Dr. Julius Nyerere CBPM UNIA-ACL
Atlanta Division 421
Sponsored by the UNIA-ACL Global Government
Dr. Julius Nyerere CBPM UNIA-ACL
Atlanta Division 421
Sponsored by the UNIA-ACL Global Government
55th International UNIA-ACL Convention, Atlanta Georgia
The Julius Nyerere/CBPM UNIA-ACL Atlanta Division 421, is Born.
by Ras Marvin
Important developments from the 52nd Int
 1. African Redemption Fund (ARF) – Is a way for
African People to address our Sovereignty.

International Expatriate Movement (IEM) – Every race on the
planet have an Expatriate Program in which each country protects their
citizens where ever they go (dual citizenship).

The Exoneration of the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey
Committee Led by Brother Yaw from Los Angeles.  Marcus Garvey and
the UNIA-ACL did nothing wrong.  There has been exnerations issued
by government officials in New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, Florida, and
Connecticut.  We need to continue this effort to have Marcus Garvey’s
name cleared in the US documents and history.  More information is
available on this effort at
Volunteers needed.

Universal African Black Cross Nurse - Re-Establishment of the
Black Cross Nurses in all Divisions.  They provide services for our
Elders in the community.  The Black Cross Nurse is also an Official
Chartered Division of the UNIA-ACL from Belize.  They provide Social
Services for our people.

2014 is the 100th Anniversary of the UNIA-ACL.  Look out for
Global Centennial celebrations.

UNIA-ACL Business – Each Division of the UNIA-ACL must have
Study Groups, Community newspaper, a Division Library, and After
School Program, and establish along with a  building fund.  In addition,
each Division of the UNIA-ACL gave reports.

Garvey's Voice – The Distribution of the Garvey Voice Magazines is
one of the most important means to educate our people.

Next year, 2010, the 53rd International Convention of the UNIA-ACL will
be held in Washington DC.  The 54th International Convention of the
UNIA-ACL will be held in Philadelphia, PA in 2011.  
In 2012, the 55th
International Convention will be held in Atlanta, Georgia.  
Division 421 have a short time to get ready for the UNIA-ACL
Convention in Atlanta in 2012.  Brothers and Sisters who are interested
in being part of the Julius Nyerere/CBPM UNIA-ACL Atlanta Division
421, are asked to come to the twice a month monthly meeting every
2nd & 4th Sunday from 7pm-9pm at the CBPM Office.  Call 404-HIP-
JAZZ for Information.
Each one of us has to start working for the World Government for
African People established by Marcus Garvey and our
Elders/Ancestors.  We have to talk about the UNIA-ACL as
contemporary and future developments with physical works which
leads to self-reliance.  Our sovereignty as a people will only come
when we are a self-sufficient people.  Each event of the 52nd
International Convention, of the UNIA-ACL, began with signing
and speaking the UNIA-ACL rituals.  One God, One Aim, and One
Destiny closed each event.
The Collective Black People Movement (CBPM) and
Garveyites in Atlanta, Georgia, has given birth to one of
the newest Divisions of the Universal Negro Improvement
Association – African Community Leagues (UNIA-ACL).  
The Julius Nyerere/CBPM UNIA-ACL Division 421 was
formed in July 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.  
Dr. Julius Nyerere founded the Tanganyika African National
Union (TANU) in 1954.  When Tanganyika attained
independence from the British colonial rule, Dr. Julius Nyerere
brought Tanganyika and Zanzibar into a union thus becoming
the first president of the United Republic of Tanzania.
The forming of the Julius Nyerere/CBPM Division 421, represents
great progress for us as a Collective and for each member of the
CBPM.  We owe a lot of thanks to our Advisor, the 10th President
General of the UNIA-ACL and 9th successor to the Honorable Marcus
Garvey’s United States of Africa Government, the Honorable Senghor
Jawara Baye, all brothers and sister who have been meeting at the
CBPM office to form the Atlanta Division 421, and to the Ancestors for
their blessings.
In January 2009, President General Senghor Baye connected with
the Collective Black People Movement (CBPM) because of the nation
building works we have been doing in gathering, documenting, and
organizing the skills, talents, and intelligence of African people for the
purpose of self help and collective development.  President General
jumped on board immediately as a member and Advisor for the
CBPM.  Since that time, President General Senghor Baye has been
spreading the good word on the CBPM’s Collective focus and works
to all his contacts in the
UNIA-ACL Government, to all divisions of the
UNIA-ACL throughout the world, and to all African people in his
connections. The President General has had the CBPM on
Harambee Radio/TV with Dalani Aamon regularly (www.
haramabeeradio.com).  This has resulted in the CBPM growing on a
national and international level as our new membership reflects.
In May 2009, the Garvey Whirlwind Day passed through Atlanta,
Georgia, with the force, spirit, and energies of Marcus Garvey
himself.  It was during this time, the attendees of the Garvey
Whirlwind Day and Harambee Radio/TV 5th Anniversary made direct
contact with the Parent Body of the UNIA-ACL Government.  Some of
the brothers and sisters who attended these events came together
and have been meeting
collectively with the CBPM every Sunday from the end of May until the
middle of August 2009.  Continued
Garvey's Voice Get your copy Here
Atlanta and Detroit UNIA-ACL Updates

