warrant
against Troy Davis, and he
can petition the judge to
withdraw the death warrant
against Troy.

Since Troy Davis' conviction,
the facts of the case have
changed dramatically. The
evidence in the Troy Davis
case was circumstantial due
to a lack of relevant physical
evidence and no murder
weapon. The conviction was
based on witness testimony,
and seven of the nine
prosecution witnesses have
recanted their testimony or
changed their stories.

In light of this knowledge, the
evidence used to convict Troy
Davis leaves reasonable

Sign the petition to District
Attorney Larry Chisolm. Ask
him to petition the judge to
withdraw the death warrant,
and support clemency for Troy


An innocent life hangs in the
balance. Tell DA Chisolm that
he needs to support the effort
to prevent Troy's
state-sanctioned murder.

Thank you.
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