17 year old
Martin who
was shot
and killed
History of New York City
Police Terrorism Against
Black/African Men

On December 22, 1994, 29-year old Anthony Baez was
choked to death by police officer Francis X. Livoti in the
University Heights section of the Bronx . In 1998, Livoti was
convicted of violating Baez' civil rights, and two other officers
were convicted of lying on the witness stand at Livoti's trial.

On August 9, 1997, Police Officer Justin Volpe in Brooklyn
sodomized Abner Louima with a broken broom handle in the
70th Precinct bathroom.  Officer Volpe eventually pled guilty
and received a sentence of 30 years in federal prison. Other
officers were also implicated and convicted on charges
stemming from the initial cover-up.

Amadou Bailo Diallo February 4, 1999 was a 23-year-old
immigrant to the United States from Guinea , who was shot
and killed by four New York City Police Department
plain-clothed officers: Sean Carroll, Richard Murphy, Edward
McMellon and Kenneth Boss. The four men fired a total of 41
rounds. Diallo was unarmed at the time of the shooting, and a
firestorm of controversy erupted subsequent to the event as
the circumstances of the shooting prompted outrage both
within and outside New York City .

On March 16, 2000, undercover narcotics detectives shot
Patrick Dorismond to death during a scuffle on Eighth
Avenue in Manhattan . The detectives had approached
Dorismond, an unarmed security guard, to purchase drugs.
He attacked the undercover officer and was killed with one
shot by the officer in self-defense.

In 2003, acting on a bad tip from an informant, police
mistakenly raided the Harlem home of Alberta Spruill, a
57-year-old city worker.  The violence of the incursion literally
scared Spruill to death; she died of a heart attack at the
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"Until the color of a man's skin is of no
more significance than the color or his
eyes, there will always be war.  We
Africans will fight, if we find it necessary,
because we are confident of the victory
of Good over Evil."
Words of the King of Kings, Lord of
Lords, Conquering Lion of Judah, His
Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I
"I have a dream that my four little
children will one day live in a    
nation where they will  not be judged
by the color of their skin but  by the
countenance of their character."  Dr.
Martin Luther King Jr.
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MS lynching &
Mardi Gras '09
Dr. Mike's here...
Tuesday, February 24, 2009 11:12 PM
From: "Dr. Mike" <

Mississippi, that is.  In Lucedale, MS on December 8,
2008, Billey Joe Johnson, Jr., a 17-year old star running
back, died of a gunshot wound to the side of his head.  
The Grand Jury reports that the death was "accidental
suicide" from Billey Joe's own hunting shotgun.  Local
residents feel that he was killed by a local white
policeman who allegedly both dated and ran away with
the same white girl when she was 14 years old.  A
march/rally is being planned for March 25th, the date
when Billey Joe would've turned 18.  Get the story, see
the town and locals by clicking here.  I thank my friend
and children's book illustrator Daniel Minter for making
the case for me to go to Mississippi and check things

And if you hadn't had your dose of Mardi Gras/New Orleans,
Dr. Mike went on your behalf.  Enjoy the video and scenes of
rebuilding/redevelopment efforts around the levees.

Make sure you register for Let Us Make Man at Paine
College in Augusta, Georgia.  We'll see you there on March
20th-21st.  There's limited space for vendors, so feel free to
email if you'd like to set-up.  There is no charge for
nonprofits who want to display their program information.  
Also, Let Us Make Man is free and open to the public.  
Speaking of open to the public, I will serve as keynote
speaker for Clayton State University's Black History Month
program tomorrow evening (2/25) at 7pm.  Hope to see you
there.  Always enjoy your emails.  Take care.

Peace and Great Health,
Check out the blog post 'Judicial
Corruption, Unlawful
Imprisonments, Convention
Rights Violations, Procedural
Abuses and
Institutional Failures in the UK'

Blog post added by Pan African:

“In a Government of Laws, existence of the
will be imperiled if it fails to observe the Law
scrupulously. Government is the po...

Blog post link:
Judicial Corruption, Unlawful Imprisonments,
About Afrikan
Freedom &
Sovereignty For
Afrikans. Unity,
Nationalism & Social
Organizers and
Participators Get
Together & Spread

Zumbi: Check out the blog post 'Police Slams
Elderly Black Woman to the Ground' This is
ridiculous... What do you think?

Blog post added by Iba Oshun Sekese:

Blog post link:
Police Slams Elderly Black Woman to the
Please contact the Collective Black People
Movement (CBPM) if you have soft cover
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and Sisters who are incarcerated.
10 Ways to Outfox Cops
That Are Abusing Their
Powers to Trick You
By Neill Franklin, LEAP

As a 33-year law enforcement veteran and former
training commander with the Maryland State Police
and Baltimore Police Department, I know how easy it
is to intimidate citizens into answering incriminating
questions or letting me search through their
belongings. This reality might make things easier for
police looking to make an easy arrest, but it doesn't
always serve the interests of justice. That's why I
believe all citizens should understand how to protect
their constitutional rights and make smart decisions
when dealing with officers of the law.

Unfortunately, this important information has remained
largely unavailable to the public, despite growing concerns
about police misconduct and the excesses of the war on
drugs. For this reason, I agreed to serve as a technical
consultant for the important
new film, 10 Rules for
Dealing with Police
. The 40-minute docudrama aims to
educate the public about basic legal and practical survival
strategies for handling even the scariest police encounters.
It was produced by the civil liberties group Flex Your Rights
and is narrated by former federal judge and acclaimed
Baltimore trial lawyer William "Billy" Murphy, Jr.