Co-Host President
Ras Marvin Div. 421 of Atlanta
and Lady President Indiya Bey Div. 407 of Detroit

Message from Julius Nyerere/CBPM UNIA-ACL Atlanta Division 421 President:
All African People at Home and Abroad are members of the UNIA-ACL Global Government that was created for us by the Honorable
Marcus Messiah Garvey and the Founding Parent Body on August 31st, 1920.  It is important that all African People become dues
paying member of the UNIA-ACL Global Government.

Dual Citizenship with the continent of Africa is a Human Rights issue for African People in the Diaspora and is an important because
as it stands now, we Africans in the Diaspora do not have a Home Land that accepts us as their children.  The UNIA-ACL Global
Government working with a coalition of interested organizations and individuals from the Sullivan Foundation and others has presented
the proposal for Dual Citizenship Program Proposal for African People in the Diaspora to the African Union (AU) on September 13th,
2010 through Ambassador Amina Ali on the African Union in Washington DC.

On September 14th, 2010 was the 1st Dual Citizenship Program in Washington DC.  The 2nd Dual Citizenship Program was held in Atlanta,
Georgia on September 28th, 2010.  Both events were very successful, therefore Dual Citizenship for us as African People is nearer than ever.  

There are 3 different Processes to Dual Citizenship as follows:
1.  By getting DNA Test done to see where in Africa you are from, a few African Countries are allowing Dual Citizenship if you can prove your
grand parents were born in Africa.
2.  Ghana and a couple other countries are offering Africans born in Ghana and relocated to the Diaspora and received citizenship from their new
country where they live to regain their African Citizenship because they were born in that respective country.
3.  The UNIA-ACL Global Government Dual Citizenship Proposal working along with a coalition of interested groups and individuals.

In addition to this, the late Rev. Sullivan of the Sullivan Foundation was given Dual Citizenship by several African Countries, but was unsuccessful
in getting Dual Citizenship for the African Diaspora.  Isaiah Washington received Dual Citizenship from the country his DNA test identified him from
in addition to paying a million dollars for his Dual Citizenship.

The UNIA-ACL Government is using International Laws; Africans in the Diaspora are Expatriates of the continent and therefore we have certain
rights (and responsibilities) based on the International Laws for Expatriates.  All races have expatriates, but it is only Africans in the Diaspora that
don't leverage our rights as Expatriates.  To find out more about the UNIA-ACL International Expatriate Movement (IEM) visit:

The Processes to Dual Citizenship presented by the UNIA-ACL Global Government, to the African Union, is based on the Laws between
Governments and covers the next 100 years with an extensive proposal that would have the African Diaspora and the continent of Africa working
together on Repatriation Communities in the 54 countries of Africa and connecting the skills and talents of the Diaspora to the Continent and much
more.  Therefore, all Africans in the Diaspora who are interested in Dual Citizenship with the Continent of Africa, because Marcus Garvey said we
are citizens of the Continent and not of the European created regions, must do the following to be prepared to receive Dual Citizenship with Africa
through the UNIA-ACL Dual Citizenship Program:

1.  Become a Dues paying member of any active UNIA-ACL Division in the World.
2.  Become a Citizen of the UNIA-ACL Global Government.
3.  You will receive automatic Dual Citizenship with each of the countries of Africa that sign the UNIA-ACL Global Government Dual Citizenship
Proposal that is now being reviewed by various African Governments.

You should also know that there are various levels of Dual Citizenship for someone who is ready to return to live in Africa today to someone who
just wants to have their Dual Citizenship with Africa, but may not be ready to relocate to Africa.

To become a dues paying member of the UNIA-ACL Global Government it is a $5 joining fee, $5 a year assessment, and $2 a month dues.  

