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Tamale, Ghana December 6th, 2008 5:55pm - Our belong country Ghana,
Will be having the general election, for the term 2008, for both parliamentary
and presidential. It will kick off tomorrow 7am to 5pm.  It is really going to be
tough day tomorrow.
But i always support free and fair election.. I hate war or distraction.. We have to
remember we are the future leaders.... I use to watch CNN, Al-Jjezera and other
news network on tv.  I have been seeing other countries, especially we the
people at the mother land, The way we are killing each other fighting against
one other.  But they have to remember all this is effecting we the young and
upcoming ones, We are the future leaders..  Big Ups to the Pres-Elect. Of the
United States if America, for the free and fair election victory.
I will also like to use this as an opportunity to urge the entire, Collective Black
People Movement, (CBPM), that they should try their possible best, to do what
ever they can to bring peace over here to the mother land,
Look at countries like Zimbabwe , where there is Power sharing, and do you
think in such a country, will there ever be peace?  Countries like, Liberia,
are also fighting among themselves...  ... Look at all this.. This is are affecting
our economy.
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