The opening scene portrays Darren, a young black man getting
pulled over. He's driving home from college. This is the fifth time he's
been pulled over in a year. Frustrated and scared, Darren
immediately breaks Rule #1: Always Be Calm & Cool. Mouthing off to
the officer, Darren aggressively exits the car and slams the door. The
officer overreacts, dropping Darren with a taser shot to his chest.

Should the officer have tased Darren in that situation? Probably not.
Would the officer likely be disciplined? No. But that's not the main
point of 10 Rules. The point is that the choices you make during the
course of such encounters have a massive impact on whether it
ends with a simple warning, a tasing -- or worse. This is true even if
you've done nothing illegal.

While being calm and cool is key to getting the best possible
outcome, it's not enough to keep police from violating your
constitutional rights. For example, when the officer commandingly
asks Darren "You're not hiding any AK-47s in there? You don't mind if
I take a look?", Darren gets tricked like most people do.

Intimidated and unaware of other options, he consents to the search.
The officer carelessly dumps his bags, accidentally shattering
Darren's laptop on the asphalt. In another "what if" scenario, the
officer finds a small amount of marijuana hidden away. While
someone else might have left it there, Darren winds up getting

What few people understand, but police know all too well, is that your
constitutional rights only apply if you understand and assert them.
Unless they have strong evidence (i.e. probable cause) police need
your permission to search your belongings or enter your home. The
instant you grant them permission to invade your privacy, many of
your legal protections go out the window and you're left on the hook
for anything illegal the police find, as well as any damage they cause
in the process.

Of course, even if you know your basic rights, police officers are
trained to shake your confidence. If you refuse a search, I might
respond by threatening to call in a drug-sniffing dog and sternly
reminding you that things will go much easier if you cooperate.
Creating a sense of hopelessness for the suspect enables us to
break down their defenses and gain compliance. In the film, we
show several variations on these common threats, but the main
lesson is that it doesn't matter what the officer says; you still have to
remain calm and protect your rights.

In today's world of smart phone video, YouTube and Twitter, stories
of police abuse travel fast, creating greater awareness of the
problem of police misconduct. Unfortunately, this heightened
awareness often serves to reinforce the notion that "cops can do
whatever they want." It's true that much work remains to be done
towards ensuring police accountability, but the very first step is to
educate the public about basic constitutional rights.

Citizens who understand their rights are much less likely to
experience negative outcomes, both on the street and in a court of
law. Until each of us has the ability to protect our individual rights and
recognize injustices against others, we're not likely to accomplish
much in the realm of broader policy reform.

I hope 10 Rules for Dealing with Police will be embraced by parents,
teachers, activists, and even police departments as we work towards
reducing the tension that too often characterizes the relationship
between cops and the communities they serve.

Here are the ten rules featured in the film:

1. Always be calm and cool: a bad attitude guarantees a
bad outcome.
2. Remain silent: what you don't say can't hurt you.
3. You have the right to refuse searches: saying no to
searches can't be held against you.
4. Don't get tricked: remember, police are allowed to lie to
5. Determine if you're free to go: police need evidence to
detain you.
6. Don't expose yourself: doing dumb stuff in public makes
you an easy target.
7. Don't run: they'll catch you and make you regret it.
8. Never touch a cop: aggressive actions will only earn you
a more aggressive response.
9. Report misconduct: be a good witness.
10. You don't have to let them in: police need a warrant to
enter your home.

Click here to learn more about the film and get copies of it to share.

Neill Franklin, a member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition,
has been police officer for more than 32 years and has served as a
commander for the Maryland State Police’s Bureau of Drug and
Criminal Enforcement, as well as a trainer with the Baltimore Police
Check out the
'Cops beat Derryl
without just cause'
© 2010 LEAP All rights reserved.
View this story online at:
Submitted by:
Warren B. Green
Support Services Assistant
Office of Support Services
Morehouse College
“Unity does not mean uniformity. When
like minded people with closely related
goals, using various approaches, focus
to share in their caring, the results are
true community!”

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Submitted By: Rogers Hicks
The Askia Coalition Against Police
Enter Here
Pictures from the
Troy Davis Rally in
Atlanta, Georgia on
September 16th, 2011
William J Mayo, a student of
Morehouse college, who was
wrongly convicted of a crime
he did not commit, is FREE!
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‎17-year-old Trayvon Martin was a black teenager
who was shot and killed two wee...ks ago while
visiting relatives in a gated Florida community. A self-
appointed neighborhood watch leader, who is white,
admitted to killing Trayvon, but police haven’t
charged him with a crime. Sign the petition started
by Trayvon’s mother Sybrina Fulton calling for
Florida authorities to charge her son’s killer.
The Grand Jury ruled
"No Bill"
- meaning
No Indictement for
Officer Luther Lewis.  
Officer Lewis is back
on the Job.  Dispute
started when the
Police were called
out for a
disturbance.  Upon
arriving, Officer
Lewis, ran down
Ariston Waiters and
shot him twice in the
June 10th, 2012,
Waiters Rally

Muhammad Mosque
Southern Regional
3642 Campbellton
Road SW
Atlanta, GA 30331
Meet 22 People Exonerated in 2012
By: Jenée Desmond-Harris |
Police Did this to
student Tierra
Handy, in
Dr. Mutulu Shakur
Jacob Blake was shot less than 3 minutes
after Wisconsin police arrived at the
scene, according to dispatch audio