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Sponsored by the Collective Black People  Movement (CBPM)
Skills, Talents, and
Intelligence Revolution
Skills, Talents, and  
Intelligence (Education)  
Black People, our time has come to gather our
people locally, nationally, and Internationally.  
There are many reasons we need to gather
our people together but the number one
reason is because a collective solution is the
best approach for Black People when it comes
to the criminal justice system, education of our
people, jobs, supporting black businesses, on
and on.  
It is a shame that when foreigners come to the
United States and decide how they will get the
US dollars, they often think about opening a
business in the Black community because they
know that many black people will spend their
money outside their race without thought.  
They know the black man does not have many
businesses of their own.  They also know that
they will be able to hire a few black people and
pay them minimum wage or salary.  
Everyone knows how important the Black man’
s Skills, Talents, and Intelligence (Education) is
for them to make money except the Black
man.  Though almost all Black People know
that we built America and many western
countries and still today we keep them
running.  We never think about using our
Skills, Talents, and Intelligence (Education) to

Analysis of Skills, Talents, and Intelligence
(Education) is based on the following survey questions:
a.  The break down of males and females for CBPM.
b.  The countries that the members of CBPM live in.
c.  The states that the members of CBPM live in.
d.  The cities in Georgia where members of CBPM live.
e.  The countries that CBPM members were born in.
f.  The state in the United States which members of CBPM
were born in.
g.  The age ranges of the members of CBPM.
h.  The birth months of the members of CBPM.
i.   How current members heard about the CBPM.
j.  Some of the brothers and sisters who made the CBPM
k.  The special Skills, Talents, and Intelligence (Education) that
the members of CBPM have to help our people.
l.  Where the members of the CBPM went to High School.
m.  Where the members of the CBPM went to College.
n.  The Disciplines of study at Colleges and University by the
members of the CBPM.
o.  The Colleges and Universities that CBPM members studied.
p.  The Work Experiences of the members of CBPM.
q.  The member businesses of the CBPM.
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design and create a new systematic way for us to function and support each other.  
When we think of the natural resources of the continent of Africa, we often overlook Africans people’s Skills, Talents,
and Intelligence (Education), while other races of people can not be successful in their business ventures without the
input of Black People.  We, Black People, have all the necessary components needed to be a very successful
people.  We need to be more efficient in our operations.  
It is time for us now to use our Skills, Talents, and Intelligence (Education) to make things better for our race.  We
know the job market and pay is getting slim for Black People.  Let’s use our Skills, Talents, and Intelligence
(Education) in a way which will bring us from the bottom of the Economic and Development status among races of
people to the top, as we do in sports and music.  
Another thing many Black People don’t take into consideration is that it is not Historians (Black) that build societies, its
Engineers (Black) that builds everything that people use in society and therefore builds nations.  Many of us is
looking in history or to historians to build a new way for us, but it is only works done by us, using our Skills, Talents,
and Intelligence (Education), being inventors, creators, and engineers can save our people at this time.  Malcolm X
said, “The Black Man must do for self”.  This is the time we are in now.
According to Engineering analysis, Gathering, Documenting, and Organizing Black People’s Skills, Talents, and
Intelligence (Education) locally, nationally, and internationally will aid us in becoming a more efficient people.  We
already have all the solutions we need to make things better amongst Black People.  We need to stitch our people
together laterally (horizontally and across the land) and our vertical growth will be exponential.  We need to organize
ourselves individually and collectively.  Throughout the 21st Century, let’s make this our mission: gathering,
documenting, and organizing the Skills, Talents, and Intelligence (Education) of Black People for the purpose of self-
help and collective development.  
Welcome to the   Skills, Talents, and Intelligence (Education) Revolution
sponsored by the Collective Black People Movement (CBPM).  
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CBPM Member Businesses Pages

CBPM Meets with the UNIA-ACL Atlanta Division 421
2nd & 4th Sundays of the Month
Topic:  Nation Building
The Skills, Talents, and Intelligence (Education) Revolution
August 1st, 2010, CBPM Conference Listen Here or Call:
218-844-8799 access code: 195044#
If a 1000 Black
People come
together and put
27 cents a day
into a collective
account, after 1
year we would
have generated
27 Cents
a Day

The Skills, Talents,
and Intelligence
Revolution (
If you don't have some skills,
talents, and intelligence
(education), get some.  If you
have some, get Scientific
with it so you emerge on the
top of your profession as an
expert in your area.  You,
your family, and people's
survival will be based on the
amount of S.T.I.R. we have.
The CBPM Statistics
A.  1,759 Members in the CBPM.  
1,000+ pages of African
Information at the CBPM  website.
C.  351,800 Data Cells of
information in the
D.  4,175 Entries in the "What our
people are Doing" Database.
E.  167,000 Data Cells of
information in the "What our people
are Doing" database.
What to do each Day:
1.  Listen to the Black Talk and         
News Information Radio, everyday to
keep up to date with what's
happening in the Black Community.
Gather, Document, & Organize
our People in your area.
3.  Attend weekly meetings of our
people's organization.
4.  Take responsible positions in
Black Organizations.
5.  Practice
6.  Join the Collective Here
7.  Connect to the Black Gov't
UNIA-ACL Black Government
8.  Spread the Word on the CBPM &
Get Involved 678-827-CBPM (2276)