In order to become a citizen of the UNIA-ACL Government, you have to know our Government's History.  Visit:
www.cbpm.org/ldcsignin  in which the
UNIA-ACL Global Government Counsel General Faruq Muhammad and the Acting Counsel General I-Nia Rogers explains the legal history of our
Government and how it was founded by the Honorable Marcus Messiah Garvey and the Founding Parent Body of the UNIA-ACL Global
Government.  Also get a copy of Dr. Tony Martin's book "Race First".  Dr. Tony Martin is the World Historian on Marcus Garvey and in his book
"Race First", he explains How Marcus Garvey was a legal genius and was able to create the UNIA-ACL Global Government from a legal

The first UNIA-ACL Global Citizenship Program on December 27th, 2010, the
Kujichagulia Ceremony, transformed the UNIA-ACL from a
membership entity to a Citizenship Body.  This marked the re-birth and birth of our Government, when the UNIA-ACL Government held its First
Kujichagulia Ceremony in December 2009.  Visit
www.cbpm.org/kujichaguliaceremony to experience the Historical Celebrations of
Self-Determination for Africans at Home and Abroad.  The next UNIA-ACL Citizenship Ceremony is Tuesday December 27th, 2010 in Washington
DC.  It is important to have your completed UNIA-ACL
Citizenship Application submitted to the UNIA-ACL Atlanta Division 421 or your local
UNIA-ACL Division no later than December 1st, 2010.  A group of Brothers and Sisters from the UNIA-ACL Atlanta Division 421 will be traveling to
Washington DC on December 26th, 2010.  Contact the Julius Nyerere/CBPM UNIA-ACL Atlanta Division 421 at 404-HIP-JAZZ for more information
on going to Washington DC for the 2nd Annual UNIA-ACL Global Citizenship Program.

The UNIA-ACL Citizenship for All Africans, the Dual Citizenship Program, the International Expatriate Movement (IEM), the Garvey's Voice
Magazine (www.cbpm.org/garveysvoice), the UNIA-ACL Universal Cooperative, the Universal African Black Cross Nurses
www.cbpm.org/blackcrossnurses), the Race First Education Program (www.cbpm.org/panafrika), the UNIA-ACL Legal Defense Committee
www.cbpm.org/unia-ldc), the UNIA-ACL Legal Defense Fund (www.cbpm.org/unia-ldf), the works going on in Belize on the Land that was willed to
the UNIA-ACL Government by Sir Isaiah Morter, the update of the UNIA-ACL Constitution, the Yearly UNIA-ACL conventions, the Marcus Garvey
Exoneration Committee, and the UNIA-ACL African Redemption Fund are just some of the programs available in the 21st Century Garveyism
under the leadership of the 9th Successor of Marcus Garvey and the 10th President General of the UNIA-ACL Global Government for all Africans
at Home and Abroad, the Honorable Senghor Jawara Baye.

The UNIA-ACL Legal Defense Committee is the number one way we are going to protect the government established for us and enforce the rights
we have as African People under International Laws.  We know that freedom is not free.  The UNIA-ACL Legal Defense Fund was created to
generate funds to deal with the legal issues faced by the UNIA-ACL Legal Defense Committee from Trade Mark rights to paving a legal path for
our people in the 21st Century.  All Africans at Home and Abroad are urged to take the UNIA-ACL Legal Defense Fund Survey at:

The UNIA-ACL Legal Defense Committee under the leadership of our Counsel General, the Honorable Faruq Muhammad, is not in the best of
health and is currently undergoing Chemotherapy for a rare form of cancer.  We need all Africans at home and abroad to Pray for our Counsel
General and help with the cost of his treatments by making a contribution at the Faruq Fund

Look out for the revamped UNIA-ACL website: www.unia-acl.org currently being updated by our Minister of Information Brother Zama Cook.  "Up
you mighty Race, you can accomplish what you will".

In Service,

Ras Marvin, M.S.
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Pictures of the
UNIA-ACL 54th International Convention
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - August 17th -21st, 2011
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55th UNIA-ACL International Convention... Atlanta, Georgia... August  28th - September 1st, 2012
Marcus Garvey Day, Aug 18th, 2012, Omenala Griot, Atlanta
Omenala Griot Culture Center, Atl.
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Dr. Julius Nyerere/CBPM
UNIA-ACL Division 421
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Reverend Sanders
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“Without Unity, there is
no future for Africa”...
African Elder Statesman,
Mwalimu Julius Nyerere,
March 6, 1997
UNIA-ACL Division 421 LDC
Attorney Imhotep Alkebulan

Dr. Julius Nyerere CBPM
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Mass Meetings:
2nd & 4th Sundays, 5-8pm

African Independence Day
August 31st, 1920
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Declaration #53: We proclaim the 31st day of
August of each year to be an International Holiday
to be observed by all Negroes.
UNIA-ACL Division 421 Executive Body
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