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Did you know:
1.  All Black people brought to the  
western world during slavery
were called Ethiopians.
2.  Before the Berlin Conference
(1882-1888), the name of the
continent of Africa was Ethiopia
and the name of the southern
part of the Atlantic Ocean,
between Africa and South
America, was called the
Ethiopian Sea.
3.  The definition of Ethiopian
means people with burnt skin.
Facts on Ethiopia
Nyahbinghi Celebrations, reasoning,
and more in Covington, Georgia every
other Saturday.
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Holy Trinity Day
September, It's Ethiopian New Year.  When you are in Ethiopia, you are 7 years younger cause it is 2002 in Ethiopia.
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A people without
knowledge of their
history or culture is
like a tree without
roots.  Black Man,
know thyself"  
Hon. Marcus Mosiah
"We have before
us, not only an
opportunity but a
historic duty.  It is
in our hands to
join our strength,
November 2nd, 1930: Ras Tafari Crowned H. I.
M. Emperor Haile Selassie I, King of Kings, Lord
of Lords, Conquering Lion of Judah, Elect of
God, Light of the World in Ethiopia.  Empress
Menen Crowned Queen of Queens.
"And the name of the second river is
Gihon: the same which compasseth the
whole land of Ethiopia."
Psalms Chapter 68 vs 31:
"Princes shall come out of Egypt; Ethiopia shall
soon stretch out her hands unto God"
Greetings Everyone,
I hope you all are well.  I am well.
The non-profit organization which
I lead, the Pan African Technical
Association (PATA) is making
progress in America and in Africa.
We have worked hard to obtain
recognition of an African
American Hero. The contributions
of Colonel John Charles
Robinson will be recognized by
Ethiopian Airlines. Ethiopian
Airlines will name a 787 airliner
after John Robinson and
Ethiopian Airlines has agreed to
accept the Sculpture of Colonel
Robinson that PATA for
installation at the Ethiopian
Airlines headquarters in their
beautiful newly completed
Ethiopian Aviation Academy.
See the link below and make a tax
deductible contribution to the
campaign. Also share this
information with your family
and friends.  
Thanks Yaw Frederick L. Davis
12noon - 9pm